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Day 4 Leaving Las Vegas

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by bigbadwolf, May 17, 2002.

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  1. Thursday morning and still wide awake at 3:00am. Packing and decided to go to the front desk and book another trip Labor Day in Sept. Had recived offer of $35.00 a night Sun-Thurs and $70.00 a night Fri-Sat at the Flamingo.
    Front desk said they do not book future trips and I was to call reservations after 7:00am.
    I decided If need I could call when back in Shreveport, Louisiana. Besides who knows what offers may come from other casinos.
    I decided to play the 3 nickle machines I had had so much luck on earlier in the trip and tried 20.00 to start...NOTHING. Tried another 20.00 on the next machine...NOTHING. Last machine and another 20.00...NOTHING.
    Do you think they fixed them when I wasn't around? "Cry like a baby" :(
    If you are ever in the Flamingo late night or early morning beware of the video poker bar located just off check-in and in back of the main casino heading toward the pool.
    Long line of working girls just waiting to ask if you want company. I think they all belong to a union due to the price they have in mind is 200.00. I guess there are folks who want this but I always make them mad as I say I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings. I know the casino has to be in on this as everything is on camara and the bartenders seem to direct patrons to these ladies.
    Back to the room and slept about 2 hours. Cleaned up and to the Barbary Coast again for breakfest. Stopped by the Crap table but lost 100.00. Stop and called that 1-800-Gambling number and told the I have a problem. I can't seem to win this morning.
    Back to the room grabbed suitcase caught a taxi to the airport at 7:00am and flight leaving at 9:00am. Vegas/Houston/Shreveport. I thought in Houston after hearing every flight was overbooked and trip tickets were avalble I'd get another free flight. WRONG
    Shreveport was the only flight not overbooked. " Cried like a baby" :(
    Shreveport has 5 riverboats 10 miles from my house and I do go 2-3 a week but very hard to win and there is no city like Vegas. Saved my money for the next trip.
    Good Luck Everybody

    P.S Just around $ 5300.00 deposited Friday morning.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.