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Easter Trip Day 2,3 (HOTELS,DAY TRIPS)

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by MICKEYLADY, Apr 10, 2002.

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  1. Day 2 - Got up late and went to Luxor Buffet. It was great, waited 15 minutes for a party of 7. After breakfast went to many hotels with friends who had not been to Vegas. Walked through Excalibur, saw a great juggler, it is cool to watch the free shows, some of the entertainers are great!!!! Went over the bridge to NYNY. We were incrediably moved by the 911 tribute in the "lake" out front. It is amazing the respect that everyone shows. After a walk and stop to play slots in NYNY, it was off to M&M store, Coke Store and MGM. Loved the Coke store, got some good prices on coke and merchandise. M&M store was too crowded to even go in, we were dissapointed, it looked neat. On to MGM. Saw the lion habitat. Glad it was free. Lions were asleep and there was not much to see. Went back over to LUXOR and walked around pool area. Much nicer than Venetian where we stayed 2 years ago. Went to the Attractions level to get snacks. It was pretty much empty and food was good, love NATHAN's. Guy's went to pick up a rental car while the rest of us showered, napped, and were lazy(hey, it's vacation). Met the guys and headed to Freemont Street. Found a great parking lot behind Golden Nugget, and went in to GN for their buffet. We had 1.5 hr. to kill before the next "Experience." Food was ok, crowd was a little shady. Went into several stores, and waited for Experience. Saw the Country Western Theme, good, but I miss the fighter jets we saw last time. Headed back to LUXOR and went to the casino, again, didn't win anything, but didn't loose much either.

    Started the day early with 2 dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme at the hotel. We get them for $5.00 a dozen here, paid 10.00??? Oh well, had to eat!! Headed West towards Hoover Dam,easily made the drive in an hour. Per suggestions on boards, went across to the Arizona side first. It was great. No crowd, we could get out at every overlook. Went back, parked in the garage, and went for the tour. The tour was neat, hardhat tour would have been better, but it was discontinued after 911. Wanted to take a boat cruise, that too was discontinued!!!!!!!! Went into the snack bar and had a cream cheese stuffed pretzel, I had never heard of them and they were wonderful. Piled back in the van. Headed back to the strip then over to OLD Nevada. Saw a major fire on the way near the stadium. What a sight of smoke. Pulled into Old Nevada and immediately wanted to turn away. Curiosity got the best of us and we paid the $7 car load admission. Having been to Old Tucson and other "amusement" parks, I would never ever go or recommend it. Went into the restraunt to try to get something to eat and walked out of it because it appeared very dirty. I would be happy to provide more informaiton about how poor this tourist attraction is, e-mail me or post a response with a way to e-mail you. Moved on from there and paid the fee to drive the loop at Red Rock Canyon. It was great. Being from the East Coast, we don't have that type of scenery here. Saw many people rock climbing and such. We didn't spend much time here, as we hadn't eaten since the Pretzel at the Dam. Red Rock was easy to find and very nice, would recommed it!! On the way back stopped at a pizza hut for lunch, had to find pasta because it was good Friday and I am alergic to seafood. Took naps and went to the pool as the guys took the rental car back. Walked a little on the strip, took a cab to Treasure Island, watched the pirates from afar and went to the Venetian. I love this hotel, stayed here two years ago on company tab for a conference. Walked through and went to Harrah's and Imperial Palace to "Walk Through" Took a cab to NYNY, to eat at the Italian Restraunt. It was SO crowded, you couldn't move. Played keno while we waited, it takes so much longer to loose your money this way. Waited 20 minutes past our reservation time to be seated. We were take to a back room behind the kitchen for dinner. We were a party of 7 and were seated with a party of 13. They talked loud, non stop during the entrie meal. Waiter was incrediably rude. THe best we can figure, it was a room for high rollers, and used for over flow when no high rollers wanted it. We are definately not high rollers. No drinks, appitzers, ect. so he must have been ticked that his tip would not have been bigger. Got suckered into ice tea. They didn't tell you it was bottled, flavored tea that was $5.00 a glass. Oh well, you only live once. After dinner walked back to LUXOR to try our luck one more time. Didn't succeed. Once again broke even.

    More to come!!
  2. tracy144

    tracy144 Guest

    I am vaery intrested in more info about HOOVER DAM, OLD NEVADA, BONNIE SPRINGS. Especially about Hoover Dam. We are going to rent a car and drive out there first thing in the morning. I would really like to know what to expect as far as lines, ticket info and food choices/prices. Email me at [email protected]

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