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Bad trip

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by paulajpa, Feb 21, 2004.

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  1. Ok 1. I am not gong back to vegas until mikey is a dealer or whatever he is going to do there ??

    2. I dont think I can go until Horseshoe is re-opened.

    Now on to the rest of the story...

    We start off leaving 1 hr late in Ok city and I am sick my advil cold has worn off and I feel like crap ..

    we get to vegas an hour late then at the rental car place they want to put a 250.00 hold on my credit card which they didnt do the last 2 times well hell my cards were maxed for the trip .. so they use my checking acct debt card (more on that later) but I tell them I want to pay cash for the car anyway , they so ok so finally even having the stupid blue chip thing and using my cc so we can be ready to go it takes almost 30 mins to get our car

    so off to IP check in was great had 20 in my hand but no luck on a stip view the next upgrade from our room was the really big suite and I really didnt even ask for that.. but we were checking in at like almost 5 pm by this time so I can see that the strip rooms may be gone the girl says they are really loud because of harrahs anyway ( i didnt mind we could here them anyway).. so we get to our room 1439 end of long hall but it was way way way better than I thought it would be we were really please and we loved the service we got from IP and the help with me being sick they were great.. we will stay there again for sure ..

    ok here is where the crappy ( all pun intended) I could catch crap on craps I lost and and and and lost just so you know thats a lot of losing ..... [​IMG] [​IMG] well lets see I hit a few dollars on slots not very much usually just what I put in is what I left with

    so just like Billy I was ok until my meds would wore off then I would have to go lay down I have shin splint sore legs and a terrible sore throat

    I did go over to ceasers on my last day there thurs and put in my last 20 I had with me and hit 200 then spent it down to 23 and won 300 well finally at 140 I cash out kicking myself for not leaving with 300 so I go get my free hat and I am going to go back to IP and I say what the hell I only had 20 when I walked in I want to have fun I will just spend 50 then back to IP well I have no control I put all 140 back in and on the last I think 10 I hit 200 again so I cashed out and off I went feeling higher than A kite ( may have the medicine I was on ) so I go tell hubby and we then decide we are gong to have fun its our last night lets go have a good time so we start drinking go around to CR I dont like it either and harrahs and BC I do like it then decide we are off to downtown ... so we go to try and hang out an get on tv on the reality show Casino that they are filming that I think Billy said he saw them filming also .. anyway we go play and I have 160 and some of it is hidden (thank god) and we are losing I have had a yard of banana stuff and a yard of hurrican from harrahs and feeling good well we were at plaza I think and now we are walking back thinking we might leave and I look down and my purse is unzipped and my money is gone yep I do belive I was pick pocketed thank god my 100.00 was in a zipper part in a zipper part that is next to my belly not the open part away from my side that is open so we go sit down and try to see if I just spent it and cant remember or if that really happened :confused: well I didnt spend it ..

    so back to IP we are still having a good time but its bed time we think ?? go upstairs get some advil nap a little and hubby says I am going down stair to get our money out of the safe and have fun our last few hours so I say what the hell lets go at this point overall I have 300 left for the trip out of 600 and hubby has 200 so I split so we both have 250 well I lose at Ip crap table 100.00 in about 30 mins so I tellhubby give me the keys I am back off to downtown to win before I go home its now 2 am maybe 3 so he says ok but be carefull :eek: so off I go I get to a table at 4 queens and these 2 old men are there with this rolling rituall that takes forever but I dont care I just want to win but you see I have a problem I cant walk away I played with the 2 guys until 5 and was up about 50 dollars and we need to get ready to leave for home at 6 am so I should just get back to IP but nooooo I go to the plaza which is taking to long on rolls and some drunk kids trying to tell the others how to play holding up the dice I have the table loaded and I mean loaded thinking Ok I am leaving as soon as they hit the point well on their little learing adventure (young kids ) he rolls a you guessed it 7....... so I am now leaving I mean running my @$$ off with my legs that are killing me and my chest that is so full of snot that I cant breath running to the fremont to get the car ,, then traffic get to the room at 7:15 and hubby is worried /slashed kinda pissed because I was gone so long and we are going to miss our flight if we dont hurry... well we make it and get home and after no sleep but about 3 hours in the last 36 I was dead and still had to drive 2 hrs back home and then the kids are there wanting all kinds of attention :D so today I slept all day , thanks to my wonderful sister ( who said to write that ) she took the kids left all day and it was nice and quite ...

    All in All I had a good trip nothing like the last one where we played and played at the horse shoe and won and won .... but it was fun and we do like the IP //

    I ate at peppermill (by myself ) and carried 2 to go boxes back to the hotel because I got the cobb salad all by myself ohh my god that was the biggest thing I have ever seen ..

    I did the Alladin slots tourn and got a hat and went and ate a lovely dinner on them .

    I didnt use the ACG at all so I am mailing it to my friend who is going in a few weeks ...

    Hubby and I have decided that we are going to play the 5 dollar tables from now on and have our bank rolls so that we can play the way we have before and won, I think that was the trouble this time I didnt follow my plan and therefor I didnt win like last time ..

    Next trip there is still so much to do I didnt get to see any shows mostly because I wanted to just sleep I did finally see the fountian show and no dancing on the bar this trip maybe thats why I didnt win ... but man who cant have fun in vegas even when your sick it was a blast i just didnt win alot of money I had a few wins but they were small so I just put it back in ...

    I think we will try to go back after summer we have to take the kids on a good vacation this year since last year they didnt get on cause we went to vegas [​IMG]

    sorry there was not better stories to tell this trip but i did have a good time sickness and all..

  2. NEON

    NEON Tourist

    Mar 12, 2003
    Santa Fe
    What days were you there? We were there from the 14th-17th... We liked IP and had the best luck there. Although, on Sunday when we walked by the checkin at about 2-3, it was about 30 deep in all rows and I could tell that all in the lines were pissed. Sorry about the bad luck too. We had a downer luck trip but like you, still had loads of fun! :D
  3. paulajpa

    paulajpa Guest

    Neon we were there from 16th -20th thank god check in wasnt that long on monday it was only about 5 deep
  4. Billy from TX.

    Billy from TX. Tourist

    Jan 6, 2002
    Wylie, Texas
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    Sorry you were sick throughout the trip. At least you made the best of it. Isn't it funny how if you were that sick at home, you wouldn't think of getting out of your bed. But when your in Vegas, you keep downing the meds and hoping for the best. There has been alot of sickness in Vegas lately from what I gather on the boards.
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