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Belated TR - Jan 26-31 Stardust (brief)

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by PatekPhil, Mar 16, 2006.

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  1. PatekPhil

    PatekPhil Tourist

    May 13, 2003
    Vancouver, BC (Kabul, Afghanistan)
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Attended a convention held at the Stardust - I had never stayed there before, nor had I ever conventioned in Vegas (usually go for a vacation, not work/study)

    Anyhoo - arrived without any luggage - bags were lost in Dubai. (My route was Kabul - Dubai - London - Dallas - Vegas... don't ask...) Met friend at airport and taxied to hotel.

    Checkin was pleasant - since had a preferred convention rate, didn't bother trying to upgrade. Room was adequate - the hotel is a bit tired, and since its only got a few months left, didn't expect much. The room was fine for the price.

    I was hosting a poker tournament on day 2 of the convention for attendees - and the poker room staff at the Stardust are SUPERB. We had 32 players with a $45 buy-in. Hats off - everyone enjoyed the tourney, and I took a third (never win your own event I guess... Should've won it as I had a nice chip lead when down to 3 players, but took two horrible beats.)

    Bags arrived on day 3 - nothing lost (miraculous!) I had gone shopping on day 2 to buy jeans, a flashy poker shirt, socks, change of undies etc...

    Played a little 3-6 Hold' Em and some 1-2NL in the poker room - was up a couple of hundred for about 8 hours play. (Convention prevented a lot of gaming.)

    Hit Casino Royale for craps - and I'll NEVER be back. Had the most cranky, annoying, RUDE, inept dealers. I had to monitor my bets closely to make sure they were paid correctly / not scooped by low-lifes. I was betting minimum pass line, but heavy odds and placing 6's and 8's for up to $24 - after 2 hrs asked for breakfast and was told 'you'll have to bet WAY more in this town to get a free Denny's' I love their 100X odds, but their treatment of me was miserable. Finally caught a roll, and left only $200 down, after investing about $700 waiting for it. Good cocktails tho.

    No more time for gaming at Stardust until last night of stay. Hit craps there for a $240 win, bet it all on one hand of Pai Gow and lost. Went back to craps, won $560 on my own shoot - and then bet the $500 chip at Pai Gow and won. (Woot!) Stumbled around the casino for a bit, dropped a few $20s in assorted slots - played that crazy 100 hand 'penny' (Its $5 a spin with max play...) VP and drew a royal holding only 1 card. Won $40 on that machine.

    Since I had to fly up to Vancouver in the morning, decided to call it a night by doing my ritual $100 bill in a $5 slot machine. Chose a 2 coin double diamond, on 6th spin with 2 coin bet hit double 7 double for 640 coins - $3200! My biggest win on a slot ever! They held the machine while I went up to the room for ID (wasn't carrying anything on me) came back, did the 30% tax withholding etc... Some drunken woman hit on me while I was getting paid - kind of funny really. "Hey - are you married? No? Wanna get hitched?" (Er.... thanks, but not tonight...)

    Swung by the craps pit where I'd hit earlier to see what comps I'd earned for my very light play (maybe 90 minutes of craps, about $300 coin-in slots and two big bets at Pai Gow) - to learn I had $68 in comps coming to me. (?!?!?)

    Checked out - comps hadn't been credited to the bill, asked them to call the pit boss to re-verify and bang - $68 off the bill. So overall - up well over $3k for the trip in cash, with the potential to get back another $960 in a US tax refund. Great convention, overall fantastic trip.

    Observations about Stardust - some of the best casino staff I've ever met in the poker room and on the floor. I hope Sam Boyd looks after 'em through the reconstruction period. Glad I got to stay there before it disappears. Buffet was quite subpar.

    Ate once at the Peppermill - whoa... my arteries are still hardened. Very average meal in my opinion - don't know why people rave about it.

    Next trip... April 15th (Kabul-Dubai-London-Vancouver-Vegas-Vancouver-London-Dubal-Kabul) Staying at the GN, on to the Monte Carlo and ending up at the Plaza - 8 nights total...

    Aces to you!

  2. kristin

    kristin Guest

    Thanks for the great trip report! Sounds like a lot of fun- love to hear stories of winning! :) Kristin
  3. vegasbound

    vegasbound VIP Whale

    Mar 3, 2002
    Las Vegas
    Glad you had a great time. Nice job on the slot win! My largest jackpot was on a Double Double Diamond slot, as well, but mine was quarters.
  4. tarasgoodwin

    tarasgoodwin Tourist

    Jan 4, 2006
    Congrats on winning.
  5. sailor53

    sailor53 Tourist

    Jan 18, 2006
    Pensacola, FL
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Regarding Stardust staff, I talked to my host there yesterday (planning a trip there in May) and it looks like virtually all of the employees are going to be assigned to various Boyd and Coast properties. My host is headed to the Orleans, which is fine by me since we love the place. Will be sad to see Stardust go. Not much to look at, but alot of Vegas history that will disappear.

    Great TR. But a loooong way to travel from your location!
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