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Better late than never.....

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Hoopswife, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Hoopswife

    Hoopswife Low-Roller

    Apr 24, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Sorry guys – this is really late, I started it sooner after arriving home, then life got in the way and I figured I’d better get some of it down (although other than my brief notes of the highlights, I can’t recall much ) Here we go…..

    Yea! Its finally October 24th! After several frantic late night work days and coordinating babysitter, notifying schools, daycare, doctors office, Halloween costumes (yes, we realized about 2 weeks before trip that Trick or Treat was the weekend we were gone. Don’t feel bad not checking the box by my name when voting for Mother of the Year), a trip to the circus and to see High School Musical 3 for kids while we were gone blah blah blah its finally time to go! It amazes me, even after we have made this trip many times without the kids, it’s a lot of work and coordination (and guilt) to leave them home, but its good for Coach and I to get away before the season starts as he isn’t home much the next several months! This trip is our annual October trip to celebrate Coach’s birthday and we also go in May each year for the Kentucky Derby/our Anniversary. Moving on, I don’t have to justify my excuses, I mean reasons for going to Vegas multiple times a year to you fine people. If you are looking for reviews of fine dining and shows, stop now. There is none of that to be found here and you will be sorely disappointed.

    Moving on then….

    Friday October 24 10:15a
    Coach pulls in from school after enduring a painful morning teaching personal finance, keyboarding (fancy name for typing class, yes I am as surprised as you are that typing is still being taught in high school, however, it keeps me going to Vegas, so I surely wont be starting a petition to get rid of that class anytime soon) and trying to keep up with his emails from his buddies wishing him a great trip and getting in their parlays picks. He and his coaches did something I thought was great. He told them each to pick a game and we would pay for a parlay. If they won, they would use that money for our Friday nights out after our basketball games. I thought this was great – more to come on that later……Ok – we are off to the airport flying Southwest out of Cleveland. We hit the Park and Fly, took shuttle over and we are off. We decided to carry on as opposed to checking our bags and this was my first attempt at this for a Vegas trip. Had Coach not been with me this wouldn’t have worked. I needed my quart bag and ¾ of his for my toiletries and 1/3 of his suitcase. Didn’t take my laptop as I used my carry on tote for my shoes  That being said, we sailed through security with no issues to speak of and headed to Max & Erma’s for lunch before our long 4+ hour flight. Coach had a buffalo chicken sandwich and I had the 3rd street salad. I think it was about $25+ tip. Not sure. We proceeded to gate and soon we were on board and on our way, pulling away from the gate 2 minutes ahead of schedule. Fabulous. The pilot managed to shave 30 minutes off our flight, we took a quick cab ride to Bally’s to check in. I amused Coach with some trip reports I printed off from other from this board which he really enjoyed and got him pumped up and I read a book. After arrival, we grabbed a cab although the cab line was longer than we expected for Friday afternoon, but we are used to coming on a Thursday. We did chat some with our cab driver who said things were bad in Vegas with the economy. He is a realtor but said that with the economy this bad he had been driving a cab for the last 18 months as he wasn’t selling many houses. He complained of working 6 days a week 10-12 hours per day. Frankly he was very negative and we believed about half of what he said. He did not tunnel us, but strangely, the cab fare before tip was $21. (On way back to airport it was $13+ tip, which we found interesting).

    Anyway, we check in at Bally’s and I did my usual $20 trick. Now we had reserved a standard room in South tower as we usually just try to move up a level with our $20 trip and we couldn’t care much about the room, we are hardly in it. We are Gold card in Total Rewards, so we usually get a night or two comped and the rest at a discount, so we just get cheapest room there and wing it. We tried to get a Jacuzzi suite in South and after our check in person disappeared into the back room for 10 minutes, she came back out and said she couldn’t give it to us without charging us per night and I didn’t even ask how much, because frankly, I didn’t want to pay for it. She offered a North Tower room instead and so I took that since Coach prefers it being so close to the sports book and it is his birthday trip, so its not supposed to be about me 

    So after settling in our room and freshening up off Coach goes to place a few bets in the sports book and we head to Sully’s bar in Bally’s for a little video poker and a beverage. It was 3:50 p.m. Vegas time. All times from here on our will be Vegas time, not EST. So at 3:55 p.m. I hit 4ok Ks. Excellent! Then at 4:10 p.m. I hit 4ok Ks again. Awesome. Needing some sustenance at this point (Coach managed to have 3 or 4 beers in about 35 minutes, so he was ready for food) we head to Ellis Island for the steak special. Good as always and we are both stuffed. Bill was $15+ tip. By 5:40p we are back at Bally’s and in the Sports Book to sit at bar, watch some games, drink beer and play some VP. At 5:40 pm I hit 4ok 10s. Coach just shaking his head. We sat there for about 2.5 hours hanging out and drinking beers. At this point we should have gone to bed, but decided at about 8:15pm we would go to Harrah’s as I love to watch the blond twins in the piano bar, the have a great bartender there, and he babysits me while Coach goes to play some poker in the poker room. I put some money in at VP so I don’t have to buy $7 coronas, and I hit 4okJs at 9:05pm so I made a little profit and pretended to play my machine for my coronas. I then got up, cashed out and went to use the restroom. Houston we have a problem. I was having some difficulty walking to the restroom. Had to try a little to hard to walk straight and Im quite sure I did not succeed or fool anyone. I used the facilities and went outside and told Coach I was ready as he just sent me a text asking if I was ready to go. Coach lost some on poker table as he lost some money on a hand he wouldn’t normally have played (about 15 beers will do that to you) so we were both feeling no pain. We stumbled (ok, I stumbled, frankly, I do not remember how Coach was at that point) back to Bally’s grabbed a bagel at Nosh for me and a turkey sandwich for Coach, used Coach’s Total Rewards points, so nothing out of pocket there. I vaguely remember eating my bagel but I was so tired, I just crashed but not before noting it was midnight and I was done for day. Day Two coming soon……Friday Tally = 4 – 4ok, Food = $15+ tip, $25 cab and for me probably $25 in tips for beverages.

    Saturday, October 25
    Coach and I were up about 630a, couldn’t sleep of course and I needed food, advil and about a gallon of water. Man I was beat! Coach took a quick shower as he planned to hang in sports book for day watching baseball, football, whatever. This is his favorite thing to do on the fall trip, he spends the whole day there. Anyway, breakfast was in order and a definite priority so off we go to Ellis Island for a Denver omelet for Coach and a couple eggs, bacon, home fries and toast. I felt almost rejuvenated after breakfast and knew I would be good to go later in day and was looking forward to a snooze by the pool. Back we go to Bally’s and I go to drop off Coach in sports book and all the seats in the sports book were reserved. Every last one. They had set up tables in the area by the VP bar, but he couldn’t see all the screens from there and he was seriously bummed. I really felt bad for him. He went over to Barbary (cannot, will not call it Bill’s) and ended up sitting there all day instead and actually enjoyed it just as much. Since I was headed for some minor shopping, but it was only 8am, I stopped at Sully’s bar for a little VP and a cup of coffee. At 8:15a I was dealt 6789s and caught the 10s! Nice! Then at 8:25 I hit 4ok aces, but sadly no kicker, but who was I to complain! I then proceeded to get my motherly duties out of the way by trekking down to M&M store for stuff for kids, with a stop at the Walgreen’s for a few things and some sunglasses for my tween (is a 10 year old a tween? I know probably not, but she THINKS she is, ok, I know, who cares….), and calling the kids to let them know all was well in Vegas and I had purchased the requested colors of M&Ms.

    With my duties out of the way, I was tired from my walk (may I remind you I may have had more than my fair share of beverages last evening?), so I walked through Paris, but my favorite machine there was in use so I proceeded to where you ask? Sully’s bar for a little coffee and VP. At 10:25a I hit 4ok Ks and at 10:50a I hit 4ok 2s with no kicker. Then at 11:10a 4ok 8s. Ok, I am really tired now! It was time to head to the pool so off I go to change and hit the pool with my book and a couple extra towels hoping for a short nap. Found a suitable location for people watching and set up shop. Shortly thereafter a lovely young lady stopped by and brought me a fabulous brewed ice tea. I love the ice tea by the pool, or maybe its just being by the pool with a cool drink to rehydrate after last evening’s festivities and a little nap. Fabulous. Now I know the pool at Bally’s is nothing special compared to other pools, but its fine for me for a little R&R.

    A few hours later I head up for a shower and meet Coach to walk over to Ellis Island for a steak. Good stuff. We like Ellis Island. We are fancy food people. We just need something to soak up the alcohol while saving our budget for gambling!

    Notes a little sketchy here. I think Coach went back to Sports Book for awhile and I sat at Sully’s Bar, yes again.  5:20p 4ok 8s, 6:50p 4ok 9s, 7:15p 4ok Ks, 7:50p 4ok 10s. Wow, I’m beat again! Haha and of course, quite a buzz at this point as well. Coach and decide to head for Bally’s poker room for a little 1-2 no limit game. We always buy in with $300 each which is the maximum. Good time here, having some trouble remembering details, but Coach cashed out with about $715 and I cashed out $600 something. I wrote $600+ who knows what that means! I do remember being a bit concerned as we usually see most of the same dealers and floorpeople in the poker room and were wondering where all the familiar faces were. But we cashed out up and went over the Barbary to play a little Let it Ride for fun and I blew through $200 in about 30 minutes. I didn’t win one hand. Coach fared better and was up some but not a lot, maybe around $50 or so. Its all good, I was having a good time picking on the Pit Boss and discussing with him when Barbary’s would be merged with Total Rewards, and he said he had no clue, they apparently keep changing their minds on if/when that is going to happen. Anywho, off to the craps table where I believe Coach won back some of the money I just lost on Let it Ride, so that always helps. At this point we are exhausted and ready to head back to the room so off to Bally’s we go. On the way back we decide to stop at Sully’s to throw in a $20 and have a nightcap and I hit 4ok 7s at 1:10am. So I cash out and throw another $20 in since that was my original money I put in (this is how we do it normally, you get up, you cash out, and throw another $20 back in as your original bet so to speak. At 1:15a, it deals me 4 aces. Yes my friends. Let’s all have a moment, shall we? Ah yes. Good stuff. So Coach keeps muttering “low card, low card†as I very carefully hold the aces, say a little prayer and hit deal and low and behold, a 3!!!!!! Oh yeah! $500! Sweet! Good time to end another fabulous day here in our happy place. Saturday Tally: 4oks - 10 (total for trip – 14), Food $15+tip (total for trip $30 + tip), beverages tips, probably $30 between the two of us on the day. We counted money when we got back to the room and that was fun. I wish I wrote this down, but we were up and still hadn’t touched our Saturday bankroll so things we looking good. More to come…..

    Sunday – up early – Ellis Island for breakfast – had great breakfast this morning, nothing fancy, just eggs bacon toast and hashbrowns but it really hit the spot. I think Coach went to sports book to place some bets and I went to room to relax for a bit and wandered to Harrah’s, Flamingo, Barbary etc and basically just hang out. Also wandered over in front of Paris to sit and watch the fountains for awhile. I just love to sit there and watch them with a cup of coffee and hang out and watch people stroll by. Good times…….
    Anyway, that’s boring so I head back to Bally’s and sit down at Sully’s bar (I know, surprise, surprise, but those machines were being VERY good to me, so I didn’t see the need to mess with it). Played a bit, hit 4ok 2s with kicker at 10a, 4ok 3s (no kicker, I know poor me ) a 10:10a and at 10:30a hit 4ok 6s. Now I was feeling bad for this machine I was abusing, so went to room to hit pool for a short visit. This was an entertaining pool day. Shortly after I arrived, a couple clearly from New York, sat down and they were cracking me up. She’s bitching at him over anything and everything and he’s giving it right back to her, but it was in a loving bantering sort of way. Ok, that makes no sense, guess you had to be there. The basic gist was he wanted to be in the sports book watching football and she wanted him to hang at the pool with her and he is bitching that she never uses the pool he put in for her with all the stuff she wanted, and dropped the f bomb every 3rd word. It really was funny, but not conducive to the nap I was hoping to get. On the other hand, he bought me 2 mimosas, despite my request not to (and yes, I drank them despite not really wanting them at the time) as he saw I had a blackberry and kept asking me for scores. I left after about an hour, it was obvious I wasn’t going to nap and Coach wanted to play some poker.

    Off I go to get cleaned up and as I’m waiting for Coach I played some more quarter VP for about 15 minutes and hit 4ok 8s. Nice! So Coach and I hit the poker room right at 1pm. This was a fabulous afternoon. We had our regular crew of dealers and floorpeople and I always feel comfortable with these guys and girls and we always have fun there. Much more fun than the night before actually Anyway, we skipped lunch because we were both pretty full from dinner and just played. We met some great guys from Michigan and a couple from Chicago – great fun and wonderful people. We were all on one end of the table. We had a ball just laughing and giving dirty looks to the players who won a pot and wouldn’t even throw a freaking dollar to the dealer. I mean seriously, are you kidding me??? Maybe its because I used to be a bartender in college and to this day good service gets a nice tip from me. Even if I just steal the blinds I give a buck. Seriously, if you can’t even tip a $1 on a small pot you shouldn’t be gambling. Ok, rant over.  Anyway, for hours it was our little group of 5 against the rest of the table, we just kept rotating players in and out of the other end of the table, almost feeling sorry for them when they sat down and bought in for $100. We knew they wouldn’t be there long. We started guessing which one of us would bust them out. We were very discreet about this (I hope) and I would not have wanted to sit at a table in this situation, however, we had fun and it is all about us, right?? I almost felt bad as a guy we played with the night before that I busted out (who was not at all happy that a girl busted him out) sat down and well. We wasn’t there long!  Sorry buddy. Anyway, Coach starts to get hungry, but he is just getting cards like you would not imagine. Seriously, it was wild. I went through a period of several hours where I had nothing, and folded countless times, to the point where if I even made a small raise, everyone folded. Anyway, he was starved and I was getting hungry as well, so he heads for Nosh and comes back with a meatball sub which was huge, and some soup and crackers for me. So he gets a tray and is shoving this thing in his mouth and the Chicago guy is just dying because they were supposed to go to a steakhouse for dinner, but blew it off because they were having a good time and we all got a lot of laughs about him eating this huge sandwich, with napkins and sauce everywhere. Too funny. So really great time. Anyway, Coach at one point was just shy of $1k in front of him (he bought in for $300) and we decide to cash out. I had $310 left (I bought in once for $100 more so I had an even $300 as I was hoping my cards would turn good again), threw $5 at the dealer on way out. When I went to cash out, we knew we had been there a long time, I asked when I checked in and the lady said 1pm. She said hey, in 11 hours you made $5 and we cracked up. I threw her the $5. I don’t think anyone tips those people. Or she was very gracious or a damn good actress. We cashed out at 10:56pm. Yes folks, 11 hours in the poker room. I’ll tell you, I didn’t make a thing that session but had so much damn fun and still hadn’t used Saturday or Sunday’s gambling money yet. I think we may have gone to Barbary briefly, but then went back and went to bed. Tomorrow is our last day and a short one since our flight leaves at 1pm.
    Sunday Tally, 4oks – 4 (total for trip 18 ), food $11+ tip (total for trip $41) at Ellis Island, used our points on card for dinner, probably $30 between us for beverage tips.

    Monday – Today we wanted a change and went to Victorian Room at Barbary for breakfast – good breakfast and service was fast, but it was about $26+ tip. Nothing fancy, but we had same basic breakfast at Ellis Island for half the price, but I do prefer the potatoes at Victorian. Anyway, we basically kicked around a bit, Coach had some sports book tickets to cash etc. and we went to Total Rewards desk and got our comp value and I actually think we didn’t do any gambling this morning! Go figure! Anyway, we had enough comp dollars left that we paid a whopping $8 on our room bill and we headed to airport early just in case of meltdown somewhere. Turns out, for the first time in our history of flying Southwest, there was an hour + delay on our flight. Couldn’t be helped, there was fog in California so they had to wait to fly out that morning so it backed things up a bit. So we finally board our flight and head home after a great trip. We used our credit card reward points for our flights, so no cost there (we charge everything and pay it off monthly and use the credits for Vegas flights), hotel was $8 at time of check out (although we did pay a $60 deposit for first night, spent very little on food, etc. Great thing was, we went home with our entire bankroll intact, expenses paid, including babysitter, expenses and fun money for kids, parking at airport and a bit to spare after that. Best trip ever.

    With one exception. Hoped to hook with with Hurricane Mikey this trip. Never made it. We traded texts and voice mails but when we were coming he was going and so on. I really hope to meet up with him next trip. His blog gets me through between trips and
    I really want to meet him. If you have never read his blog you are missing out. Google Hurricane Mikey blospot and there you go. Great stuff. Sorry, Mikey, next time I will make a better effort to get my crap together.

    Also, Coach wants everyone to know he scored 2 4oks so we had 20 between us for the trip. He really killed them in the poker room which was great fun. He missed a couple parlays by a few points, but he also cashed his fair share of tickets.

    If you are still with me, thanks for reading! Hope it wasn’t too boring. If you have any questions, let me know. Next trip already booked, Kentucky Derby weekend in May 2009. Maybe even a few days in the summer to celebrate my, (choke, gasp) 40th. There I said it…..Can’t wait for May……
  2. DonD

    DonD VIP Whale

    Nov 5, 2004
    So Cal 91748
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the report. Nice read. Don't worry about going to be 40, Doc is over 41, can you believe that. Holy crap. :evillaugh
  3. Thor

    Thor Beer Drinker

    Apr 3, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    holy hell!!!! twenty 4oks!!!! that's awesome! enjoyed the read!:beer::beer::beer:
  4. texas_aggie_girl_93

    texas_aggie_girl_93 VIP Whale

    Mar 9, 2006
    Katy, TX
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Too boring?!?! No way! Awesome TR! Congrats on all those 4ok's. I'm lucky to get two or three...lol

    There must have been something in the air that Friday night...I also needed some serious help [STRIKE]walking[/STRIKE] stumbling to the room that night. :rolleyes2::drunk:
  5. gotavegasjones

    gotavegasjones VIP Whale

    Jan 16, 2004
    South Texas
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the fun TR. You had a great run at the VP machines. Congrats on keeping the bankroll intact.

    later, GVJ
  6. Sierra

    Sierra Low-Roller

    Oct 15, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    We're spending NYE's at Bally's and like bartop video poker. Which bar is Sully's? Were you playing the same machine or moving around? I know it doesn't matter, but am curious!
  7. sunni

    sunni VIP Whale

    Feb 6, 2003
    Sunshine State

    Coming home with bankroll intact . Very Nice. :wave:
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