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Condensed Version - Parts 6-12

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Lacy, Jan 4, 2005.

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  1. I had hoped to drag this tale on for another couple weeks. Cuz I know how irritating it is. [​IMG] But I’m afraid that would come to close to overlapping my next trip. :D

    Taking a page from Mikey, without further ado Parts 6 – 12….

    Part 6 – It’s My Party

    Drais; a mass of sweaty, gyrating bodies; a tall blonde Barbie celebrating her 21st b-day; her friends look like they are ready for bed and nobody wants to dance with Barbie (including her boyfriend); I volunteer; a little girl-on-girl action that eventually wakes up the boyfriend :D

    Part 7 – Built for Two

    A taxi ride; an elevator short film; a tub built for two; mirrors, mirrors everywhere; nuff said [​IMG]

    Part 8 – The Walking Dead

    Rum hangover; hmmmmm… where did I get that bruise? [​IMG] ; Death Walk down the strip to Aladdin’s buffet I forgot how far a block really is;consume 3 plates of food and a pitcher of ice water

    Part 9 – You want HOW MUCH for this?

    Caesar’s Forum Shoppe; OMG, $$$ You’ve got to be kidding!; cute BeBe shoes (not in my size); Who would wear this? :rolleyes: ; a latte, people watching break (notice a lot of Gap bags); head to the Gap for a great deal on 2 skirts; Cache, the last shop; THE JACKET; OMG, $$$ You want HOW MUCH for this?’; try on THE JACKET and can’t take it off; a long, heavy sigh before finally removing THE JACKET and leaving the store :(

    Part 10 – The Monorail and Those Two Guys

    Stumble across the bridge to Paris; jump on the monorail; rough ride, but quick (if you don’t get a seat, be sure to hang on with BOTH hands); another Death Walk all the way through MGM to the bridge across to the Trop; those two guys again; an introduction; their evening itinerary (no strip clubs); an invitation; a room number (18th floor suite)

    Part 11 – A Long Winter’s Day

    An elevator ride up. Sleep. Ahhh yes… sleep.

    Part 12 – A Starry Night

    A pesky alarm clock; a call to the 18th floor; a wake up shower; a little black dress; a magnificent duck dinner at the Foundation Room with the boys; drinks in the lounge, enjoying the equally magnificent view; high power people watching

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  2. tvon

    tvon VIP Whale

    Jan 14, 2004
    Boston, Ma
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    im wondering where the pictures to this 'epic' tale are...
  3. Absolutdrinker

    Absolutdrinker Low-Roller

    Jan 21, 2003
    Part Eleven absoeffinlutely rules Lacy. You got it made
  4. Vegas Addict

    Vegas Addict Guest

    Famous, beautiful people have their pics taken, they don't carry cameras around.
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