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Barbary Coast Aug 15-18

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Gwen713, Aug 20, 2004.

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  1. We just got back on Wednesday from 4 days at the Barbary Coast. This was the celebration trip because my friend just finished her radiation and is now in remission after battling cancer for almost a year. Also, my friend and her husband never had a honeymoon or a vacation without their kids. Here goes…

    Day 1

    We arrived at my friend ( S ) and her husbands ( C ) house at 7am on Sunday morning. I am the travel ****. Seems like we made good time as we arrived at the Barbary around noon. Our room wasn’t ready so we sat at the bar and rested for a little bit and then played 1 cent slots. I won $20! Just a side note…I don’t gamble to win because it never happens. I just play for fun so winning anything at all excites the crap out of me. We checked into our rooms around 1:30. They were side-by-side, 322/324. We both had a view of the Bellagio fountains! It was great! I loved our rooms. They weren’t crowded, there was a vanity, the light fixtures were really pretty, and I loved the dark colors. We all thought we’d nap until about 4. I couldn’t sleep and neither could our friends so we just got up and headed out. We ate dinner at the Pizza Palace at the IP. I remember eating there before and it not being too bad but I think I was drunk last time. This time, stone cold sober still and the place is a dump. We joined the IP players club and got a bunch of free crap including two pictures of our group. I like free stuff! We walked to TI and C won $60 on a $10 BJ table. Not too bad! S and I played 5 cent machines for a little bit and lost. My gfriend ( A ) was doing god-knows-what. I didn’t see her for awhile but I have a feeling she was at the tables. Off to the Venetian…I think this is the prettiest hotel. A 25 cent machine was calling me. Put in $1, took out $25. Woohoo! We did the indoor gondola rides and splurged on the group picture. Our gondolier was hilarious. We took the monorail from Harrah’s to MGM. At this point we’d had some drinks so we couldn’t figure out the turnstiles… Yes, I’m blaming the drinks and not our own stupidity. The monorail employees had a good laugh but they were helpful. The MGM kitties were not in their cage…so sad. I won more money. $50 on penny slots! S won a little too, about $5 or so. Went to NYNY and hunted down their big @ss margaritas…hehehe… Cabbed it back to BC around 1:30 am and all of us had the $5.95 steak/eggs in the Victorian Room… It was delicious!

    Day 2

    Up at 1:30pm… I love sleeping late on vacation! We took the shuttle to the Gold Coast. As we were waiting for the shuttle, A asked some crazy lady where she got her hat. She was on drugs and really out of it. I felt bad for her but leave it to A to make friends with the nut. At the GC we at lunch at the coffee shop restaurant. It was good but we were hungry and would have eaten anything. A and C went to the tables and S and I went to the Bingo room. We were asking the lady at the counter a lot of questions because I have never played bingo before. Some @sshole old man behind us started yelling at us. It was a full 15 minutes before the game started and he’s crapping his pants because old people have nothing better to do but yell. I’m not stereotyping but I have found that at casinos (Laughlin and Vegas) the meanest people are always over 60. Not everyone over 60 is mean but if somebody is rude, chances are they are older…. He’s screaming his fool head off and I turned around and said, “Calm down sirâ€. I think he felt stupid because he shut up. S is a sweet person but I could see her claws were about to come out at this man and she says “I can’t believe you didn’t yell at himâ€. I laughed… I get a lot of satisfaction out of not losing my temper and making the temper tantrum thrower look dumb. It’s Bingo for god’s sake. Anyway, that pretty much soured our experience. We finished up and met up with A and C and played some cheap slots for awhile. I lost $10. The four of us played 50 cent chips/$1 minimum roulette for almost 2 hours after that. The drink waitress was always around, we were rowdy at a really fun table, and all of us were getting drunk. I think everybody had fun, I know I did! We shuttled it back to BC and walked to Bally’s. S and C weren’t impressed so we continued to Caesars. I wanted to go to FAO Shwartz to buy the kids some presents. It was closed for remodeling! Oh well… We ended up at Cleopatra’s Barge and I vaguely remember giving our waitress my credit card to run an open tab… Lordy lordy lordy… We were slamming shots, drinks, and running amok. We drank and danced for 3 hours! I was shnitfaced and told the waitress to bring C margaritas but instead of putting the regular amount of alcohol in them, to make them double strength. That they were… We met some Canadian guys who were very intrigued by my girlfriend and I. What, no lesbians in Canada?! They were great and joined our group. We had a fabulous time. Oh, you’ll love this…so we are bombed out of our mind and decide to take a cab back to BC. Yes, we cabbed it across the street. I know we wouldn’t have made it walking. The cab driver was laughing his @ss off at us. I tipped him big because we were patheticly drunk and he was very cool about such a short cab fare. More steak and eggs at the Victorian Room! MMMM…food is so much better when you’re drunk. Passed out around 5am.

    Day 3

    I woke up at 9:30 am because I can’t sleep when I’ve been drinking. A and I screwed around for a few hours sightseeing while S and C slept late. We ate lunch at O’sheas food court. Went back to see Big Elvis at BC. He wasn’t there! Some other “skinny†Elvis was singing. He was a big disappointment. We cabbed it to Mandalay Bay and walked to Luxor and Excalibur, checking out the casinos along with way and playing a few 1Ë slots. In Excalibur, C went to the arcade because he’s a big kid. We went through Aladdin and Paris and played more 1 cent slots. Kept winning enough to keep playing..nothing large. We went to Bourbon Street for the $7.77 steak and lobster. The food was decent but our waitress sucked. I rarely get so pissed I don’t tip but I was pissed. Bourbon Street was dead so we cabbed it to Casino Royale and got their players card. The place was packed so we played slots for a little while (I won $40) and walked back to BC. As we were walking by Carnival Court I pointed it out and asked if anybody wanted to go drink/dance. I got that glassy, dear-in-the-headlights look from the crowd as we all were recovering from being drunk as $%^$ the night before. A and C played tables for a bit at BC and won $50. I think they were playing BJ. S and I played more 1 cent slots and kept winning enough to keep us playing for a little bit longer. This was a pretty easy going day because we had the “day after drinking feelingâ€.

    Day 4

    We played in the casino until check-out time and then went to Sahara. S and C wanted to do one buffet before we left. We all liked the buffet. It was exactly when I expected for $7. Totally edible, nothing to write home about. I was going to do the coaster with C but after over-eating, not a good idea. That crazy man did it anyway! He said it was great! We played in the casino for about 2 hours (mostly 1 cent slots and A and C did some tables). I liked that casino. It didn’t seem too crowded for mid-day. We drove to a souvenir shop as we headed out of town, bought some crap for the families, and drove home. We got back to Phoenix around 10pm.

    S and C are already looking forward to going back! I can’t wait! I know I forgot a bunch of stuff we saw/did because my notes are choppy! I think this is a good chunk of it though. Thanks to everybody who helped with suggestions!
  2. milehiman

    milehiman VIP Whale

    Sep 21, 2002
    Scottsdale, AZ
    Sounds like everybody had a great time! I don't know if I could have handled a roller coaster right after eating at a buffet, or any meal for that matter.

    That's too funny that you took a cab across the street.
  3. vikkign

    vikkign Tourist

    Apr 13, 2004
    Sounds like a fun trip! I can just see you guys getting a cab to cross the street! [​IMG] I do have to say that I have not hit 60 yet but the closer I get the younger it looks and not all older people are mean and grumpy. We are still out there enjoying Vegas and life right along with the youngsters!!
  4. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report. I have no idea what you thought you were doing, messing around in the bingo hall without knowing what you're doing -- what do you think this is, a game?! ;) Next time try something safer, like splitting tens at a full blackjack table.
  5. Gwen713

    Gwen713 Guest

    hahahaha You guys crack me up! I know, right! Bingo is a way of life for some people!
  6. Bosco

    Bosco VIP Whale

    Apr 4, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report!!!

    Three cheers for that good old late night "Barbary Toast"!!!
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