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Booger Blackjack: sat night-sunday

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Booger, Mar 26, 2003.

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  1. Booger

    Booger Tourist

    Aug 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    After a well deserved 10hrs sleep I had a wake-
    up call at midnight.Today will be a very long day
    I start off with a quick breakfast at Careful
    Kitty's,slang for coffee shop,at the ElCo.They do
    have some kind of buffet thing going on in the
    "normal" breakfast time.I have no idea whether it
    is any good or not,not a big buffet fan.I think
    the food at ElCo is not to bad at all.I really
    enjoy the dinners there at Roberta's.Great food
    and they serve man size portions.
    So I finished breakfast,washed it down with a
    beer,let's go see what's happening.I head for
    the tables at ElCo and it's packed,so off I go,
    headed to Freemont street.First stop Binion's.
    Craps tables are 2/3 deep,Bj tables are packed,
    time to move on.One my way out I went through the
    slots area and it was dead.I was looking for DW
    for a couple min. and I don't think I saw more
    then 15-20 people playing slots,something wrong
    there.I'll be back later.Next stop was Golden
    Nugget and straight to the Bj tables.I buy-in
    at a $25 2 deck game.Not much of a game,the
    dealer is slow,I got maybe 40 hands at the most,
    the more hands the better for me.Alot of small
    cards coming out too often.Did my time and left,
    down 100.Back out on Freemont,and hit up the
    LV Club,MSS,California,Golden Gate.Again nothing
    exiting,no big wins/no big losses,come out of it
    with a 275 loss.By now it's around 6am Sun morn
    so back to the ElCo to see my favorite dealer in
    Vegas.There at the "big"($5)tables,doing nothing,
    is the best dealer in Vegas.I've have been dealt
    down to THE CUT CARD,No cards left.The number 1
    thing to look for in card counting IS?,the deeper
    the dealer deals into the deck,the more accurite
    card counting becomes.So I buy in,and start to
    talk to the dealer.Were just BSing and having a
    good time and the chips are rolling in.I'm
    winning all my doubles/splits,and the dealer is
    throwing 6-7 hands a round,REALLY,REALLY GOOD!!
    After about 2hrs of this,my brain could'nt take
    anymore numbers,so I cashed out,up 1650,hee,hee..
    By now it's 9am and I'm going to be here until
    1.30am so it's nap time for me.Blackjack is fun,
    Dueces Wild is evil!

    We'll wind up tomorrow with Sun nights"Fun on
    the Strip"

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.