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Christmas in Vegas

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by j831robert, Dec 30, 2004.

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  1. j831robert

    j831robert Tourist

    Mar 4, 2002
    Chatham, Ontario, Canada

    My Trip Report

    Fourth consecutive Chrismas for us in Vegas - empty nesters and we usually visit three or four times a year.

    It takes all kinds and I'll not attempt to compete with Mickey and the rest of the young crowd - we're old enough that the hookers don't bother to even try (the only blow is to my ego).

    Furthermore we don't drink much and limit ourselves to keno and the slots. Now, if you're not totally put off already - read on.

    Four nights at the Barbary Coast followed by two at Fitzgeralds.

    The good things: For a change we booked a late evening flight out of DTW and the drive from home to the airport went without a hitch despite some snow, multi road repairs underway on the I-94 etc - accomplished the ninety minute trip in just that.

    Breezed through ticketing and security, a forty-five minute wait, and aboard America West direct which put us smoothly into Vegas around 2230hrs.

    Luggage down the chute with the first lot and shuttle to Thrifty's was waiting. They were out of Economy models so we were upgraded to a Seibring.

    Room at BC was a single king-sized bed rather than the double beds requested but the bathroom was their geriatric model which turned out to be ideal. In bed by 0200hrs.

    Morning run to Suncoast for their breakfast specials (where we discover the ninety-nine cent specials and now a dollar ninety-five (progress I guess)and still a great bargain.

    Toodles around a couple of the shopping malls and some of the North Vegas casinos for the day. Supper at Victoria's in the BC. Excellent ! Madame retired early and I spent the evening giving financial support to various casinos on the Strip.

    Morning to to Silverton for their oatmeal/almond crusted french toast breakfast - a favourite of ours. Drove out Las Vegas Blvd to Jean and then on to Stateline to exercise some of the machines there and check out the shopping mall at Primm.

    Early supper at Ellis Island. I go for the usual $4.95 steak w/dark beer chaser while Madame, who is feeling a bit rocky settles for soup and a salad. Waiter is so concerned with how little she eats that he refuses to bill us for her meal.

    Back to the BC where Madame retires and I do quite well on the nickel and penny slots.

    This is the good stuff so we'll skip to Christmas Eve.

    Checked in around noon at the Fitz. Young lady at Reception asks our preference high or low. We both opt for high. Their West tower has 34 floors and we got room 3430 - tremendous view, especially at night.

    I 'did' the downtown casinos. Only the Fremont seemed willing to enrich me to any degree.

    We had a Red-Eye flight back and Madame was still wobbly so we checked with Terribles and booked a room for a fraction of the points I had accumulated there over previous visits. Madame was able to put her head down for four hours or so.

    Supper at Terribles - 2:1 Shrimp and Fries which I very much enjoyed. Madame returned hers to the kitchen untouched.

    Car return at Thrifty's quick and flawless as befits their Blue Chip service.

    America West ticket agent offered to switch our seating from window-middle to window-aisle so we had the flight back to DTW with room to spread out.

    Lots of beautiful snow and very light road traffic made the drive home easy and, as we turned to pull into our driveway (100 feet to the house)we discovered that our neighbours had had our diveway plowed for us as a welcome home gesture.

    Madame was very cheap to feed on this holiday - she actually ate no solid food for four days and lost about 15 pounds.

    I spent only the cash in my poke - never touched a travellers cheque (very inexpensive holiday all in all).

    The bad. At the end of the second day when I was ready for bed I wound up tossing my cookies, etc - very unusual for me as I usually have a cast-iron constitution. When I awoke (0500hrs local - three hour time difference) Madame was on her way back from the bathroom and in obvious distress - seems she had been up several times during the night and showed all symptoms of stomach flu (not bad food which would have caused tremendous stomach cramping).

    We jointly discovered that the bathroom design was such that one could not use the toilet bowl and the sink concurrently when the need arose (and it did, repeatedly).

    Madame was pretty well out of any of the touristy things for four days. I was back to whatever passes as normal (pun) within 48 hours. Our first trip to Vegas was in 1980 and on only one other occasion have we had sickness blight a stay so this was really an unusual situation.

    All in all, you will note ;) that the good things outweigh the bad. We are returning in February with two adult daughters and wife's twin sister and husband - and a ready supply of Imodium !
  2. East Coast Shuffle

    East Coast Shuffle Low-Roller

    Nov 26, 2004
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    Classic ! [​IMG]

    Yikes...sorry your trip was spent in the washroom...now THAT really blows !.

    Here's to the New year & your trip in Feb/05 [​IMG] .
  3. RossW

    RossW North of the 49th

    Nov 1, 2003
    Ontario, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Here's hoping that the Feb 05 trip is more enjoyable. I have been sick on a holiday in the past - NOT Fun.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. milehiman

    milehiman VIP Whale

    Sep 21, 2002
    Scottsdale, AZ
    Wow, let's hope your next trip isn't as taxing on your body as this last one was.

    That was a nice gesture by your neighbors. I was in the Detroit area over Christmas and saw how much it snowed.
  5. misterKeno

    misterKeno Guest

    Well, you got in & out of LV pretty cheaply. Not too bad. Am sorry bout the digestion n all. That's how it goes---but a bummer to happen while on vacation.

    Ummm, oatmeal crusted french toast? I like my fork to glide thru my french toast n all, lol. So, tell me is this stuff like a brick? I'm intrigued.

    The room at the Fitz--anything special to mention, besides the view? Good-bad-comfy-clean-small-large?

    How did the keno work out. Obviously no HUGE wins--but do ya play your 'usual numbers'. Just wondering.

  6. j831robert

    j831robert Tourist

    Mar 4, 2002
    Chatham, Ontario, Canada
    misterKeno, et al:
    My wife likes 'crunchy' and that is exactly what the exterior surfaces of the Silverton oatmeal/almond french toast is. I suspect that the pieces of Texas Toast are dipped first in the usual milk/egg mixture then in the coating mix and finally deep fried.

    Our room at the Barbary Coast was large, clean, and the bed was fairly firm (which we prefer). The view from the window was exceptional only if you were able to catch some of the shows put on in the rooms of the Flamingo directly across the way - not a lot of imagination for much energy expended - who cares! For a good view ask for a room facing Flamingo Road (not the Flamingo Exibitionist's Side Shows).

    Keno - didn't play much and certainly didn't hit this trip. I generally play the same four numbers and usually manage to hit at least once during a breakfast - have another six number favourite that comes up with 5 of 6 with sufficient frequecy to keep bringing me back - but not this time. I never play more than six numbers because I don't want the tax problems that go with a win exceeding $1500.

    Please note, we are both 'the cup is half full' types - this trip was just an exception to what is usually a very pleasant experience when visiting Las Vegas. In the normal course of events our daytime activities are selected by my wife; after dinner the town is mine with the only proviso being that I must be there to take her to breakfast when she is ready ! Works well for us !
  7. misterKeno

    misterKeno Guest

    j831... oh okay, sounds like a fair deal w/ your lady. (o:

    Yea, i usually go with 5-spots, or group a way ticket w/ 5 numbers.

    Agreed RE: 1/2 full cup.

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