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Day 2 Later that night

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by bigbadwolf, May 17, 2002.

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  1. Just to explain a little bit I am a single guy late 30's never married and you will not find me eating at fancy resturants or buffets. I am happy with say tacos from Ohea's or a sandwich from the deli. Tried most of those in the past and really hate to fight the crowds. Can't get comp because I won't ask for anything. Watch too many folks lose thier money trying for a $5.99 buffet.

    Later on Tuesday night..

    Took a nap until 5:00pm, cleaned up and decided to try Lindy's cafe again. Sat at the counter and ordered a French Dip sandwich and fries. About $10.00 with tax. Great fod and service was great. I know I was happy due to crap game but service really good. Tipped waiter $5.00 figuring he got the no show waiter's tip from Monday.
    Decided to catch the 301 bus to the Stardust for the Wayne Newton Show. Had paid about 60.00 a ticket and was figuring I had rafter seats where I would be getting nose bleeds. The hidden tip trick to the hostess was not necessary as I had a half moon shaped table about 20 feet from center stage. Started with another women from Colorado and wound up with a couple from Canada. Lady from Colorado I assume was divorced and was telling me she had seen Wayne Newton at least 6 times. She was a corections officer at a Colorodo prison, Canada couple were very nice but husband seemed to talk a little about everything. They were all very nice.
    Wayne Newton show started on-time at 9:00pm and he played and sang for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Played several intruments, fiddle, guitar, and piano. His band was outstanding with backup singers and string section. Been hearing for several years about this showman " Mr. Las Vegas " and maybe I was expecting greatness.
    He stared the show with a walk around the showroom kissing each women and shaking hands with I assumed thier husbands. Older crowd as to be expected and a lot of celebrated 30-50 year marrages. Kinda made me feel out of place as I'm 39 and have never been married once. Have this idea that marrage these days are over-rated as values have changed. Was nice to see people take thier vows to always stay together.
    Back to Wayne Newton......I thought maybe I should have caught him in his early days. His singing voice was bad and several times he struggled with notes he could not reach. Not long into the show he had his backup singers do some impressions. One guy did a Tom Jones and really I thought stole the show. I was happy to see the show but it may not be for everyone.
    Stardust casino was a huge disappointment. Really dingy and a little dirty. I didn't see a room but I don't think I would feel comfortable staying there.
    Took a cab back to the Flamingo and walked around the Casino. Saw 3 nickle machines near the check-in that said they were a new game and hot. Sat down put in 20.00 and too a minute to figure out you had a option of 9 lines a 1 credit bet or .45 cents per spin paying left to right. But you could push a buttom and pay 18 credits or .90 cents per spin that payed left to right and right to left.
    Played both and was rewarded by a bonus round and wound up taking almost 100.00 out of each machine. Had to wait on a hadpay and moved over to next machine. 100.00 more and on the next machine etc.
    Funny but I tipped the attendant who came to my machine and also the person who came with them to verify the handpay and I didn't wait more than 3 minutes at each machine. They must have told the other attendants. Cocktail watress get bringing me cherry cokes.
    Went to bed about 2:20am Wednesday morning. Could hear here couple next door having sex. Being single " CRY LIKE A BABY" :(

    Wednesday to follow..
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    You're funny!!

    Jim ;)
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