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feb 20-25 and feb 28,march 1st

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by nydj, Mar 3, 2005.

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  1. nydj

    nydj Tourist

    Feb 4, 2005

    My Trip Report

    Sunday *** well- our trip(20th anniversary for me and hubby) started with a 2 hour drive to Hartford from the upstate NY area where we live( cheaper flight seemed worth it) for a 6 pm flight..after waiting 2 hours in line(American Airlines)we were told our flight to Chicago where we made out LV connection had been cancelled...they said they could get us out the next night at 6 pm but there was a snow storm scheduled for Ct that night and the next day so we were skeptical..we decided if we were going to go we had to leave the next day and not 2 days later...so after an hour(really!- and a "what part of I can't get you out don't you understand?") at the desk she found us a flight from Philadelphia the next morning..we had to leave our car in Hartford because thats where we'd be returning so we rented a car($32) and started driving to Philadlephia...by this time it was about 8 pm and by the time time we hit the Garden State Pky the snow was so thick we could barely see..I started calling Atlantic City to see if we could get a free room- we were afraid we'd spend too much of our Vegas $ just trying to get there..Taj Majal gave us one for free so that was good since we had to leave at 7 am for the Philly airport an hour away..we arrived at 4 am! we had gone about 20 mph the whole way and passed at least 20 cars off the road,including 2 limos! ok hubby goes to bed and I head to the casino thinking 3 hours of sleep are just gonna make me groggier...I played some blackjack , slots and 3 card poker and ended up $600 ahead- thank you, Donald!

    Monday*** arrived in Philly,got to Chicago and got to Vegas at7 pm....we were totally exhausted.. checked in at the airport(Ballys)and were told we had a North tower renovated room at $70 per night, and they weren't charging us for the night missed for our cancelled flight(thank- you!)we were so tired when we got to our room (very nice large room with great view of the strip)we fell alseep within 5 minutes...we woke up at 3 am and were starving- we hadnt eaten anything decent for 2 days,decided to wait til 6 am when the Paris buffet opened...

    Tuesday*** we played blackjack at Paris till the buffet opened and we both lost, lost lost.....2 tables later we had barely won a hand- ouch...ok go to Paris buffet- had great breakfast!!big bowl of fresh ripe berries and cottage cheese being my favorite part...we then decided to try Ballys(Paris and Ballys are connected by a cobblestone path with French (overpriced) shops..Hubby( I will call him B)went to the sports book and I tried some slots and blackjack at Ballys with no luck...I was beginning to wish I was at Taj Mahal(haha not really)...I can't remember where we ate that night as we were still feeling the jet lag and lack of sleep for the past few days,but we ended up downtown after dinner...we took a cab to 4 Queens after dinner to play some Blackjack-we got a great table of 2 deck with a fun dealer and great people and we sat there for about 4 or 5 hours( left once to go see the Fremont show which was good but very short)and I cashed out even and B about $50 ahead..At the risk of sounding really boring we went back to Ballys and went to sleep-at this point we didn't know if it was day or night...

    Wednesday*** we woke up early and decided to have the Paris buffet again ...played some at Paris and Ballys(blackjack and slots)after breakfast with no luck at all...we had been hoping to make it til Thurs. before hitting the atm but that wasn't happening...decided to walk to Caesars- was a little rainy out but warm so we didn't mind..played some bj at Caesars with no luck at all,same with slots...went to the food court called Cypress St Marketplace- great place- will write about it on the food forum... played some more at Caesars with no luck and went back to Ballys to shower and change-had 6 pm dinner reservations at Mon Ami Gabi with friends who were staying at TI... had a great dinner(hanger steaks which were as tender as filet), wine and dessert.. check for 4 was $200 before tip which we thought was great for 4 people...can't remember where we played that night but judging from the atm receipts Id guess Paris and Ballys...ouch...

    ***Thursday .. woke up and had coffe- decided we had been eating too much so split a bagel for breakfast ,also realized we had been donating too much to Paris and Ballys so headed out- the sun was finally shining and it was warm-we hit all the casinos as we made our way(walking)north up the strip...had alittle luck at slots here and there but nothing major...got to Stratoshpere and sat at a blackjack table...a few hands in got a blackjack- dealer paid me even money...excuse me??? you made a mistake....nope, this is the fun table(fun????)no sign on it....oh there is supposed to be...ok im out of here...went back to Ballys, was almost dinner time now and we hadnt even had lunch- showered and changed and went to Bellagio for dinner(buffet)- loved it- had 2 plates of king crab legs and they were soooo good..everything was good there, B was loving all the exotic meats...decided to go see the pirate show at TI after dinner...we got there just as 1 had ended so went to Mirage to play..B went to the sports book to bet and watch some basketball and I went to a double dec k blackjack table(3 to 2 bjs- $15 min)B came by and hour or so later to see if I wanted to go see the pirate show- I was up about $200 at that point so he said stay - he would see it alone since I had already seen it anyway..by the time he came back I had 4 black chips in my pocket and about $200 in red on the table.. was finally winning some $!!( had started with $80)ended up cashing out $600 ahead...B was tired and wanted to go back to the room, both of us had very sore feet at this point even though we had been wearing our most comfortable Nikes...we had an early flight to Denver the next morning, B went to sleep and I played and donated at Paris for a few hours( will I ever learn?)..did hit a few slot machines for small amounts in between losing at bj...

    Friday, Saturday and Sunday *** checked out at Ballys and got comped for half our bill- we were pleased about that... flew to Denver, rented a car and visited son, daugher in law and 1 yr old grand daughter, had a great time!!!!

    Monday*** left Denver at 7 am for flight back to LV for what we thought was our last day here..no hotel room so we stashed our bags at Hard Rock so we could buy tshirts on our way to the airport at 10 pm that night) and decided to go back to Paris for the breakfast buffet, then headed over to Alladin for some shopping and slots...I put $20 in a MIB(men in black) penny machine and ended up with $300! wow...decided to play blackjack and handed my card- was told they don't rate unless $25 per hand ..played awhile , lost $100 and decided to go to Caesars..B had won $100 or so at basketball at the sports book..left and went back to Mirage, was now the afternoon and we would be leaving after dinner, we knew there was snow scheduled at home so called the airline,everything was still scheduled to go...played at Mirage awhile and did ok..went to Carnegie Deli for a late lunch- huge sandwiches- very good,...called the airline again- sorry our flights had been cancelled... they could get us to Chicago but nowhere further east...the thought of staying in the airport all night didnt thrill us so we booked the same flight from LV the next night at midnight...so now we didn't have a room-went back to the pit boss where I had been playing blackjack - asked him for a casino rate room- they were sold out..called Ballys and they told me we had only played 11 hours in the 4 days we stayed there( how did we lose so much in 11 hours???) so they couldnt give us a casino rate but the hotel rate that night was only $119 so we took it-got our bags from Hard Rock and the guy at check in said he felt bad for us- I told him our flight had been cancelled, said brb, let me talk to my manager..came back and gave us a jr. suite for $ 79- yay...so here we were again- nicer room(huge)with again a great view... we ended up staying really late that night( lost at slots and blackjack then we both sat down at Paris at a roulette table and we both won $200...)went to sleep at 5 am, asked for a lte check out and they gave us 2 hours...oh forgot- we had dinner at Caesars that night,in the forum shops- Italian cafe , cant remember the name( sorry!)- great meal was about $120 for dinner and wine...

    Tuesday**** decided to hit the south strip today, Monte Carlo,Mandalay Bay , Luxor ... had some luck early , lost it all and then some later..did some shopping( the credit cards were hurting by this time)and left for the airport after dinner at Paris buffet-was very good- first time we had dinner there..)got back to Hartford Wed morning after a very bumpy flight to our car buried in snow... ugh...I had also left my winter coat in Colorado- eeek...anyway- we made it home, a bit poorer but with some great pics( especially from the Eiffel tower at night)and great memories...decided we'll go back for our 25th anniversary in 5 years- we should be recovered by then- haha...oh yeah- forgot the part at the Hartford airport where the drunk guy fell on B and we had to call security and they had to call the state police...

    In general a great trip- the blackjack is really hurting in alot of casinos as far as the rules go- felt it was better either downtown or in Atlantic City....the monorail was fun- we ended up using all the 10 pass..decided you can definately win at 1 or 2 cent slots if you play max bet...liked staying at Ballys for the location,price and view but had terrible luck playing there..food was good everywhere we ate- sorry I left out a few but I think I rambled enough...

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  2. joshrocker

    joshrocker VIP Whale

    Feb 16, 2003
    Saint Louis, Mo.
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    good trip report, sorry the gambling didn't go so good. Sounds like you had fun though!!!
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