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Back to Vegas again

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by volk1, May 1, 2008.

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  1. volk1

    volk1 Tourist

    Oct 1, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Me and my Fiancee only got back from Vegas in April 08, and we were thinking about where to go for our summer holidays we live in the UK so we were considering Europe, Dubai and after much consideration we decided that Vegas was our preferred choice, we both love it, we know we will have a good time and just cant wait to get back.
    We have booked 8 nights at the MGM and 7 nights at the Wynn, and for the first time we are thinking about getting a hire car from dollarcar, we seem to spend a fair bit on cabs while we are in town and thought it would work out cheaper or about the same to get a hire car, Does anyone have any suggestion about which hire car service to use?
    We have yet to book flights but are both excited about the planned trip, we may even check out wedding venues whilst we are in town, we say it every year and never get time to do so, does anyone know if you need to prebook to check out wedding venues or is it ok just to turn up at hotels and request to have a look around.
    How does the points system work in the Wynn for example to get free buffets etc, when i was gambling at the tables in April they were rating my play how do you know when you have built up enough points? and is it quicker to play slots to get points, as i normally only play the $10 tables at BJ or roulette,
    In the Wynn they were just using the room key card as your players card, When i go back again will my april play show up on their systems or do i start from zero again as its a new booking? or do i need a to sign up for anything else?
    I also noticed in April no one was tipping the cocktail waitresses for drinks, i always tip $1 a drink, wasn't sure if people tip in the Wynn?
  2. Quispy

    Quispy Tourist

    Aug 7, 2007
    Denver, CO
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I can help with some of your questions.

    I assume by "hire car" you are referring to what we colonials call a rental car. If so, Dollar, Budget, etc. are all fine. I go with National because you get to choose your own car from several when you're a member of their Emerald Club.

    Although, when you're staying on the strip, I've found it pointless to rent a car. It's always more expensive than your quoted rate because of all the extra taxes and fees they charge, and going from parking lot to parking lot is a pain in the neck. I'm sure you'll find taking a cab or the monorail is probably less expensive. The only reason to rent a car is if you're planning on visiting way off strip casinos like Red Rock or at Lake Las Vegas. Even then, you can just rent a car for the day from one of the counters at MGM or Wynn.

    As for the Wynn point system, it's pretty easy to get a buffet (about an hour of play at 25 cent slots or VP) but very hard to get much else. Even though they are very polite about it, a $10 player shouldn't expect any additional comps. Also, they will have your accumulated slot points on file from your last trip--they are pretty good about that. Just stop by the red card booth.

    As for the tipping, it's very rare that a cocktail waitress gets stiffed at the Wynn, or any other casino for that matter. I wouldn't consider that normal.

    Hope this helps. Sorry, can't help with the wedding question.
  3. shitzumama

    shitzumama Tourist

    Feb 11, 2008
    Albuquerque, NM
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I disagree about getting a rental car. Got one last trip 4-20-24. With all the exra add ons it cost 127.00 thru carrental.com We used alamo but the site will bring up all the deals so you can chose the company you want. Only thing I would do is find out since your out of country if you need extra insurance. When we went to other casinos we used valet. Very convient for a cpl bucks tip. Also you can check out alot of the wedding venues on line. Narrow them down to the ones you want to look at and them call them when you get into town. The flamingo has a beautiful chapel and gardens and I had friends that used there services and were very happy with the outcome. I also reccomend you check our Red Rock casino and Green Valley Ranch also. I really liked these casinos. both very classy and if you join there players club you can get their breakfast buffet for 6.99. Very good buffet for the price. Yummy. Also there are other sites beside the strip that are worth the drive. Enjoy and have a great holiday.
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