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Buick's Trip Report (3/19 to 3/23)

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Buick Riviera, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. Buick Riviera

    Buick Riviera Tourist

    Apr 18, 2006

    My Trip Report

    This trip resulted in two very pleasant surprises for us: the Silverton casino and the Golden Nugget. We also enjoyed Delmonico’s and Don Rickles so this was really a trip where we created a lot of good memories.

    We originally went to Silverton for the Bass Pro Shops. In fact we went there straight from the airport(well, right after the In & Out Burger).

    We’ve been to the Cabela’s in Wheeling, West Virginia and Dundee, Michigan so we’ve experienced the outdoor superstore. This BSP wasn’t quite as big but it was very impressive. Two gigantic floors of fishing, hunting, boating and camping gear with a dash of NASCAR thrown in (they are a sponsor) make for a very pleasant experience.

    We actually spent parts of two different days in the store, exploring the first floor on one day and the second floor on the other. Don’t miss the antique gun room on the second floor. Gun prices for these works of art ranged from $4500.00 to $270,000.00 (the one made years ago for the Prince of Whales).
    Silverton is a VP players heaven. We missed Bob Dancer’s seminar (every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. I believe) but the playable machines are all over the place, some even marked as “Bob Dancer approvedâ€. It really reminded me of the old days at The STRAT when that was the place to be for VP.

    The BJ wasn’t bad with several $5 2-deck games available. This is the first place we have been since staying at MSS for the last several trips that the Princess said she would like to stay sometime in the future so we went back later in the week to give them some serious action in hopes of getting a new slot club members offer. We’ll see.

    The Golden Nugget has really put some distance between themselves and whatever casino you think is second best. The remodeling, swimming pool, new buffet and sport book are second to none. Too bad the gambling still sucks (short pay VP and bad penetration on the BJ). I did see a couple $10 2-deck games in the morning if you would be interested. The only gambling we did here was at the sport book where I lost $25 when Ohio State didn’t cover the 5.5 points. But OSU covered the 20 points they were down on the court and that is what counts.

    The swimming pool is great. T-backs and thongs abounded but the Princess wouldn’t let me take any pictures because she said it was too obvious. What’s so obvious about saying, “Will you turn your back to me so I can take your picture�? WTF

    The buffet has been moved to the second floor and overlooks the new pool. We had a very nice breakfast there, right by the window. The buffet was very good. Any buffet that has a spread of bagels, smoked salmon, cream cheese (with onions, cappers, egg whites and yellows and tomatoes) is ok by me. That is a breakfast that I savor.

    The showroom at Golden Nugget is wonderful. It is on the third floor and it has been remodeled since I was there last but it has been so long that I don’t know if it is recent. Anyhow, it is movie theatre type seating but with very oversized, stuffed seats with plenty of room. The Don Rickles show had Shawn King as the warm-up act. Shawn King is a singer and wife of Larry King of CNN’s “Larry King Liveâ€. Imagine our surprise when Larry King came walking in with his two kids (ages 11 and 8 I believe) and sat down directly in front of us! Apparently he doesn’t know that DT is no place for rugrats but they came to watch mom sing so I guess that is an exception.

    Shawn King is a lounge singer talent. She has a new duet single out with Willie Nelson which she sang “with him†while he appeared on video tape. That was pretty neat.

    Don Rickles is a hoot. He got 3 standing ovations and did 2 curtain calls. He is truly the last of his generation Las Vegas entertainers. Not surprisingly he invoked the memories of Frankie and Dean and spoke of his buddies Bob Newhart and Johnny Carson. He’s 80 years old and he was up there doing his shtick, singing and soft shoeing. I saw him 25 years ago and he is moving slower but is still a pro.

    His best line to the audience: “I have to put up with this crap for a lousy 100 Grand?†LOL.

    Delmonico’s was a very pleasant dining experience but, honestly, it was not the best steak I ever had in Las Vegas let alone “everâ€. I had the signature bone-in ribeye (medium) and it was flavorful but too chewy for me. The Princess had tenderloin and scallops (a chief’s special) which had her purring.
    My wilted spinach salad (served warm) was excellent as was the tiramisu I had for desert. We had a bottle of Ninth Island Pinot Noir (Australia, 2004) on our waiter’s recommendation. It was absolutely wonderful.

    Service was impeccable. $250 plus tip.

    We stayed at the MSS all four nights and did all of our gambling there except for the sports bet and the Silverton excursion. The rooms and all food and beverages were comped, including another wonderful meal at the Pullman Grille. With cash back this came to about $300 of value.

    I always keep detailed won/loss records. Our total loss was within $10 of a trip we took a year ago. Unfortunately it wasn’t a net win which we had last October.

    Here’s the boring details:
    Princess: minus $434 (VP only), highwater: $82.75, lowwater: $449
    Buick: plus $34 (BJ only), highwater: $104, lowwater: minus $55
    Buick: minus $243 (VP only), highwater: plus $25, lowwater $243
    Buick sports bet on Ohio State: minus $25
    Net for Buick and the Princess: minus $668

    The flights were free on SW (Rapid Rewards) so, as usual, it cost us more to kennel the dogs and park at the airport than anything else. LOL!

  2. Ringo

    Ringo Low-Roller

    May 24, 2005
    Kent, OH
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice trip report.

    All this talk about Don Rickles is really getting me interested in going to see him. Talk about a living legend. Hopefully he's still performing next time I'm in town.
  3. sin

    sin VIP Whale

    Jun 25, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report! Wasn't Don Rickles amazing? That man blew me away! Glad to hear you two had a fun trip and may have found a new home base!
  4. gmoney590

    gmoney590 VIP Whale

    Jul 8, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice TR. I agree the GN has undergone a major makeover but unfortunately the cost of that has basically elimitated $5.00 BJ and any decent VP. Just out of curossity where was the best steak you ever had in Vegas. I figure if I'm going to drop$250 or more on a meal it should be one of the best steaks. Too bad that the trip wasn't a wining trip but if all our trips were winners there probably wouldn't be a Vegas.
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