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Day 3 BigBadWolf Wednesday

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by bigbadwolf, May 17, 2002.

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  1. Day 3

    Wednesday morning up around 6:00am cleaned up and at breakfest at Barbary Coast. Excellent as always.
    Decided that morning to take a shot a Vegas money...However $5,000.00 would make it's way back to the bank account of the BigBadWolf.
    Haven't been downtown in the last 1 1/2 years. Thoughts of my 1st trip to Vegas in 1985 and staying at the Golden Nugget. It's the top of the line if downtown is your thing. Oh yea I took the 301 bus downtown. Over the years I stayed at Fitzgeralds, Las Vegas Club, Union Plaza, and even Binion's Horshoe and even got invited to Benny Binion's 80th birthday party.
    Walked into the 4-Oueens and decided $3.00 craps would be nice. Was I wrong!!! That table just kicked my ass. No hot roll and lost about 37.00 on the rollercoaster from hell. Up and down and I could get a roll going myself. Point out, Point out and so on. Like a dog, stuck my tail between my legs and ran, not walk out that clip joint.
    Binion's was next and I walk around the Crap tables but the dealer's all had beady eyes. I did remember the room I stayed at the Horsehoe had the same brass bed and carpet and drapes from 1940's. Dell Webs "The Mint" was still there. Also remember from the web "World Series of Poker" was happening a Binion's all that week. Went to the poker room and watched. I never learned to play poker except video poker. Damn glad as I saw the sharks feeding on people at the tables. One guy I saw from the Travel Channel even asked me to "Come on in, Have a seat" said the spider to the fly. Said thanks but didn't know how to play. Must have seen 20 guys look at me and thier mouths began to water at the thought of fresh virgin meat. Again " Come on in, Sit down, No better way too LEARN" Decided to watch from a distance and eat a bowl of red beans rice at the snack shop. I thought I heard hearts breaking as my wallet remained in my front pocket with a rubber band wrapped it closed. Thousands of dollars being bet on each hand, calls and raises, 3 card flop and the river card. Sharks circled and I just watched from the bank.
    Golden Gate and the .99 cent shrimp cocktail was next. Walking out I decided to try 3.00 blackjack. Just a word, cards were not shuffled and were already in the shoe. Bought in for 60.00 and never won more than 3 hands. Stupid BigBadWolf should have known better. Lost almost all 60.00.
    Vegas Club was next and 3.00 crap table again. 100.00 buy in and didn't take long to lose another 60.00. Stupid Wolf
    Union Plaza and 1 crap table filled up. Thank goodness and never made anothe bet. Walked to the bus station and caught the 302 express back to the strip. Happy to be home safe in my room.
    Wednesday night went to the EFX show at the MGM and at a nice steak and shrimp dinner all on the casino. New crap crew on duty but gave my vip card to be rated and they had heard of the action the previous day. Played a little but broke even. Taxi back to Flamingo to bed.

    Thursday morning.......
Thread Status:
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