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Dec. 3-7 GREGRIO, Palms/Rio

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by GREGRIO, Dec 9, 2006.

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    Oct 15, 2004
    Oakland, California

    My Trip Report

    One trip a year, I like to stay one night at the PALMS.
    I play most of my video poker there, accumulate my points over
    the year, activate the LVA POV 3xPoints and 50%OFF coupons and
    I stay for no charge.
    Most of my time spent gaming happens during the day, so the
    louder/crazier atmosphere of the PALMS late night crowd isn't
    a problem...(it isn't a problem with me any way...it's fun)
    The Standard Rooms/origional tower works just fine for me...the
    beds are still great and as some folks have mentioned, the room noise
    has never been an issue with me...I've never heard/been bothered with
    any noise during any of my stays.

    I made reservations for their new Italian restaurant 'Nove' (no-vay)
    Floor to ceiling windows, wonderful views, various sections and levels,
    46"plasma screens double for picture frames and rotate classic paintings
    from the 'Masters' throughout the evening...one pic fades into the other,
    then another, and another, etc. Looks pretty cool!
    Service was excelent and the menu choices were many.
    I decided on Caesar Salad, Lamb Chops, Cheese Cake and water.
    Total w/tip was eightyfive bucks.
    I requested, and got, on the guest list for the PLAYBOY CLUB later that night.
    Addmission is $20. mid week, $40. on the weekends but...if you eat at Nove
    a free pass seems the norm.

    Nove, the PLAYBOY CLUB and MOON Nightclub, are on the top three floors
    of the new tower (in that order)...I visited all three.
    Escalators connect each floor and it's easy to move from PLAYBOY CLUB to MOON, and back again all night long.

    MOON was just another Las Vegas club to me...Great sound system blasting
    the usual Las Vegas dance music. I was surprised how small it was...RAIN,
    their main club/dance venue, is four times the size.
    Theres a couple bars, main dance floor, and a small lounge-get-away area
    off to one end.
    Temps were in the 40's and their outdoor terrace and retractable roof (dance
    under the stars) were closed due to the cold.

    The PLAYBOY CLUB was kinda neat. It was quite dark in there...lots of
    black leather and mohogany hard woods gave it that rich,old, origional
    Chicago Playboy Club feel.
    Several bars and levels, windows all around...and BUNNIES.

    The main gaming choice is table games, with BUNNY dealers and BUNNY
    Cocktail Servers. The 'pit' takes up the main center floor, a large row of
    VP machines along the base of the upper bar level, and a half dozen flat
    screen PLAYBOY slot machines along the upper lever and thats it...they
    want you to play table games with the BUNNIES.
    All machines were $1.00 denominations and up.
    I played Bonus Poker, $200. in and took a little over $600 out.

    Checked into the RIO on Monday...still lots of Cowboys and Cowgirls around.
    Got my favorite room, my redneck Polynesian friend Pat was working the
    Room Service phones and she sent up my carrot cake and my server friends
    would bring my coffee up each morning at 6:30AM...I was a happy camper.

    The skyline is a changin'.............Looking North, TRUMP has half his highrise
    covered in golden glass like Mandalay Bay. It looks as tall as WYNN and has
    blocked most of the view of the old STARDUST.
    Between TRUMP, TURNBERRY PLACE, and the VENETIAN, large construction
    cranes dominate the Northern view from my room.
    From t.i./MIRAGE to the BELLAGIO, it looks about the same.
    These large, full building advertizing draperies seem to be the latest thing to hang on your property...remember the way they draped the LUXOR
    with "Hair Spray"?
    "LOVE" covers the MIRAGE, "Cavalia" hangs over one side of BALLY'S, and
    the East side of RIO's Masquerade Tower glows with the 'symbol' of PRINCE
    along with a 3121 add.

    Below my window in the RIO's Convention Center parking lot, were the
    tents of "Cavalia" and looked quite cool. The Show will move on by the
    end of the year and I'm sorry I didn't see it this trip...second time it's
    been in town, second time I haven't chosen it, and heard nothing but
    great things from folks who had.
    Sunrise from my room is always wonderful but man......the haze and smog
    is really getting bad. From what I could see, at least 7 cranes hovered
    around the MGM/MIRAGE Civic Center construction site...Vegas just keeps
    gettin' bigger and bigger and bigger...

    The Danny Gans/Scintas/Ronn Lucus Theatre now has 3121 plastered all
    over it. Friends around the RIO say PRINCE sells out each night he's there,
    and so far...so good.
    His new "3121 Jazz Kitchen" is right across from "Gaylords India Restaurant
    and quite pricey. My choice is still the Steak, Lobster, Shrimp combo up top
    VooDoo Cafe.

    I didn't use the shuttle this trip to visit Caesars video poker area there in
    the Colosseum gaming area. Harrah's finally 'nixed' the last of the decent
    pay scheduals there (the last of any that were worth playing...)
    There in now NO video poker at ANY Harrah's property (any denomination)
    worth playing! Tooo Bad, Sooo Sad.

    Other than that...SOS at the RIO, good trip, lots of fun, and the March
    trip is all set up and paid for.
    I took a 3k bankroll, played all I wanted for almost a week, and brought
    home $2,200.00.
    SHOW THOUGHTS in 'Shows and Entertainment' (some new/some repeats)

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  2. DonD

    DonD Super Moderator

    Nov 5, 2004
    So Cal 91748
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Very good report and thanks for sharing!:thumbsup:
  3. richardinbc

    richardinbc Low-Roller

    Oct 29, 2002
    Mission B.C.
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Again a very good report, thanks for sharing.
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