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Did you ever get 'blackout drunk' in the casino?

Discussion in 'Misc. Vegas Chat' started by smerrian, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. wormhole

    wormhole High-Roller

    Jul 25, 2010
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  2. Multifarious5

    Multifarious5 VIP Whale

    Nov 13, 2015
    west coast
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    Don't worry @Dutch34 ....many of us have had cringe-worthy moments...I'm just not confessing mine!!!!!

    Again, glad you were safe, and it WAS a great story!
  3. spicole

    spicole No shirt, no shoes... NO DICE!

    Oct 7, 2012
    Houston, TX
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    Ha! That's the whole point of this thread... we want the details!!! :poke:

    My brother did the same thing at the former Imperial Palace! We were up late gambling and drinking. Nothing too over the top but we were up pretty late, getting back to our rooms around 4:30 AM. He is hungry, so he calls up room service saying "I want some flapjacks!" He takes his shoes off and lays back on the bed to relax while waiting for the food to show up. He opens his eyes, sits up, looks around... it's 10:00 AM, the sun is streaming in, and there is a tray of cold pancakes at this feet. The receipt showed that the room service delivery guy gave himself a ~20% tip. :D
  4. Barolo

    Barolo Tourist

    Jan 5, 2019
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    First time ever in Vegas went clubbing somewhere can't remember :ssst:, Next day however Im shook awake clothed, sleeping the wrong way in the correct bed/ room, and my buddy is shaking and yelling at me asking where are they? Now I have absolutely no clue what that vague question meant and told him to F-off and to close the curtains and that I don't have whatever this important rude thing is. He proceeds to yell again and says where are the chips from last night.. this piques my interest so I decide to sit up and see what the hell is going on, he proceeds to tell me that we were at the Bellagio craps table after the club and was pretty sure we had won and now he couldn't remember what we had done with the winnings. I still had my shoes on and with no recollection of this crap session happening...I take my shoes off to get more comfortable and too my astonishment 4 cranberry Bellagio chips fall out of my right boot :santa:
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
    Wife's B-Day Bash
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  5. Clancy3434

    Clancy3434 Tourist

    Jul 20, 2014
    This wasn't me, but one of my friends on my bachelor party...

    We were staying in a suite in the Elara (highly recommended for anyone who wants a great suite at a relatively good price). First night he and another friend get separated from us, and drunkenly don't realize that the hotel elevators in Planet Hollywood aren't the same as the ones for Elara. He goes up to what he thinks is our floor and tries to enter that he thinks is our suite. He starts banging on the door before someone finally answers and sends him away. He went down the ball and relieved himself by the stairs, and then made his way back to the casino where he finally found us.
  6. NewOrleansSlimm

    NewOrleansSlimm VIP Whale

    Mar 28, 2015
    New Orleans, La
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    they automatically added 18%, i still have a pic of the receipt although its a lil blurry, think my phone was as drunk as myself

    some more Vegas drunk stories...I had a night of drinking where when I woke up I just needed water and no alcohol for a while, lol...we head to Cabo Wabo to meet some friends for breakfast and they said my eyes looked like i got stung by bee's...im taking it easy while everyone else is drinking...my girl opted for the bottomless mimosas and blinis, others drinking tequila...after I just wanted to take a nap. my friends went to another room and are now drinking Hennessy privilege...my girl comes back a few hours later and fills a tumbler with vodka and we head to the pool at ballys. few hours there and I have to help her to the room. she didnt know where to go she was so drunk...get to the room and she goes to the restroom. I hear a crash and rush in to find she either blackedout or just lost balance and fell off the toilet right into the sink counter assembly....blood everywhere, took myself and the paramedics to convince her to go to the hospital. she just wanted a bandaid...ended up at desert springs hospital, few hours later it took 6 stitches to close her nose up

    few years before that, her friends from law school are coming out to visit...one friend pulled an all nighter drinking and got on the plane, still drinking, met us at Mona Mi Gabi for breakfast of which he had only alcohol...we spent most of the day at Carnaval Court drinking where he still just had alcohol, bacardi to be exact, breakfast he had mimosas...finally we are starving and decide to go to wahlburgers, our first visit there...now the friend is starting to fall asleep at the table. they gave him several warning before telling us we all have to leave...I finished my food so I didnt care, the rest are payig for their food, they get the friend to sign his bill. he started west to east and his signature made a nice southern arch. reprint and we got a good signature... he stands up and turns around and throws up in a garbage can. an employee goes to help him out the door which he almost fell on a table a family was at. as soon as they get him outside, he throws up again all over the employees shoes.

    his friends help him back to the hotel. we were sitting out front later on and the employee comes up and ask if hes ok, told him yea he had nothing but alcohol for two days straight, she said yea, i got all over my shoes, they sent me home for the night.

    next day he wouldnt stop apologizing, told him he should really go talk to the employee and buy her a new pair of shoes, of which he did give her money to buy some
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