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cheesecake guy last part

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by DutchVegas, Jan 13, 2003.

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  1. DutchVegas

    DutchVegas Low-Roller

    Sep 4, 2001
    Ruinen The Netherlands
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    December 25

    Today its X-mass, we were in no hurry to leave our room.We ordered roomservice for breakfast and made a nice cup of coffee with our coffee table.

    After taking a shower and doing absolutely nothing we decided that we wanted to go to Primm today.We arrived in Primm at 3.00 PM.
    We took their christmass buffet and gambled a few hours.We did not really lose anything.Maybe about USD 50,00.

    We arrived back in Vegas at 7.00 PM.

    Next stop the Luxor, we stayed there on our last trip in June and we wanted to gamble here for the evening.

    I played black jack minimum table bet USD 25,00 and my wive played the 5 cents bonus machines again.

    I did play for almost three hours and managed to get ahead of my buy in.They still had my gambling record from june so we got comped for the buffet.

    My wive was not so succesful , she lost almost USD 100,00 on these 5 cents money eating machines.

    After our dinner, were at last was cheesecake!!!!!!., we went back to the Paris.

    I was planning to play some more black jack , but I really do not like their casino, the Hotel is perfect as are the rooms, but the casino, nope.Its like playing on the street.It has to much noise in a wrong way, and its to open but it feels cramped again.maybe its me, but not my casino.

    We went upstairs and watched a movie on their pay per view.Scooby Doo.

    December 26

    Today we went up the mountain again , hoping its not as busy as earlier in the week.Well it turned out to be a good decision.We had a long walk through the snow.And we visited also the ski ramge in Lee canyon.

    I was really hungry after this so we decided to go to the Gold Coast fro some food.

    The have a real good buffet.I thought it was one of the better ones we had this trip.But I was really hungry, so my judgement was maybe a bit clouded.

    After dinner we wanted to take advantage of the after X-mass sales in al the stores, so we went to the Beltz Outlet stores.

    I bought about 5 pairs of Jeans in the Levi store.Here in Holland we have to pay about € 139,00, now I had to pay USD 29,95, which is € 27,00.A bargain.
    I also bought some new shoes, and some shirts.My wive also bought some clothes.

    Now we had to buy an extra suitcase, which again was also cheap.I am everytime amazed about the prices here in this mall.Wish we could buy stuff so cheap overhere.I could go three times a year to Vegas.

    We went back to the Paris at 6.00 PM.
    I did not take a workout the last few days and I am starting to feel lazy.

    The wheater was so nice I decided to take a run outside on the strip.Bad decision.
    After 15 minutes I went back to the room.No workout today.

    This night we walked from Paris to the MGM and back on the opposite side of the Strip.
    But we took our dinner at the Boardwalk buffet, which we do every time we are in Vegas at least once.Its kind of a tradition.

    We came back in the Paris at 12.00PM.
    After a short loosing session in their casino we went to bed.
    By the way, I did not see anyone win anything at this casino.But then again i did not spend much time in this place.

    December 27

    Today we have to check out.
    And go to the JW Marriot/Rampart casino/Resort at Summerlin.
    Its confusing al these names.

    After check out, we went for breakfasthe Sahara casino.Big mistake, you will see later.
    I liked the buffet, which is enormous.No waiters , just take a seat and eat.

    After this we stopped at some Texas Tea 5 cents machines, which my wife likes.
    Well I got lucky I drilled the right regions, I cashed out USD 100,00 ahead.But my wife just lurked on a cola and did not seem to enjoy herself.
    After asking what was wrong so said she did not feel good at all.

    So we decided to go straight to the JW Marriot etc etc.
    And ask for an early check in.
    Which by the way was no problem at all.

    We arrived here at 11.30AM.My wife went straight to bed.After puking out everything from our beautiful Sahara buffet.

    At 3.00PM , she was really sick and I started to worry.Because she could not hold anything inside, not even a zip of water.

    At 5.00PM the situation started to get even worse.She had a big fat food poissening, at least thats what she diagnosed herself with.(My wife is a doctor assistant overhere in the Netherlands and has a medical education, so she should know)

    At 8.00PM she started to feel a bit better, and also the water she drank stayed inside.
    She fell a sleep around 9.00PM.

    I ordered some food now on the room.When they brought the food I explained to the man that my wife was sick, and what the reason was.
    Unasked he came back within 10 minutes with some crackers and some fresh fruit.They even called the next morning if we needed any assistance.

    The next morning my wife felt 90% again.It took almost 10 days before she could eat normal again.She did take a bloodtest back in Holland , and she was right, because there were traces left of the staffelokokken bacteria in her blood.Which meant that she had some kind of dairry product which was bad.She did had some yoghurt at the Sahara.

    December 28

    This morning I took the fruit as breakfast and went downstairs to make a phone call to suprise my wife.She really likes David Copperfield, so I booked two tickets for the Saturdayafternoon show.
    I hate David Copperfield , but sometimes you have to do things you do not like.

    She was really happy with the show, as where I, when she said I did not had to go with her.
    So when we collected the tickets I asked if I could cancel my ticket , which was no problem.

    I gamled for 1.5 hour before the entrance of the Hollywood Theatre in the MGM.And winn a lott.Good decision not to go to David Copperfield.

    We arrived back at the JW Marriot at 6.00PM.

    Now I was really hungry, so I went for the buffet, my wife was really tired so she went to bed.
    After dinner I went back to the room but she was sound a sleep.
    So I went for my final gambling session because we left the next day.

    I played black jack for 5 straight hours, and had a heck of a time.Also I did win , which makes it always better.
    I really love this place.People are nice and comps are so easy.They payed for everything.

    December 29

    Going back home.
    9.45 AM flight to Chicago, and connect on the plain to Amsterdam.
    It was 29 december and the plains were totally overbooked.Unbelievable.Its like everybody wants to go to Amsterdam on the 29th .

    Final thoughts about the trip.

    Orleans , nice place nice people nice gambling.
    The rooms are above avarage, for that kind of price its a bargain.

    Paris , nice Hotel.really nice.
    Casino sucks.
    Lines are out of this world before their restaurants.Even at midnight.

    J.W.Marriot.Huge rooms, Venetian eat your heart out.
    Rampart Casino is small, but very comfortable if you know what i mean.
    People seem to like working here, everybody was helpfull and friendly.

    Dollar Car Rental , good service, friendly, quick.

    We only did buffets this trip, stay away from the Sahara.
    Paris was the best, Gold Coast was good second.

    Gambling, I never did so well with gambling.
    After 9 days I still had lost only USD 500,00, which is not so bad.With the food and other comps, we did really well.

    Cost of trip.

    • 2 roundtrips Amsterdam/Las Vegas € 1100,00
    • Orleans 4 nights € 55,00
    • Paris 3 nights € 312,00
    • JW Marriot etc.etc. 2 nights € 22,12
    • Gambling € 500,00
    • Food/Drinks € 100,00
    • Shopping € 500,00
    • Shows/entertain. € 80,00
    • Car rental /Gas/insurance € 700,00

    Grand Total € 3369,12 = USD 3208,00

    I am willing to answer any question about this trip.

    [ January 13, 2003, 01:15 PM: Message edited by: Jan Oelen ]
  2. Billy from TX.

    Billy from TX. Tourist

    Jan 6, 2002
    Wylie, Texas
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    Great trip report. I loved reading all 3 parts. Sounds like a good time up until your wife got sick. I'm sorry to hear that. My wife and I was gambling at The Sahara last year when we decided to check out the buffet. We decide against when we were in line. The smell of the place was horrible. We decided then to eat at there Nascar Cafe. I'm not a race fan at all, but it was a neat place to eat. I had a chilly cheeseburger and my wife had a huge grilled chicken salad and we both had a couple of beers and the total was like $17.00. Food was good. Maybe you can check that out next time. I don't think they have any cheesecake though. My wife said if we went back to Sahara that she could'nt eat at there buffet even if it did'nt smell.

    How long did it take to drive to Primm? I've never been there but I seen it from about 14,000 ft up when I went to Jean to skydive.
  3. DutchVegas

    DutchVegas Low-Roller

    Sep 4, 2001
    Ruinen The Netherlands
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    It takes about 30 minutes to drive to Primm.

    I always like the casino from the Buffalo Bill part of the place.

    Primm is not a place to stay for 9 days but one afternoon is OK.
  4. larryfromdk

    larryfromdk Guest

    If i remember right there is a great roller coaster in primm.That i like but not the gambling.I am off to vegas in Feb.My trip seems to get cheaper every day as the value of the euro
    goes up and the usd down.Great!!
    I will probably have my 2 kids with me.I do not
    gamble as much as you and i guess i will do a lot of kid things on this trip so i will not have a chance to loose or win so much.All for the better
    i guess.
    I also like the orleans(except for the front desk manager)I will probably stay there agaion
  5. larryfromdk

    larryfromdk Guest

    HI Again!
    Jan i ask again:what is a p room at the paris?
    Mayby you should buy your levis here in dk.They are half the price of nl.but ,of course,not as cheap as in the u.s.
  6. HoyaHeel

    HoyaHeel Grammar Police & Admin

    Feb 24, 2002
    North Carolina
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Did you go to the Primm Outlet Mall? Or just Belz? My dad's wife loves the Primm ones, they have a special store there she likes to visit when they're in Vegas ;)
  7. Sonya

    Sonya Queen of VMB

    Nov 28, 1999
    Western Washington
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    The coaster is Desperado at Buffalo Bill's. It's a GREAT coaster. That first drop is amazing. I've got some pictures and video if you click "Photos & Video" above.

    I also love the log flume ride at Buffalo Bills. They give you guns when you get on and you shoot lasers at targets as you ride through. You compete with the other person in the boat with you. Very fun! I was loving it until I shot this one target near the buffet and a gunslinger mannequin guy turned around and sprayed us with water! Don't shoot that target! :eek:

    I'm not a big fan of malls and outlet malls in general, but I think the one at Primm is a pretty good one.

    Larry - the P rooms at Paris are slightly larger rooms, I believe at the corners/end of the hall. It's like the rooms at the end of the hall at Treasure Island. It's just a little bonus having that extra space or bigger window.
  8. DutchVegas

    DutchVegas Low-Roller

    Sep 4, 2001
    Ruinen The Netherlands
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Yes you are right Sonya.

    The P-rooms are rooms with a garanteed view of the strip on the high floors.And the corner rooms with an extra window.

    The P stands for Premier room, I geuss.

    The roller coaster indeed is a nice one.I did it already during my trip last June.

    Its better then any roller coaster on the strip.
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