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Trade Coupon trades

Discussion in 'Coupons & Sweepstakes' started by VegasTravelerBuddy, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. VegasTravelerBuddy

    VegasTravelerBuddy Tourist

    Feb 16, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hi everybody, I'm looking for the following coupons. Hopefully we can make a trade.

    Downtown Grand earn 25 pts get $10 slotplay

    Hooters play $10 get $10 slotplay
    Ellis Island play $10 get $10-$100 slotplay
    Gold Coast $10 matchplay
    Gold Coast $10 slotplay
    Orleans $10 matchplay
    Orleans $10 slotplay
    MSS $10 matchplay
    Plaza $25 matchplay
    Plaza $10 slotplay
    Golden Gate $10 matchplay
    Binions $10 slotplay
    Fremont $10 matchplay
    Four Queens $10 slotplay
    El Cortez $10 slotplay
    Downtown Grand $10 matchplay
    California $10 matchplay

    I've already made a lot of trades so I think most of the more popular coupons have been traded away. These coupons are NOT available (they have been traded away already). But I may have some of the other coupons available for trade.

    GVR buffet (ACG)
    GVR buffet (MRB)
    $10 slotplay Jerry’s Nugget
    2-for-1 draft The Mint Tavern
    2-for-1 drink The Mint Tavern
    1-Rampart $10 MP (ACG)
    1-Aliante $10 MP (LVA)
    1-Aliante $10 MP (ACG)
    Hollywood Casino Tunica buffet
    Edgewater Laughlin buffet
    Harrahs Laughlin buffet
    Tropicana Laughlin buffet
    2/1 Sam’s Town buffet (#102) (MRB)
    2/1 Boulder Station buffet (#13) (MRB)
    2/1 Ellis Island BBQ (#36) (MRB)
    2/1 Ellis Island restaurant (#34) (MRB)
    2/1 Palms buffet (#88) (MRB)
    2/1 Sunset Station buffet (#115) (MRB)
    2/1 Orleans buffet (#84) (MRB)
    Arizona Charley's 2/1 Buffet- Boulder (ACG)
    Binions 2/1 burger (ACG)
    Boulder Station 2/1 Buffet (ACG)
    California 2/1 breakfast or lunch Buffet (ACG)
    Fremont 2/1 breakfast or lunch buffet (ACG)
    Main Street Station 2/1 breakfast or lunch buffet (ACG)
    Fiesta Henderson 2/1 buffet (ACG)

    Thanks for looking!