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BigBadWolf Returns...Vegas Report

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by bigbadwolf, May 17, 2002.

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  1. Day 1
    Shreveport/Houton/Vegas on Continental Airlines. Fare was $209.00 roundtrip. Left at 6:00am and arrived in Vegas 10:43am thier time....2 hour time difference from Louisiana.
    Arrived in Houston and was asked since they overbooked the flight would I wait 90 minutes and take a later flight. Wanted to cry like a baby :( . But a $300 ticket for future travel and an upgrade to 1st class made me stop all that crying.
    Arrived in Vegas, luggage was quick and $4.00 shuttle to Flamingo Hilton on the strip was great. Checking in I thought was going to be a problem since the guy in front of me booked the wrong dates and wanted nights comps from earlier trips. Clerk disappeared for 20 minutes to talk to a manager. Lnes were long and I was not very happy due to guy in front. Finally she came back and I guessed they worked out a couple of nights and rates but he was going to have to talk to Vip services for comps.
    Clerks name on tag was Deloris and I promised her that I got my dates correct. She laughed and I asked her if I could get a stripview room. She said it was tough since I was paying $55.00 a night and they were for premium customers.( Thought I WAS a PREMIUM customer)? She looked and said she had a room but was not cleaned yet and If I waited till after 12:00 I could have it for $55.00 a night. Monday-Thursday.
    Off to Lindy's diner for lunch and to kill time till room was ready. Hostess sat me a a table an for 25 minutes I never got waited on. Not evn a glass of water. Got my butt up and went by the manager for a quick statement service needed work ad I went across to Cesars Palace to thier food court. Mexican food entrees and drink for $7.00. Really good.
    Still waiting for room I played 25 cent slots and lost $30.00 quick. Remember from last trip why I didn't play at the Flamingo. Machines were super tight. Walked to Ohea's next to Imperial Palace. Crap table was $3.00 min so I bought in for $100.00 and rolled myself making points, come bets and lots of place numbers. Pit boss was begining to dislike me due to the fact the table filled up and people were making lots bets and $$$. Finally craped out 38 minutes later and had made $742.00. Colored up, tip the dealers the $42.00 and left. Told the pit boss " I'll Be Back".
    Check in to room around 2pm and had a view of Bellagio Fountains on the 22nd floor. Cleaned up, unpacked, and on te way down stairs stoped by the desk and gave Deloris $20.00 for top notch service and a great room. She refused several times the money but I told her god service is hard to find and I appreciate her time and help. Made me happy to see the other desk clerks faces as they asked Deloris what happened. [​IMG]
    Walked next door to the Barbary Coast. Crap tables were full but nobody was winning. I played slots and made $15.00 for about 2 hours. Back to the room to see what shows were playing during my stay. First part of the week nobody...Wayne Newton at the Stardust. Been trying to see the guy perform for 2 years but always off and a few times sick. $60.00 a ticket for Tuesday night. Back to the room about 8:30pm was tired from trip and went to bed.

    Day 2 to follow......
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.