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Day 2

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Susan, Jun 28, 2002.

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  1. Susan

    Susan Tourist

    Mar 16, 2002

    My Trip Report

    I don't recommend Lindy's, it was overpriced, and the food was not very good. I check-out the wildlife area after breakfast and watched them feed the pequins. They were shooting the Hooter's Girl Swimsuit Calendar while we were there, so there were girls in bikinis EVERYWHERE! I was kind of hard to enjoy the beauty of the wildlife area while dodging photo shoots everywhere! I found the pool, and checked out the gift shops, giving my husband time to sleep. Eventually I went back to the room and he was up and ready for breakfast. We went to Busgy's Deli. It was better than Lindy's, but not great. Still sleepy & hungover, he went for a nap, and I headed for the pool. More swimsuit models!!. The pool was everything I heard about. I did finally find a chair, but everyone is right.. get there early. Mid-afternoon we cleaned up and headed to the Hard Rock Hotel. We took advantage of the 1/2 price drinks and appetizers at the Pink Taco. Pretty good, but exotic. My tastebuds were out of whack due to my sinus problem. We checked out the memorabilia and gift shop. We played a little black-jack, and again, no luck. I agree with everyone that the place is a little snooty. We headed to check out Imperial Palace and tried to go to the Auto Museum, but it was after 9:00, and it was closed. We went to Harrah's to get a snack, and ended up in the snack bar where the sports book is. Food was o.k. All of the waitressed looked "worn-out" and should have retired long ago. We decided to turn in a little early since we were both pooped, and I felt crappy.
  2. LV Terry

    LV Terry Captain Flop'N Fold

    Sep 30, 2001
    Santa Barbara, CA, USA
    So....you Didn't go and get your husband and bring him back to the bikini photo shoot?!

    where's the love?! [​IMG]
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