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Cali's TP 7/24/03 -7/28/03

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by calibutterfly_21, Aug 4, 2003.

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    Arrived at airport and spent a long time getting through security. Left SF airport on time at 9:50 and arrived at 11:15 at Mc Carren Airport. After a short wait at the Enterprise desk, we took the shuttle bus to get to the rental car area. We waited over 20 minutes to get a car. I was annoyed it wasn’t set up like Dollar, where the keys are waiting in the cars. We chose a Hyundai Elantra over a Neon because it seems like 90% of ever other rental cars out there are Neons. Finally made our way to the Aladdin just in time for the rain to come pouring down. It was a nightmare! We pulled into the Aladdin valet and people were streaming into the hotel to get out of the weather. Since it was about 12:00 when we got there I went to check in and had a funny conversation with some people from Arizona. Apparently this was the first time they had been to Vegas and they were surprised that it was raining.

    The clerk gave us a view of the Bellagio fountains and we had a spectacular room on a high floor. If we were quiet we could hear the boom of the fountains and faintlyhear the music too. We dumped our luggage in the room and went down for drinks and gambling. The Aladdin slots were looser then on my last trip and after a 3 vodka cranberry’s I was ready to do something else. We went to the mall for the tickets2nite counter and got two discounted tickets to see V at the Venetian. I did some shopping at the various Coke and M&M factorys and we went back to Aladdin for more slot action, drinks and dinner. After wining 40.00 on a Winning for Dummies machine, we went to early dinner reservations at the restaurant Elements. I had grilled prawns with couscous, which were fabulous, and P. had a steak that covered the entire plate. Dinner was $100 for us both and I thought that Elements was a great upscale unpretentious place to spend our money. We zipped over to the Venetian and can I mention that the parking structure is a complete nightmare??

    We ran to the V show and were placed in the wrong friggin line, which we stood in for 20 minutes before someone told us to go upstairs. Finally got in and took the 5 dollar seat upgrade and got great seats upfront. P. liked the show more than I did. I didn't care for the comedy part but the acrobats were awsome. Went to Venus afterward and drank some more. I liked the bar but it wasn’t as popping as I had seen before. Went to bed about 3 after a few minutes gambling at Aladdin.

    Got up late, checked out of Aladdin. Went next door and had a crepe at Paris for breakfast. Shopped and gambled in Paris and then went to Luxor to check in. While waiting for check in we got our cards updated and gambled a little. Dumped our stuff at our room and went back down to gamble at Mandalay and see the Shark Reef. Shark reef is such a rip off, I will never go there again. The rain cleared up for a little while so we went to the pool. I stayed on the lounge chairs, P. jumped in right away. I drank fruity drinks and we stayed out there for a few hours. Went in and got dressed. Went to yucky Excalibur and got dinner at the Regale Eatery. It was pretty good. I had the ravioli and p had fettucini and we left just as the crowds of children were coming in to get their free dinner. Got out of Excalibur and walked to NY NY. Gambled a bit and then headed to Coyote Ugly where I proceeded to get drunk on free shots and P. drank beers while I danced on the bar.

    Headed back to Luxor on the tram that made me want to puke. Relaxed in the room while P. gambled. I finally went down to Oasis Spa with one of our free passes and had the entire sauna and whirlpool to myself. Got back to the room at 3:30 and pretty much collapsed.

    Got up extra late. P went to hang out with some friends. I went to my appointment at the spa. Had a body buff then sat by the pool, which ate away at some time. Went and picked up our friends who had just flown in. Headed to Hard Rock hotel and man was I disappointed. There was no action, the place was dead and really small:( We bought the obligatory hard Rock Las Vegas shirts and got the hell out of dodge.

    Gambled at Luxor where K. won $400. Went to the Pyramid café and had midnight banana splits and played Keno. Went to Mandalay and drank water while everyone else had drinks because I was feeling dehydrated. Went to bed at 2:30 and P. and K. played slots until 5 in the morning.

    Met up with more friends at Caesars. Shopped in the forum shops, saw the free show and ate at California Pizza Kitchen in Mirage. The pizzas were good but the artichoke dip was gross. Took wonderful pictures of the tigers and then walked down the strip through Ballys, Barbary Coast, Imperial palace, and Harrah’s. Won some money then lost it on the Betty Boop slot machines. Met up with K. at the Venetian and couldn’t decide on a place to eat. Since we had a gift card to Chili’s we found the one on Decatur and ate there. Went back to Venetian, had a gondola ride, went to the wax museum(thank heavens for my online coupon!) and headed back to Luxor to the Midnight Fantasy Show. The show was pretty good, and I loved the comedy part. Luxor offers discounted tickets with their Nefertitis package so always ask for this when you book. Gambled a few more hours and then went to bed.

    Got up early, packed and checked out. Ate breakfast at Il Fornaio in NY NY where my French toast was soggy but p.'s eggs and hash browns were really good. Went to MGM to souvenir shop and saw the lions. Drove to the old strip and visited Sahara roller coaster (overrated) and NASCAR shop. Drove back to airport to drop off car and wait for plane ride. Took a full plane back to SF and landed at 4:30

    Took additional week off work to recover……


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  2. sunni

    sunni VIP Whale

    Feb 6, 2003
    Sunshine State
    Great report..I like the part about dancing on the bar [​IMG] something I have done before.. ;)

    sunni :cool:
  3. paulajpa

    paulajpa Guest

    Cali, I did the same at Coyete ugly and had a blast danced so long up there the next day I could hardly walk my thighs hurt so bad from dancing [​IMG] that was the night when we got back to the room and open the curtians it was daylight :D your trip sounds great..
  4. NEON

    NEON Tourist

    Mar 12, 2003
    Santa Fe
    Good trip report!

    Did you like the Luxor or Alladin better???

    I have stayed at luxor and really like it for medium price range property...
  5. I like Aladdin better because the casino is huge and well ventilated. Everything of course is newer and from what I can tell the staff is very helpful.

    Luxor is a favorite because I get comped there and our rooms are always a very good deal. I notice that the valet people are a heck of alot more firendly at Luxor too!

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