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Booked an Encore King - Wynncore questions

Discussion in 'LV Strip Hotels' started by Timothy, May 1, 2021.

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  1. Timothy

    Timothy VIP Whale

    Nov 19, 2019
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hi, hope you're all doing fine.

    I was still without a hotel for the middle 3 nights of my stay (the weekend part, checking in Friday, checking out Monday). I have posted about this elsewhere. If you just want the questions, skip below, but I like to give some context (as I enjoy it when other VMB'ers do).

    First 3 nights is Planet Hollywood, last 3 nights is Bellagio. Both are an offer after playing there in 2019.

    It was always the plan to book a Wynn King in the app (I have 43k gems). I'd pay 220 Euro, book 2 nights and then prolong my stay with one night. Then, it was changed so you had to leave a day in between. I now had to pay 440 Euro in the app, which, and I don't know why, is something I don't really like doing. Must be the 'non-refundable'-part of it, as I've no problem with putting money down for a reservation, but want it to be refundable because not sure if the international borders will reopen in time for my September-holiday.

    Long story short (if you want more context, please do ask), I always considered Encore to be an upgrade from Wynn, but for the dates I choose, and with the generic 30% discount available to members (and + $30 resort credit per night so $90 to be used), the Encore Resort King came to $1255 all taxes and RF's included and the Wynn Resort King came to about $1680 all in. Fully refundable, so no harm if I have to cancel.
    I feel I snagged a deal because (all taxes/prices included) Venetian and Palazzo were about $1700, Circa was about $1280, Cosmo came to $1600, even a Petite Suite at TI came to $1050... Don't forget, I have $90 to spend as well :D

    Now, the questions:

    - It offers me an eStandby-upgrade. The prices are definitely lower as opposed to booking outright. For example, it shows me $91/night for an Encore Tower Suite upgrade. That already includes $50 breakfast credit and seems like a great deal. But: will I be able to combine the $50 breakfast credit and the $30/day of my offer?
    - If (and this is a big if) the buffet would be open in September, does Tower Suites give you the ability to pass the line?
    - Could you tell me about other Tower Suites benefits? Are the Tower Suites always a high floor? I'm kind of a room snob, and don't want to end up on floor 7 facing a wall or a HVAC-view.
    - I know the $50 breakfast-credit is to be used per day, but what about the $30? Can you use that in one day, so $90 in one setting on one of the three nights? I'd figure I use it for some cocktails with my wife at one of their bars. $30 doesn't get you much, $90 is a nice start for a couple cocktails each.
    - I booked the room in my wife's name. When I put in 1 decent night of play (like 4-5k coin-in on slots, higher av. bets), I'll probably be able to get a teaser, right? I have no history with them, signed up but never played.
    - Pool is important. What about pools? IIRC, I may use both the Wynn-pool and the Encore-pool as an Encore guest? Is there a separate pool for Tower Suites?
    - Anything else I need to know? Can you tell I'm exited :D
    12 days in the desert
  2. UKFanatic

    UKFanatic The Arbiter of Taste Caviar Kid

    Jul 11, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Will answer what I can

    --Never used that, so don't know
    --In the past, yes, the line pass line included tower suite guests. But there is no way yet to know if things will be the same when the buffet reopens
    --Not sure.
    --Almost certainly. My partner played a lot less than that her first time she signed up for a card and she got teaser offers
    --Yes, there is a separate tower suites pool. The entrance is next to the Wynn tower suites lobby
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  3. Flowers

    Flowers VIP Whale

    Mar 29, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I can't answer the app questions but per what I shared in my trip report the buffet will definitely be open in September. My host said it is opening next month, in June. And yep, there is (or at least was) a Tower Suites line for the buffet though as @UKFanatic said, TBD as to whether there will be one when it reopens. My guess is it will be as it is a nice benefit for TS guests that doesn't cost the hotel extra money.

    A Tower Suites booking doesn't guarantee a high floor. Instead what it provides is a higher level of service from the regular hotel, including separate elevators, nightly turndown service, complimentary pressing of up to four items per day, access to the Tower Suites pool and I believe a Tower Suites line at both the buffet and Terrace Point Cafe. Pre-Covid, if you were staying in Wynn you couldn't use the Encore pool but during Covid Wynn guests are able to use the Encore pool. The regular Wynn pool is bigger but I prefer the smaller Encore pool.

    I typically request a very high floor when staying in Encore to avoid the club noise, which wasn't an issue during Covid but I assume clubs will be back this summer. That's not an issue though if you are staying in Wynn. I like higher floors though so was initially disappointed that my Parlor Suite room was on the 15th floor at Wynn. As I was entering the elevator with the bellman he said that I will prefer the lower flower in the Wynn Tower Suites area where there is one elevator bank I think for floors 21 and below and a different bank for floors 22 and up. He noted that the elevator comes quickly and there is almost never a line or long wait for it. During my three previous stays in 2020, which had been mostly at Wynn during the pandemic, I stayed on a high floor and so used the other elevator bank and I know what he means. By the end of the first day of my 19-night trip I very much felt the speed which which I was able to use the elevator. Not a big deal but over the course of almost 3 weeks it is definitely noticeable. That being said, I still like higher floors as I do think the view can be marginally better but by the end of my first day I was 100% fine with being on a lower floor in Wynn. But I'll be back in the Encore Tower Suites in June/July. I prefer a high floor and I'm typically on the 59th floor but my mother feels a lot more comfortable being on a lower floor so I'll just have to deal with club noise to the the extent there is any.

    There are going to be a number of VMBers staying at Wynncore a good stretch of time in June and will have on-the-ground updates post Wynn being at 100% capacity for hotels, restaurants, etc. And I'll be back late June for 2 weeks so there will be more updated information before your trip.

    I am a trip planning guru and obsessed with it so wishing you a blast planning yours!
    Last edited: May 15, 2021
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