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Bellagio Recap and Observations

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by bubbamsu, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. bubbamsu

    bubbamsu Low-Roller

    Mar 10, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    I will just hit on some of the more important things of our trips and without all the little details and 1 final very scary incident.

    This trip was a group of 14 Vegas veterans going for 3 guys turning 50 within a few weeks of each other.

    Flights: Delta Comfort both ways
    Thursday afternoon from Detroit was uneventful, on time, a few movies and few drinks made the time go quick.
    Monday return was delayed by the incoming flight, sat on the tarmac for 30-45 minutes waiting to take off due to high winds in the Valley. AC did not work the greatest, so flight was long and hot.

    Due to the PGA playing in Summerlin, Raiders home game and Boxing Heavy Weight fight, VEGAS WAS CRAZY!!!!

    Mask wearing was about 100% in Bellagio during the day but at night, especially Sat/Sun night it was maybe 50%. I found this to true at other places as well. As the day went on, more drinks in people and the after Fight/Football crowds showed up, the less compliant people were with wearing them.

    Thursday: Yellowtail in the Bellagio was good. Sushi, drinks, and apps were good as usual.

    Friday: All at the Cosmo and reserved a few weeks in advanced since we had 14 people
    Pre Dinner cocktails at Ghost Donkey- we were there for about 2 hours, good drinks, nice atmosphere and we took up maybe half the joint. It is located behind Hattie Bs through an unmarked EXIT sign.

    Dinner- SuperFrico- this seems to be a hit or a miss with people. We all had a great time and our food was good. The place does try hard to be a Psychedelic dinner club, which has not found its groove quit yet imo. We sat in the bar middle room. The DJ booth is located here with a mini dance platform, think STK but not as loud. I saw a couple of other rooms and it appears they are all a little bit different. Entertainers walked through periodically and did a short routine with each lasting only a few minutes. We found each one to be unique and fun. For food, we ordered a bunch of apps to share with the table, which we all found to be good, especially the pepperoni pizza. I had the Lobster Buccatini which was good, I did not have the "fishy" taste others have noted. It was good, but not the best. NO ONE had any complaints on the food front, which is surprising given some of the reviews and the amount of food snobs in our group including myself. Yes, dinner was expensive, but its Vegas, nothing is cheap when going to a place like this. We did see a couple of solo dinners sitting at the bar. All of said we would return, but not in the near future with so many other options. This place is a step or two below Mayfair Supper Club if that gives any one perspective. I would recommend this place to people who are looking to have a little bit of entertainment, music and something different while eating. Give it some time to get their act together both in the kitchen and in the front of the of house. Its not a place for picky eaters, people looking for quiet conversations, romantic dinners or honestly, the budget minded eater.

    After Dinner:
    We reserved an area and bottle service at The Barbershop. I am not a bottle service kinda of guy, I am willing to spend whatever on dinners and gambling but I have a hard time spending $500 on a bottle of Titos when I can get it for $40 at Costco. Yea, yea, I know, why are you doing it then. Well because that is what my wife said we are doing. Never less, it was necessary and worth it in the end to have a reserved area for the group. The night and band was AWESOME!!!! They were a 3 man cover band that played mostly 1990s hits. Come to find out, they are not just the normal cover band, they were all members of bands that had hits in the 1990/2000s. Even the "guest" pop on stage singers were professional musicians. They sounded and played great. The room is intimate and pretty cool to see live music. I would highly recommend this place to people. It was great to see live music again.

    Sunday: Park MGM
    Pre drinks at Junipers- nice little lounge, good drinks
    Dinner: Bavettes Steakhouse. Another nice dinner, steaks were good, apps are shareable. I was a little disappointed with the Smoked Salmon Caesars salad. It was a little light on taste, I would rather have a nice steak house caesar, which they do not have. Oh, well......... In the end, nice place, best steak on the Strip, no but it is worth it imo.

    Brunch one day at Sadelles, which was good. Watched NFL at Rockhouse in VP. Good place to see some games, cheap beer and food prices and I think I prefer the place over Beer Park on Sundays. We tried to reserve spots in several SportsBooks but we were too late doing this and not willing to pony up $2k-$5k minimums for what was left at some places.

    This was the least amount I have gambled both money and time wise in all my trips and I am alright with it. The tables were insanely packed and minimums were really high for the most part. I think it was a combination of the insane crowds for the weekend and casinos will continue to push the minimums up, if people are willing to play. The minimums had no effect on the time/need to sit at a table. For me it was just that I have no desire to squeeze into a full table at the moment shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of strangers, mask wearing or not.

    Bellagio/Caesars/Aria/VP: What I noticed with prices-
    BJ was minimum of $50 during day, $100 + at night. Mostly packed all the time.
    Roulette was $50 almost all the time. Bellagio only has 2 tables with 0/00 on main floor. Both were $100 the whole time. The DUMBASSS triple 0 wheels were $50 and had people playing all the time.
    Carny games: 3CP, 4CP etc...... all were $25 day and $50 night
    Craps- never saw anything under $25 but most tables were at least $50 all the time or higher.

    Midtier places that we hopped in/out during day:
    Harrahs, Flamingo/Bally/Paris/Park:
    All games were slightly lower but I did not see any $5 carney games or BJ/Roulette under $25.

    Drink service was good at all places.

    SCARY/SHITTY incident:
    It was Sunday around 5 pm or so. My wife and I went back to our room in the Bellagio to shower and get ready for dinner. I could have used a power nap as well. I think I laid down for about 5 minutes at most when we heard and felt a very loud thud/banging from the room next door. It is Vegas, so you never know what is going on in everyone's room, but...... this is not one of the ones anyone wanted to hear. Within the minute we heard another loud crash and then a lot screaming, yelling and fighting. I won't go into specifics of exactly what my wife and I heard and will cut it short. I will say the guy was beating the shit out of his girlfriend, she yelled at him that he gave her a black eye, he yelled something about his phone. She was crying and yelling for help, she tried to leave the room, he tackled her and threatened keep hitting her if she did stop something or another.
    During this 2-4 minute span, we called Security, locked our door and hoped like hell no shots were heard and for security to get there ASAP.
    IF I saw this on the street, I know my instincts would be to jump in take of care the guy, but there was no way to intervene in someone's else room .It was heart breaking and very hard to sit idle. It is a lot safer to let the proper authorities take care of the situation.

    Security did arrive and we could hear them yell "NO, you will open the door now!!!!!" They ended up taking both of them out of the room and we never heard another noise out of there the rest of the trip. The Bellagio has our numbers in case LVPD needs us to testify on what we heard, I doubt the will call us and it sounded like she did not want to press charges against him. VERY SAD...........we wish her all the best. Looking back on this, coming back to the room to shower at that moment in time was truly remarkable. If were a little later, I hate to imagine what would have happened to her.

    In the end, it was a great time as usual and it appears Vegas is back to its Pre-Covid days
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  2. BoVegas

    BoVegas Low-Roller

    Mar 24, 2017
    Smithville, Texas
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the trip report , good info, had a similar scary incident a few years ago at The D. yes you feel helpless, sad. Thanks again for TR.
  3. Dr Nostron

    Dr Nostron High-Roller

    Jul 12, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report - thanks for taking the time.

    We always stay at Cosmo and are debating Superfrico amongst ourselves

    Sad situation you got in the middle of - I once intervened to "help" a girl in distress and while me and her "man" were going at it - she cracked me over the head with a beer bottle. Cops told me after they got there to never do that - the girl will turn on her helper almost everytime.

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  4. Tutontow

    Tutontow Low-Roller

    Mar 12, 2021
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thank you for the report. IMHO The Bellagio is still the most beautiful property on the strip. We were there on October 4th Tuesday October 5th and it was empty in the casino. I don't know if it is COVID, higher limits or people not gambling as much as they used to. I remember 10 years ago you would always see at least a dozen BJ tables open at most every casino. I am sorry to hear about the incident in the room next to you. I hope that woman gets the help she needs.
  5. Geogran

    Geogran mama owl

    May 1, 2014
    austin, tx
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I really enjoyed reading your food and venue experiences with your wife and friends.
    You covered a lot of territory, thanks for sharing your views.

    But reading about that horrible incident really shook me, as I know it did you. Thank you for reporting it immediately, that girl may not realize or appreciate that you may literally have saved her life. Sad indeed.
    Pre Birthday me with DH and friends
    Wynn for my birthday
  6. Tutontow

    Tutontow Low-Roller

    Mar 12, 2021
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Those cops are correct. As a first responder I have seen it many times.