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Downtown trip Report

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by theo2001, Oct 11, 2002.

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  1. I drove from Southern California to Vegas on Sept. 27th. Arrived around 2:00
    PM at the beautiful El Cortez. I'm a downtown kind of guy, and have gambled
    a little at the "El Co" before, so I figured I'd rest my weary head there. I
    like the atmosphere, if not the smell.

    I requested a room on a high floor with a view of the strip (I was staying
    in the tower), and it wasn't ready when I arrived. I decided to get a slot
    card, and do a little low limit gambling while I waited. The room still
    wasn't ready at 3:00, and I was a little peeved, but I played a little more,
    and got a good start on the drunkenness I was looking for. I checked in
    around 4:00, and was pleased with the room. Double beds, good view,
    relatively clean. I later used one bed for when I stunk, and the other for
    after I showered. :)

    After dropping off my stuff, I proceeded to get down to business. As I was
    downing Heinekens all trip, the rest of the report may be a little vague;
    but suffice it to say I had a good time. I played some VP and craps, but my
    main game was Blackjack. I started off pretty small at 5-10 dollars a hand,
    and didn't have much luck early. Went to the Horseshoe, Fremont, Fitz,
    Golden Gate, and lost around 200. I was really taking advantage of the
    "free" beers, and had a pretty good buzz going when I went into the Golden
    Nugget around 10:00. Pretty soon I got hot.

    I've never had much luck at the Nugget before, but soon my 10 dollar wagers
    became green, then black, then black on two hands. I a firm believer (if not
    a regular practitioner) of the rule that you should only increase your bet
    while winning; and that's exactly what I did. I asked for and received a
    small comp for dinner, but I never used it. I left the Nugget around 3,000
    ahead for the trip. YES!

    - Brief Background - I've done some serious (for me) winning and losing in
    the past. I turned 200 into 12,000 at the Orleans one night, and I've lost
    3,500 on one hand at the Horseshoe, so I guess I'm kind of a gambler. For
    this trip, I brought 500, which is a lot for me now (I've just bought my
    first house), and I did not want to lose any more than that. - Note - I'm
    single with no kids, so if I end up in the gutter, I'm only hurting myself.

    After leaving the Nugget, I went to the Horseshoe again. On the 27th,
    everything looked normal, but all of the table games on the West side of the
    casino were closed. I didn't think anything of it at the time (referring to
    the events of the following Wednesday). I sat my drunken ass down at the 25
    minimum table, and to summarize, won another 3,200. Yes, it was a good
    night. I cashed out, and very cautiously walked back to the El Co.

    The next morning, I slept in, as I was pretty hung over. I had received a
    comp for the Horseshoe coffee shop the previous night, so I went in for some
    breakfast after I woke. Nothing special, but I needed it. I had "found" a
    500 dollar chip in my pocket that I forgot to cash the night before, so I
    figured I'd see if my luck was still holding out. It wasn't. I lost 10 hands
    in a row at the 25 dollar table (not counting a blackjack push- argh!), and
    said to myself "today's not my day", and cashed out the remaining 250.

    I spent the rest of the day kind of nickel and diming around downtown, just
    wasting time and getting drunk. Played a little craps, poker, VP, but always
    for low stakes. Later that night, I found myself back at the "Shoe", playing
    blackjack at a 10 dollar table. I bought in for 100, played for about 45
    minutes, and eventually found myself down to 7.50 . As that wasn't enough
    for a bet, and I didn't want to pull anymore money out of my pocket, I got
    up. Since I didn't feel like going to the cage for 7.50, I pulled another
    half dollar out of my pocket, planning to make a crazy bet on roulette (can
    you see where this is going?). I walked up and put my 8 dollars on my
    number, "24", and the dealer said to me "that'll pay 240". I didn't think
    anything of it, as I was pretty drunk by now, and of course - it hit. 24.
    The ONLY spin of roulette I played all trip, I nailed. He proceeded to give
    me 240 dollars, which I immediately cashed out; giving the dealer my 8
    dollar bet as a tip, and walked down Freemont Street giggling at my good

    As I got about half way back to the Cortez, my brain cells slowly came back
    to life. 240 divided by 8 equals 30. Now I'm no roulette expert, but I know
    a single number pays more than 30 to 1. I debated whether or not I should go
    back, as I knew they'd say "You should have complained when you were paid".
    Well, since I was pretty drunk by now, I figured I'd take my chances. Upon
    my return to the roulette table, one of the people who had been sitting
    there asked "Haven't had enough?". My response was a serious "Yes, but I've
    learned how to multiply". I called for the floorman, and asked him, "How
    much does 8 dollars on a single number pay?" With very little hesitation he
    replied "280 dollars". I told him that I had just been paid only 240 for
    that bet, and he asked when. I told him, "10 minutes ago on this table", and
    the dealer overheard me. He pointed to me and said "Yes sir that's right!
    I'm very sorry". The floorman told me to step around to the side of the
    table, and get my 40 dollars. I was happy and relieved.

    After that, I went back to the room to shower and change, and proceeded to
    Glitter Gulch. You'd think being single and 6,000 ahead I'd have gone crazy,
    but not me. I did give away quite a few singles, but no lap dances. After
    leaving the Gulch, I have some vague recollection of winning about 50
    dollars at the Plaza playing blackjack, but it was late and I was very
    tired, so I limped back to the El Cortez for some well needed rest.

    Woke the next morning, and headed back to So. Cal., very pleased with

    I'm coming back this weekend. Wish me luck!

    Dave P
  2. rugbysteve

    rugbysteve Low-Roller

    May 13, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    great report Dave... I like the way you go to Vegas. good read.. thanks for posting!
  3. bigdogmom

    bigdogmom VIP Whale

    Mar 9, 2002
    Aurora, CO
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Interesting story about the roulette bet... wonder if that dealer got into trouble? (He should have!)

    Thanks for writing about my favorite place... downtown LV!
  4. HurricaneMikey

    HurricaneMikey A-List Buffoon

    Jan 25, 2002
    Southeast of Sin City
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hey Dave--

    Great Report...

    It had all my favorite stuff, gambling, drinking, and strippers...

    Sounds like a perfect trip!!

  5. Booger

    Booger Tourist

    Aug 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Excellent Report Dave! Another El Cortez
    survivor SPEEKS!!(I LOVE that place for some
    reason)Hope you have MORE good luck on the next
    trip.Congrats on the house!


    [ October 11, 2002, 12:41 PM: Message edited by: Booger ]
  6. Andsen

    Andsen Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2002
    Sounds great! Just got another comped room offer from El Cortez and, thanks to you and Booger, finally think I'm gonna take them up on it. I spend a lotta time there gambling anyhow and with Binions closing down so much (how was it crowdwise?) I'll probably spend more. [​IMG]
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