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Elara - HGVC - Great Property.

Discussion in 'LV Strip Hotels' started by vegashq, Dec 21, 2016.

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  1. vegashq

    vegashq Tourist

    Sep 2, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Just spent 5-days, 4-nights at Elara next to Planet Hollywood. This is one of our Favorite Places! We were in a 1-bedroom suite 39th floor with great views of North strip. Simply awesome at night. Can be hard to get good views now with all the hotels blocking each other. The rooms are so much nicer than any typical hotel room. For some reason, they skip all the 40th floors and go from 39 to 50?

    We had a great view. I would imagine most these rooms have some level of a good view from the way the hotel faces.
    Room was clean, larger and very nice. All the stuff you would expect, full kitchen etc.
    Your living room blind doubles as a big screen TV using a movie projector.
    All blinds are automatic, you walk in the room and they raise up to see the view of the city.
    Great towels
    Elevators are fast
    Parking is great. Park 3rd floor Planet Hollywood self-parking - come through the doors and you are at the elevators. Unlike some of these resorts you have to walk forever to get to your elevators and again to get to your room
    Center Strip - pro only if you like being there.
    One of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept on
    Quiet and comfortable.
    Easy check in and out. Walked right up.
    Fixed the showers, you can actually take a decent shower now.
    Attached to the Miracle Mile Mall. Lots of options for dining close by etc.
    ABC Store close by in mall for water etc.

    Neither pro or con
    Can't really say it's a con, but it is a little pricier than others. The reason I can't say that is because you do get a lot of extra luxury for the price you pay. So if you are going to Vegas like a vast majority of people do most the time for a few days to drink and gamble - may not be worth it since you really are not in the room much and probably don't care about the room. You just need a bed and shower. But if you are going to relax and wind down for a few days, I would give this a 10! We still went out and gambled but also relaxed over 5 days. Was Great!

    They used to let you use the cabanas for free. Now they charge for everything out there by the pool.

    This is not a con of Elara but of Vegas - We couldn't walk 100 ft without someone annoying us by trying to hand us something, offer us a free show, sell us something, get you to a timeshare presentation, ask you how long you in town? Seriously. I have been going to Vegas Since 1991 and have been probably 100 times. These folks have always been around but never so many and never this aggressive. This is the absolute worst it's ever been for us. We walked from PH to Mandalay Bay and it was miserable. Makes it very annoying to walk around the strip.

    Other than that Great Trip!
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