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Easter weekend trip report

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by SICUNurseJen, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. OK, well...1st let me tell you that we had a great time, hubby won enough money playing in the poker room ($4/8 and $8/12 Texas Hold 'em) to pay for our trip, and we stayed at the Bellagio (need I say anymore).

    Day 1-Friday...
    We got up early and headed out to Columbus at about 10:30 am for our 4pm flight. We got there wayyyyyy early (me and my OCD), so we hung out and read waiting on the plane. Flying into LAS was Hell...the winds were so high, that we had turbulence literally until our plane hit the ground. People on our flight were screaming and yelling...my husband was white knuckled, and I continued to read my book-LOL. I have flown into Huntington, WV airport (home of the MU palne crash of 1970) so that was not the worst I've been on. We got a town car (A1 limo service) to the hotel and soon settled into our mini-suite...yes, I said it...they upgraded us to a mini-suite. Not much different than the other rooms, except it is larger and on the end so you get 2 wondow views of the side and back or front. We didn't get a lakeview, but it was OK with us...we had a great view of the Rio and Palms and also of NY-NY and MGM. Needless to say, the rooms were beautiful and I loved it. We were pooped but went to Cafe Bellagio to eat and I have a Shrimp alfredo that was wonderful. WEnt to the Forum shops and back to room since we were so wore out.

    Day 2-Saturday...
    I got up early and went to the spa for a stone massage (Heavenly) and a signature facial (More Heavenly than the massage and a must do)....it also includes hand and feet massage and exfoliation. I was at the spa from 8:30-noon. Carey played cards while I was getting rubbed down. I got showered and we headed to The Wynn to pick up our Avenue Q tickets and to eat lunch. We ate at the cafe there by the pool and it was good, but the service sucked...the waitress was so slow and (I waited tables for years while in college) they don't even get their own drinks or bring out the food. I was so puzzled by this. We went back to get ready for Avenue Q....loved it, and we laughed our butts off. We would go see it again if we had the chance. After the show, we still weren't hungry so headed back to the Bellagio, but by the time we got there, we were hungry so we ate at Noodles...it was so good, and I wish that I would have eaten there again. I had the Beef Pad Thai...excellent. Off to bed for me again.

    Day 3-Sunday...
    Up and ready and went down to play a little slots (as you have guessed, I'm not much of a gambler and I think I put about 30 dollars in the slots the whole time and won about 60 dollars over that). I know, I'm lame-LOL. After hubby played cards in the morning, we headed out to the Venetian to go shopping (which I love to do). Bought some new Bebe jeans and a satin chocolate brown top with sparkly buttons. Also went to the Lucky store and Sephora and bought them out-LOL. Now, can you see what I love to do in Vegas? We ate lunch at the Cheesecake factory and I had the Chicken tostado salad, which I love and eat evey time we go there. Hubby had 4 cheese pasta. As usual, no complaints with Cheesecake factory, but too full for dessert (what a pity). Then we shopped some more and walked down and up Las Vegas Blvd. Saw some baby ducks at the Mirage water feature, went to see the Dealertainers at the IP (saw Terri Clark sing, one Blues Brother, Ricky Martin, Dolly Parton, and one I didn't know who it was-LOL), then to the Flamingo to see the penguins and birds. Back to the hotel to get ready for dinner at Shintaro...it was fabulous, I had California roll and then Filet of Tenderloin on shitake mushrooms with a miso sauce and wasabi mashed potatoes...hubby had the same and it was GREAT!!! The sushi was the best ever. Then we went to The Paris for a while and then I went to bed and Carey, again went and played cards....he won the biggest amount then.

    Day 4-Monday...final day...
    By this time, I'm ready to get home to my babies (dogs) and we had a 3 pm pick up from our limo service so we went and had breakfast at the buffet and we weren't impressed. Go somewhere else where it is cheaper is my advice. Went to the Aladdin shops, and ate at the Hawaiin cheeseburger place, which was OK, and then back to the hotel to get ready to head out. Flew into Columbus and drove home only to get here @ 3am and to 3 crazy miniature pinshcers that had missed us dearly (my little bro stayed with them while we were gone) and I missed them something awful.

    All in all a good trip...my husband way much more enjoys it than me, but I still had a good time. I was happy that he won enough to pay for our trip so we went out there almost for nothing ($300 dollars I think is what it ended up costing us and that includes my shopping which I spent close to $1000 on clothes and gifts...lots of birthdays coming up). I just miss the dogs so much when we go anywhere that I get homesick for them...I know I"m a baby, but I can't help it. High point was Avenue Q and of course the Spa. The room was excellent and would stay there again in a heart beat.

  2. sin

    sin VIP Whale

    Jun 25, 2004
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    Jen great report! Glad you had a great shopping spree and that hubby was able to pay for it doing what he loves! Thanks for sharing.:wiggle:
  3. dung bug

    dung bug Low-Roller

    Dec 12, 2005
    Houston, Tx
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    Nice report...
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