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Booger Bites Back

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Booger, Nov 8, 2002.

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  1. Booger

    Booger Tourist

    Aug 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    The Story You Are About To Read Is True....
    The Names Have Been Changed To Forget The Innocent

    Well here we go...Up early Wendsday morning to
    catch Greyhound to Vegas.Like traveling slow,not
    in a hurry on vacation.From Orange County CA,it's
    $38.00 Round Trip,About 5 1/2 hours(with dinner
    stop in lovely Barstow CA),it run almost from my
    doorstep to the Lady Luck.If you travel mid-week
    it's actually a nice ride,not crowded but weekend
    or holidays,FORGET IT!!

    4:30pm,I'm standing on the sidewalk at Lady
    Luck,Walk east one block into El Cortez,check in
    5min. later I'm in my room and unpacked(travel
    lite)Put $300 in my wallet for the nights fun and
    off we go.First stop is to get slot card.next is
    my favorite $5 slot,1of4 but they are now gone,
    replaced by 4 $5 progressive slots,OK I'll bite
    $50 in,play about 20 min.,cash-out $40,that was
    fun.Time for beer..Flavor of the month is MGD,
    hell after 4 or 5 of them,they all taste the
    same,right?.I just wander around Downtown for a
    couple of hours getting my bearings,and a few
    more beers here and there.

    Catch the 302 to The STRAT for some Karaoke,
    got to be able to tell all my buddies I sang in
    Vegas!! Spend about 5 hours singing/drinking so
    forth,sort of fun to watch also,lot's of people
    wanting to be "discovered".At this point in the
    story is where the grey area as to where my
    wallet is or is-not,last "seen" was buying beer
    and Patron at Strat,first missed trying to buy in
    a Blackjack game at El Cortez??? Booger down
    $200 some odd bucks and ID.It's Always fun to
    look like you just got off your harley,in a
    different state,druck off yourass,hootin&hollerin
    drinking and talking to the cops....man,you JUST

    So I reach in my pocket and I have $16 dollars.
    I came here this trip to start playing DW as a
    2nd game,something easier than counting Blackjack
    so off I go,I find a 3-play game,you know the
    kind you can play all kinds of games for all diff
    amounts?Anyway,I put my "last" $16 dollars into
    3-play Dueces,hit the button...nothing,hit the
    button...nope,hit the button 4 to a royal,ON 3
    HANDS!!!!I think I'll hold 4 cards,HOLY SHIT!!!

    Now at this point in time it's around 4am thur
    morn.So I sort of casually look around,make sure
    there's no "funny" stuff going on here?....Look
    at the screen...think of the 10,000s of hands I
    have played at home...finish the rest of my beer
    look at the screen...BANG!!!As I brush back the
    cloud of smoke from my own unattended smoke,low
    and behold if there isn't not 1 but 2 ROYALS!!!
    Time to hit the cash-out button,HELLO!!!

    I'm feeling much better about life in general
    right about now,so after my payday of 4black,I
    put $100 back in and played quarters,same game.
    Push the button,4 to a ROYAL..I need a beer,NOW!!
    take a "few" drinks...BANG!!! 1 MORE ROYAL!!!
    10 BLACK OUT!!! A HUGE payday for me....Are we
    having fun now or what?? time to cash-out again.
    Time to change things up here,go to the coffee
    shop and have $1.49 bacon & eggs.Tasted like
    bacon & eggs...off to play Blackjack(single
    deck).Played about 4 hours,down $75.Go to the
    Western and play $1-2 dollar blackjack for about
    2 hours,almost 10am,sure having fun but it's nap

    Wake-up about 3pm,thurs.out the door buy 4.
    Off to Gold Spike to see if I can grind a couple
    of misely dollars out of those guys...geez.Nope
    they get me for $40 more...Now I'm starving,so I
    check out the menu at "The Spike",mmmm???Egge
    salad sand. with pickles...$1.75.Tastes just like
    the egge salad at my house,celery/onions and all.
    Off to Binion's tables busy,slots not.Lose $40 at
    blackjack,$10 min. at all times.Wander over to
    WOF machine,put in $20,play a little,BANG!!6000
    something nickles.It gave me 15/16 consecutive
    bonus spins in a row.It took 40min to get paid.
    Oh well,hope I didn't break em.

    I get the bus to the strip and go fool around.
    Ride the coasters at NYNY/Sahara ,look at some
    fish,saw the volcano a couple times,the fountains
    a couple times,went to the Casino Hall of Fame,
    then about 2am Fri morn. was back Downtown.Play
    Blackjack at Binions for an hour,down $50.Back
    to El cortez and more Blackjack,Down $100.Play
    $40 thru Nickle Dueces,nothing,played about an
    hour.Go to coffee shop have pancakes then up to
    room and off to sleep.Long walk tomorrow,work off
    bacon and pancakes!!

    Fri,3pm, get up putz around,out the door by 4.
    Go down to now favorite DW machine and put $500
    in and play $1 5-play,up,down,up,downup,down,then
    as if it's supposed to happen,get dealt 4 to a
    royal AGAIN!! This time no waiting around,push
    the button,you betcha,1 MORE ROYAL,cash out,PAY
    THE MAN 40 Black.Now,I'm feeling as close to
    Vegas heaven as a person can probably get.Go to
    the Golden Gate and get corned beef sand,shrimp
    cocktail,beer,yum!!!Walk around the Gate and
    look at all of the old pictures,neet stuff.Today
    I'm going to walk the strip,something I do
    everytime I visit.I like to pick a slot machine,
    this time WOFortune,put $5 in a machine at every
    casino with slot card and see if I can get lucky
    and hit something.So I budget $200 for my little
    gambling adventure today.Start at the Strat and
    start walking.IT takes me about 12 hours to make
    these little outings,and I like to get in toEVERY
    casino and do something.No big hits today but did
    get to play a long time at a couple places,so
    might get an offer for something,who knows,it's
    happened before.Just a couple of highlights,go to
    circus-circus get free coupon book play 6-5 coup.
    at blackjack,win.There used to be a free Heiniken
    ticket for the Ho in there but they tore them out
    of the book!!Go to the ho get 2 $1 "heiny",checked out fish at Ceasers,rode to top
    of strat,took couple pictures,join slot club at
    Casino Royale and got coupon book with $5 match
    play,played that and lost,ate at P.F Changs for
    dinner,chicken and "stuff" in peanut sauce,tastes
    like chinese food,not worth $40 dollars to me,go
    to NYNY and just walk around for an hour or so,
    really like the inside of that place for some
    reason,Ride coaster again,check out the flowers
    at Bellegio,very relaxing and smells good!,go to
    top of Eiffel Tower and take more pictures,I'm
    sure I've let stuff out,oh well,on we go.Catch
    bus back downtown about 4am Sat morn. Go to
    Binions buy in Blackjack for $100,play 1hr,down
    $30.Walking back to El Cortez the sun is totally
    blinding me bouncing off the polished sidewalk in
    front of Julian's,I "feel" my way back to the
    tables at at the El,Buy in $100,play 3 hours,cash
    out $250.Getting tired now long walk today,feels
    good though,I deserve a rootbeer float,YUMMY!!.
    Off to bed about 9am.

    Up about 2pm,spend an hour or so putting brains
    into gear.Out I go,off to Golden Gate again,roast
    beef sand,shrimp cocktail,beer today.I've come to
    the conclusion that I like the sands. there!Just
    wander around downtown,play some WOF,go to
    LVClub and look at all of the sports "stuff",$5
    here and there on WOF,check out 1 man bandlounge
    act at Plaza for an hour and tip a few,back to
    the El to play dueces andavedinner.IhavethePrime
    Ribdinner good as always,then off to play.Decide
    to put some points on my card so put100in,playin
    nickle 5-play,play about 3 hours,cash out$65.Time
    for Blackjack.Float between Western,theEL,the
    Spike and Binions for about 6 hours playing red.
    Play about 10 hours and finish up $375.Get root-
    beer float again,still yummy!! off to bed about

    Wake up about 3pm,last full day today.Go to
    Golden gate for,yep,same thing,Im in a rut.Go to
    Mss to check out windows.That building has the
    greatest stained glass windows in it!!!That alone
    is worth the walk there.Took the little bridge
    thing to the CAL? I forget,I think that's right
    the "hawaii themed place",play a little BJ,lost
    $50,make a little WOF run downtown,down $50 but
    played about 2 1/2 hours so, alot bang for your
    buck I thought.Back to the El,still to early to
    count BJ so I buy in for $500 to play for comps.
    In all the time I,ve stayed here,I've never
    played green chip here before.Well as soonasI say
    all green(brown there?)Instant heat from the pit.
    It's still early so the tables are packed,Here
    we go,I'm doing my normal thing,the pits watching
    me play.This goes on about 5 min.,the pits on
    the phone,looking right at me,playing 25-75 hand
    this goes on for about an hour,then the boss
    comes over to me,asks me where my players card
    is,I told him I didn't have one,he then goesback
    on the phone for about 10 min. then comes back to
    me and says"how does $50 dollars sound" and I say
    it sounds great...$50 for what? He says"$50 a
    hand" and hands me a card with my name and a #
    on it.I tell him I don't normally play for this
    much and he says "don't matter,10-1000,whenever I
    buy-in to any table game,give them the card and
    my money...OK...He gives me my id back and now
    nobody is watching my play at all!!Same as before
    only now i'm playing green instead of red?? OK?
    continue play green,25-75,for about 2 hours,take
    them for $1150 dollars,the pit boss comes over
    when I cash out,excorts me to the cage,smiling
    talking,being extra friendly,make sure
    everything is OK,I'm having a good time,I don't
    know what to think at this point.I'm I going to
    be shown the door? What?? Nothing,He's says if
    I need anything,come and see him,so I ask him for
    A dinner comp,"no problem".so I go to Roberta's
    there dinner place.Plenty nice enough for me,they
    have normal kinds of stuff,steak,lobster,shrimps
    chicken,normal stuff like at home but better.I
    decided on NY Steak&Lobster. The steak was great
    i'm not really a big lobster guy so to me it was
    fine.I'd probably prefer a halibit steak over
    lobster,in the long run....nice meal,bake potato,
    vege thing,little loaf of fresh bread with butter
    then had warm berry pie with a scoop of ice cream
    on top for dessert...hey it's Vegas!!!YUMMM!!!

    Done with dinner,I wattle out of there and walk
    to Fremont and just wander around.Play a little
    of this,try some new games.some of the new "penny
    games are quite fun to play,they can play upwards
    of a 100 coins and some 25 lines or so.I find it
    very fun to play all the lines for a penny or 2,
    and wacth all of the lines pay off.Lots of action
    on those slots for $20 bucks.so I ended up lookin
    for penny slots downtown for a while.Had a blast
    drinking/playing pennies.Alot of places have a
    penny slot of sometype now,mostly newer machines.
    So that takes care of about 4-5 hours and $100
    or so.Go back to the El,buy in $500, BJ,pityaps
    for a few min.,finally leaves,play/drink for
    about about 4 hours,cash out,up $450.getting late
    almost 12am,sleep early tonight,MUST return to
    normal living patern.Have one last rootbeer float
    then off to bed.

    Wake up Monday morn 5am(normal time for me)go
    to breakfast,steak&eggs,have 10:45 bus home,MMM
    time to kill.Go check out tables,no one there.
    Buy in $500 BJ,use card,no problem,pit yaps for
    awhile, play about 3 hours,up$275.Go to room and
    pack,check out,can't resist 1 more rootbeer float
    wander to Lady Luck,catch Greyhound home,nice
    not crowded at all,5 1/2 hours of dosing in and
    out of sleep/dreamstate,I'm standing in front of
    my front door wondering "what just happened"

    All in All,this is going to set my personal
    standard for all time trips,in which all other
    trips,past and future,will be judged,a tough act
    to follow but gives me something to shoot for!!

    Want to thank everyone for posting,get to read
    tons of "stuff" and get plenty of ideas on what
    to do,like to try and do 1 thing "new" everytime.
    This time it was VP....WOW!!! maybe I should TRY
    craps one day....Next bus trip is in late Jan.

    These are just general observations on my part:

    Decided I like the food at the Golden gate...
    What's up at Binion's?? Weird!!...
    Karaoke at Strat on Wend.night alot of fun...
    Becoming "highroller" at El Cortez???...
    Windows at MSS are worth the walk there....
    May have to find new place to replace the Spike
    on BJ rounds,decided I can't win there...
    Don't mind seeing fish in a tank,but lions
    under glass bothers me for some reason...
    Like the rollercoasters alot but the one at
    Buffalo Bill's puts them to shame...
    Casino "hall of fame" is alot of fun for me...
    MSS has the "best looking" casino Downtown...
    NYNY has the "best looking"casino on the strip.

    Alright already,that's enough.Well ,there it
    is,my 1st trip report.With a new found respect
    for people that have to type for a living,Until
    next time,have fun....I give....!!!


    [ November 09, 2002, 07:46 PM: Message edited by: Booger ]
  2. Jer

    Jer I kinda did a thing...

    Jan 20, 2002
    Southern California
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good job Booger... [​IMG]
  3. lvbabe

    lvbabe Tourist

    Jun 21, 2002
    Thanks for the great report. I feel the need to lay down now ;)
  4. BNurick

    BNurick Tourist

    Feb 11, 2002

    Sounds like you had a great time. How much did you take em for?

  5. Bosco

    Bosco VIP Whale

    Apr 4, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hey Booger...GReAT job. Sounds like a very cool trip. How did you like staying at the El Cortez? I love to play there, but have never stayed there. Thinking about it for 1st week in April. Guys trip(don't think my wife could deal with staying there). Were the rooms ok?
  6. Bambuleika

    Bambuleika Guest

    Riding the Dog to Las Vegas!!! WAY COOL!!!
  7. Booger

    Booger Tourist

    Aug 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    This was my 3rd best trip ever.up $6500.

    The rooms are fine for the guys.My tower room
    was 2 queen beds,big rooms,small bath,small
    vanity area,writing desk&chair,couch&coffee
    table,matching furniture,neutral colors&TV
    with half dozen channels.
  8. LV Terry

    LV Terry Captain Flop'N Fold

    Sep 30, 2001
    Santa Barbara, CA, USA
    What a trip!!!

    I have never, ever, won that much money in Vegas... nice job!

    When you were talking about looking like a biker after drinking and having to talk to the cops, I immediately went into my rendition of "Bad Boy, Bad Boy, whatcha gonna do?...."

    What a great trip report...thanks for taking the time to write it all up!

  9. vegasbound

    vegasbound VIP Whale

    Mar 3, 2002
    Las Vegas
    What a trip! You had some great luck especially with those royals. After reading your report I'm really anxious to get back there...Feb 8 is much too far away.
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