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Caution: Sharks jumping, Birthday Trip Report

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Jolly Green Giant, Jul 29, 2003.

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  1. The Mirage Hotel and Casino July 23rd - July 27th.
    The second annual Jolly Green Giant birthday trip.

    This was my third trip in the past 12 months. Once again a solo adventure. And I have had my first just OK trip to Vegas.

    Wednesday July 23rd.

    I am off. Making the drive once again. This time I rented a car for the trip. I was having some issues with mine running right in the heat. I have been chasing the problem for a few weeks, I couldn't figure it out and I was under a bit of a time crunch. A childhood friend had gotten married the weekend before, I was a bit busy with that and other things to take it in and get it fixed. So it was a rental car for me. The best part of the car was it had the XM satellite radio. I can not say enough great things about the XM radio. I brought some of my CD's and didn't listen to one of them the whole trip. Roll into Vegas at 6:15pm. Not a long line to check into the Mirage. Ask for the best room she can give me, it being my birthday weekend and all. In the north tower 16th floor, middle of the hallway, strip view. Nice view of Harrah's, the Venetian and could see The Wynn LV going up. Off to IN and Out burger for a couple of double doubles to start things out right.

    I headed off south on the strip to take in the sights and gamble some. Made it to the Paris to join the slot club and win some money on my guaranteed Adams Family nickel machine. When I got there they had taken out those games and replaced them with penny slots. Continued back north to the Mirage, just wondered around and gambled a bit here and there.

    Thursday July 24th.

    Get up and get ready. Off to have breakfast at the Omelet House on Charleston. It is over by the UMC. It is an old school Vegas joint. I am sure the place hasn't been update since the early 70's, but it seems to be a favorite of the locals. Great meal, a huge omelet that I couldn't finish and great pan-fried potatoes. Since I am in the neighborhood I drive by Ted Binnon's old house. I am fascinated by that story of how he died. An old rich guy dating a young stripper that he meets at Cheetah's. The stripper and her guy on the side kill poor old Ted for his money. They get convicted of the crime, but now are going to get a new trial. It must be the old guy and stripper thing that hooked me in.

    Back to the room to get ready to play golf at Bali Hai. While I am sitting there I see the southern part of Vegas get real dark with storm clouds. The monsoon rains hit shortly there after. Now we get the same monsoon storms in Denver. So I knew that in an hour or so when I suppose to tee off, it would all be cleared up and I could play. I was right, the only problem was that the humidity had really jumped up there. It not only looked like I was playing in the South Seas, but it felt like it as well. It is a great course too bad that I really stunk up the place.

    After taking some time to count all those large numbers on my scorecard it was time for dinner. I was off to the Memphis Championship BBQ place. The guy who runs the place is a multiple time winner of the "super bowl" of BBQ cookoffs. While it was good, I didn't think that it was the best BBQ that I have ever eaten.

    I went back to the room to get cleaned up and head out. This time I walked north on the strip from the Mirage. What an interesting adventure that was. Usually the TI is as far north as I make it. This time it was to the Circus Circus and the Riveria. Different crowd for sure. I did stop at the Peppermill for a drink in the fireside lounge. I thought about getting a 3/4 pound hot dog at the HO, thought better of it, but did get a couple of 99 cent margaritas. Was propositioned twice by the working girls of the evening. Didn't really win any money but saw some interesting folks.

    Friday July 25th. Birthday.

    Get up and head out for some breakfast at the Peppermill. Get the pancakes if you ever go cause they are huge and definitely will fill you up. Finish up eating and walk out about an hour later, in that time the sky had turned dark and ominous. I was playing Rio Secco in little over an hour.

    I drive down to Henderson and it is just raining hard the entire way. I get there about 11:15, I am to tee off at noon. They have the entire course closed due to weather, the rain and some close lighting strikes. I am suppose to play with a buddy from work that is on a free trip to Laughlin with his “friend”. He gets there right at noon, just as they reopen the course, send everybody back out to play. Five minutes later the rain and lighting start again, this time they close the course for good. Not a good way to start the birthday. We have plans for dinner at the Golden Steer later in the day, so we agree to meet back up then. I go back to the room and have a good nap. It is from here to till mid way through dinner that things get a little fuzzy. I remember drinking lots of Jagermeister chased with more than a few beers. I do remember stumbling around the Mirage playing the slots. Somehow I got myself cleaned up and ready to for dinner at the Golden Steer. My buddy and his "friend" wanted to eat at an old school steak house. That is the Steer. We sat in the Dean Martin booth. I had the top sirloin and they both had the veal. While my steak was good, and the service was OK, I would not consider this a top steak house in Vegas.

    After dinner I got a ride downtown from my work buddy. He and his "friend" where off to the Bellagio to play poker. I made my way the LV Club to meet and gamble with the legends of the T2V site.
    I roll in fashionably late at a quarter to nine. I spot Mikey straight away at the craps table. I go up and we make introductions. At the craps table are Mikey, Hoyaheel and her husband, CUtiger and her hubby, Heathcat and her hubby. I buy in for $60 and proceed to get some good tips form the master Mikey on how to play craps better. The dice came around to me twice and I had decent rolls both times. After about an hour of the dice it was decided it was time to play some blackjack. I cashed in for $100, not bad since the last time I played craps I lost.

    I felt I needed a nice cool beverage, it was a tad bit warm in the LV Club that night. I went over to the La Bayou for a drink. I got a large hurricane with an extra shot of rum. Wondered back to the LVC and found the crew on a blackjack table. I sat down on the table that had Derek, Mikey, Bazootch, Myself and Eddie B. Talk about a thrill, to play some blackjack with some of the greats that I had only read about. At one point Booger stopped by and played a few hands with us. When we colored up, I was up $110. At this point it was time for me to take my leave, it was birthday lap dance time. I said my goodbyes and headed out. I caught the Fremont street experience show. Then it was off to Binnon's for a burger and some chili. The food at Binnon's is as good as everyone says it is. With a full belly and some extra cash in my pocket it was time for Cheetahs. It was at this point that things turned for me. In pervious trips I have been know to frequent the topless places, I have always had a good time. This time there was horrible. I am use to the full press hustle that the girls will give you. But this was way beyond anything that I had seen before. It was not just "do you want a lap dance" it was "let’s go to the VIP room". They all seemed to want to separate me from money faster than they normally do. The few dances I did get all turned quickly into begging for me to give them more money. I had enough of this and decided to take the shuttle over to Jaguars. It was the same story over there. At about 3:30 I had my fill of girls trying to get me to spend all my money on them. On the ride back to the Mirage I realized that me and the poor college girl/self employed model/exotic dancer/stripper have jumped the shark. I was a sad moment in my life to realize this. On the upside I ended up going back to my room with more money.

    Saturday July 26th.

    I roll out at 1:00. Get ready and walk over the Bellagio for brunch. The brunch is outstanding. Tried lots of everything. The smoked salmon and the desserts were the best of the meal. The best part was that I was seated next to two young couples, early twenties. The one girlfriend was having the "do you see yourself married in two years" speech to her boyfriend. Then she started in with the "I want to stay home and raise kids when I get married speech". The poor guy was really not wanting to hear that. The girls got up to get some more to eat, and I told the guy that I feel for him and I know what a tough spot that he was in. He seemed to appreciate the sympathy. They left shortly after that and I wished him luck.

    Walked back to the Mirage to pick up the car. Off to the Rochester big and tall man shop. This unfortunately was one of the highlights of the trip. I bought a bunch of stuff half off. Next I drove over to the Palms. Last year when I was there, I wasn't that impressed with the place. What a difference a year makes. They were having the world largest bachelorette party that night, and there was some serious eye candy walking around the place. I joined the slot club and the lady told me that they have the NBA rooms there. They are special room for all us tall people. Higher counters and shower heads, plus 8ft long beds. I might have to look into that. I won a total of ten dollars at the Austin Power nickel slots and took my winnings to check out the Rio. This was the only place that I have never been to. I was surprised on how big it is. Didn't much care for the "bevertainers", it was distracting to have someone dancing with loud music playing while I was gambling. I had reservations at In and Out for that evening. Enjoyed my last double double till April.

    Went back to the room and packed up. Last night in Vegas and hadn't walked the strip yet. Headed south to Caesars. Got there just as the Mariah Carey concert was seating, lots more eye candy. Tried to win the H2, no luck. On to the Bellagio for 2 water shows. Down to the NYNY to have a Guinness at the Nine Fine Irishman bar. Cool place, but the bartender did not know how to pore a proper Guinness, what a disappointment.
    Crossed the street to the MGM. Decided to win the Viper. Put my ten dollars in and away I went. Was doing OK, winning some. At this point I said if I can't win the Viper let me hit the 1000 quarters. A few minutes later I hit the 1000 quarters. I got paid and said “good night now” to the MGM and gambling for the rest of the night. Stopped at the Coke store and bought a few things. Make it back to the room at 11:30pm. Had a 6:30am wake up call. I was wide awake at 6:00am ready to go. Checked out and was on the road at 6:45am.

    After thinking about it for a few days I can not really put my finger on why this trip was a downer. Maybe it was the rain not mixing with the golf. Maybe it was the falling out I had with the poor college girl/self employed model/exotic dancer/stripper. Maybe it was the fact that last years birthday trip was magical (thanks Spring). I did not get that great vibe that exists in Vegas this trip. I am sure that it was the last trip to Vegas solo, I will be back to the meadows, and it will be a different kind of trip for sure. On that trip I will be the guy getting the "do you see yourself married soon?" Speech.

    Good things about the trip:
    + XM satellite radio
    + Meeting and winning with the T2V crew
    + In and Out Double doubles
    + Gambling downtown
    + Bellagio brunch

    Things that could have been better:
    - The weather, ruined the golfing experience
    - My dinner at the Golden Steer
    - The size of the Mirage bathrooms
  2. Dougie

    Dougie I am IN!

    Sep 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice, JGG. Great to meet you, and now I know why the tall silent types are smiling all the time. You did us all proud. Maybe you can move that April trip to March Madness?

  3. sunni

    sunni VIP Whale

    Feb 6, 2003
    Sunshine State

    Sorry it wasn't a better Birthday for you....

    Jump the shark ???????? :confused:

    call me dumb.. :rolleyes: What does that mean??

    sunni :cool:
  4. Lmadrid

    Lmadrid Tourist

    Feb 21, 2002
    Boston, MA but originally from San Antonio, TX
    I've been wondering too......I know what it means in regard to media... We used to say it when it meant that a show had reached it's peak and now everything else was downhill from there...didn't it start from a Happy Days episode?

    What does it mean in regards to Las Vegas?
  5. teenwolf

    teenwolf Guest

    "Jump the Shark" is actually a book about people/TV shows ect.. at the point where it had peaked and it went downhill -- Its named after Happy Days when Fonzi goes to California and is water skiing and jumps a shark -- The Show went downhill after that
  6. SH0CK

    SH0CK Stylin' and Profilin' Quasi Tech Admin

    Nov 2, 2001
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks JGG for the report. Sorry to hear you didn't have the best of times, but at least you had some fun!

    I also dub this, the
    <h2>First Official T2V Trip Report</H2>WTG JGG!
  7. Smarra17

    Smarra17 Poker Queen

    Jul 28, 2002
    Brooklyn, NY
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    Great report, I am sorry to hear about the sharks that you met up with. Too bad the rain washed out the golf fun but it seems like you did ok with the gambling.

    Thanks for sharing with us who could not make it!
  8. Mia4071

    Mia4071 Tourist

    Jul 28, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    [​IMG] In & out burger is BOMB! We have them everywhere in San Jose,Ca ... They are like Mcdonalds here.

    Thats for the update on the trip with the crew. Sounds like everyone had fun.

    Jolly GG -- Too bad you didn't have fun @ Jaguars -- They weren't that bad with us when we went in June. Maybe it will be better next time

  9. Coaster Kikky

    Coaster Kikky Tourist

    Jan 8, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Ok it wasn't just me... I had no idea what the jumping the shark idea was all about either!

    I love the phrase "Legends of T2V"... I think you may have started something there ;)

    Thanks for taking the time to write up a great trip report, even if some of the trip was a little bit of a bummer. Sounds like there were definite terrific moments though!

  10. Beef

    Beef Low-Roller

    Jul 25, 2002
    Great report, Giant. Yes, I too have gone through the shark jumping at the strip clubs in town. Just seems like too much work to fend them all off rather than just to have a good time. A little sad, yes, but think of the savings. [​IMG]

    For those interested, here's a link for shark jumping:

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