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Days 3 and 4 5/21-5/22

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by sevenout, Jun 1, 2004.

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  1. sevenout

    sevenout Tourist

    Mar 5, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    We wake up at 8:00, check out of Bellagio and head back to Fitzgeralds. We call Js at 10:00 and they are almost ready. We then head down to Aladdin for the slot tournament and to eat the buffet. My wife ends up winning $50 for getting 9000 points and then rest of us just take our free gift, slot play $, and $10 off buffet and are happy. We eat the lunch buffet which was very good, just not up to the standards set yesterday at Bellagio. After eating, we head down to Luxor to check out what is playing at the IMAX, nothing good so we check out the Lions at MGM and then make our way back to the car. It is now 4:00 on Friday and the traffic is horendous to say the least even on the side streets. We head down to Sahara and ride in the nascar simulators and ride the coaster. From there we head back to Fitzgeralds and decide to meet at 8:00 for the last night in town. My wife and I ate the seafood buffet at Freemont. We are not huge seafood fans but had heard good things about the buffet and it was decent. After that we took an hour nap and changed for the big night. We headed out, got Js, and went to LaBoyu and Mr. J and I rode the grain train while the women just went for the regular yard. After 1 of those fruity drinks I was ready for a normal drink so Mr. J and I bought $10 captain and cokes in a huge class with $5 refills. After walking up and down the downtown strip 4 times and 3 glasses later they wanted to see if El Cortez was as bad as they had heard. We start on the walk and see guys smoking pot, people carrying sacks, etc. We get in and right away I point out the poker room where the average age is 120 and the over/under on the oxygen tanks is 4 per table. We gamble in there for about 1 hour - it was packed at 11:00 at night, the girls lose about $10 and J and I come out even on the blackjack tables. We come back to find our drink stand shut down so we decide to head into Fitzgeralds and finally play some hard core blackjack. I was up and down all night and J was winning probalby 75% of the time. They kept the drinks coming and the table was really hot. Everyone on the table was winning, slowly they started to leave, and then as each person left so did my luck, I went from $300 up to $75 up and decided that was enough. J cashed out $500 up and treated the 4 of us to a late night meal at the Cafe.

    Saturday our last day in Vegas we get up at 10:00 and head over to Main Street Station for the B-fast buffet, I had 1 plate and that was it for me, thank you mr. Morgan. They had a very nice set up and I would have liked trying their lunch or supper buffet. Then we checked out and headed to Luxor as the women wanted to do some shopping and Mr. J and I played some blackjack. I lost $100 and then we headed to the airport. For gambling I came out pretty close to even and my wife ended up $200 ahead. All in all a great trip
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