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Bachelor Party

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by NEON, Sep 2, 2004.

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  1. NEON

    NEON Tourist

    Mar 12, 2003
    Santa Fe

    My Trip Report


    What a whirlwind weekend!. [​IMG] I flew into LV via Southwest on Thursday night the 26th. Arrived at 9:00pm and caught a taxi to Harrahs. I had a comped night there then two comped nights for the weekend at IP... I was to meet the Bachelor party gang who all flew in on Friday eve on the same flight!
    As soon as I checked in, I made my usuall pass through the high stakes and dropped $20 into a $5 double diamond machine. I hit $100 on the second pull and cashed in! [​IMG] I wandered a bit through Harrahs and found my way past the sportsbook. I checked out the USC - VaTech odds and I loved Va Tech but wanted a 1st half line which they did not have. So I went into the poker room next door and was immediately sat down at a 2-4 game and bought in for $100.
    The table was full and most seemed to be visitors like me. I played a bit and caught a hand to keep going. The cards did not fall for me for awhile and I slowly ground down. The conversation was good though, as I chatted with a couple from Chicago and a dealer from there as well.
    Then the dealers changed and so did my cards. I was delt a 10, 7 of diamonds and decided to see a flop. The flop gave me 4 to the flush. I decided to call a better who I new had a high pair. I caught the flush on the river and this started my come back. A few hands later, I got pocket aces. Based on the river chasing at this table, I did not slow play, and bet hard. I had only one other stay in. The flop gave me a set of aces but a strt was showing. I re-raised on the turn but only called on the river fearing the strt. I won that nice pot. [​IMG]
    The very next hand, I was dealt pocket Kings! :eek: Well the flop came K,Q,6. So I decided to slow play this one. I checked and the guy next to me immediately bet. I sensed he caught the Q's. So called. The turn came Queen! Now, I new he would be betting hard. So I bet, He raised, I just called. Then on the river, I bet, to let him raise, I re-raised and now he was caught and wondering what I could have... He checked and I flipped the Kings over Queens on him to take a nice pot and bring me all the way back from the dead!
    By this time I was up $20 and it was after 2, so I called it a night.

    Friday, I caught some early rays at the Harrahs pool, if you can call it a pool... [​IMG] then, I checked into the IP. I decided to play craps there as they had a $5 table open. Well, within less than an hour, my $200 buy in was gone. [​IMG]
    I could not shoot crap and nobody else could either! So, I decided to play a 9-7 JOB Vp and hit 2 back to back 4 of a kinds. This got me back a $125.
    By now it was late afternoon and soon the Bachelor crew would arrive. I wandered Harrahs for awhile and played slots here and there. I hit $50 on the Playboy $1 machines.
    Soon it was after 6 and so I met the gang at the lobby.
    Now I failed to mention that I was drinking complimentaries all day! Well, as I soon learned the gang of nine had been drinking too. As it was, they cleaned the Allegiant plane out of liquor on there flight out! [​IMG]
    Obviously, we were all at a good start fot the night. They dropped there stuff in the rooms and we proceeded to the IP for some $5 BJ.
    The IP is very good about bringing drink after drink. Now this is about the time when everything gets fuzzy...... :rolleyes:
    We hit the tables hard. I finally gave up about even. One of my friends kept borrowing $100 from anyone that would loan him, until he got on a run and won $1000 to get his loans paid and back to even for the night! By now it was very late and time to turn in.
    Sat morning we all went to the RIO pool. Myself and a couple others decided to watch the Cubs lose at the sportsbook bar. We sat there all day and drank comped drinks, and got smashed. Then it was back to Harrahs for a re-grouping.
    For some reason, one of the guys knew Jerrys Nugget, so we all headed there for an evening of gaming. Now all I have to say, is the place isa a dump. They had $1 craps, but it was only double odds. So you could never really make up quickly. We all drank heavily and lost at this joint.
    Now, myself being married and the bachelor and a few other married guys stayed low key (some what).
    But the others were often dissapearing for hours on this trip and lets just say, Its there secret...
    So the Nugget sucked, but we were all too trashed and tired to hit Fremont Street, so back to Harrahs we went. Some went on there dissapearing acts agian, and a couple of us ended up in the poker room.
    I finally got seated at a 2-4 game and played even most of the time. I actually sat next to a guy wearing a San Fran Giants 2002 WS ring. I asked him what the "H" he was doing on a 2-4 table and he replied just having fun.
    All in all, I cashed in up $10 on this session, but it was 4:00am and my head was ready to explode, so off to bed at IP I went.
    Sunday, I had to check out of IP and move my stuff to Harrahs with the other guys. We then all went to the RIO pool and soaked in the sun and scenery all day long! We all split a cabana and had a blast hagning out at the pool. We watched an Anna Nicole look alike at the pool. She was far more dense than Anna though!!!
    My friend was walking out of the pool when he saw her balancing on the steps. He asked "are you alright"? She said, "oh I'm practicing surfing"...
    So he replied, "well, don't hurt yourself"!

    Soon, it was already 6pm and time to re-group.
    Sunday night being the last night, we started at Carnival court and intended to go clubbing. However, most of the guys having been up and anly getting a couple hours sleep each night started to drop like flies. The others, well, they dissappeared again and like I said "what happens in LV stays in LV"...
    The rest of us got free passes to OPM at Ceasers. We checked it out a bit and then myself and another married guy went to get the bachelor from his power nap. Well, we could not get him up, so we went to Carnival court and played BJ. I was doing OK but my friend was getting killed, so he soon headed to bed. I decided that since I had to get up at 4:00 am anyway, I was going to pull an all nighter. But soon an idiot sat down next to me right when I was stacking up and on a roll and he split 10's... Well I do not have to tell you that the dealer turned her 3, into 20 and I lost on 19....
    Time to move on. I revisited the $5 machine and hit another quick $80, then onto the Playboy $1... I fed it almost $200 before I hit for $1000!!!
    The trip was payed for again! Now I cashed that in and decided to play at IP $5 BJ the rest of the night. So I played there and won another $150 before it was time to get my luggage and head to the airport at 4:30 am... Well, I had to interupt the action in the room to get my stuff, but I quickly grabbed my luggage, said my good byes and was on my way.
    Needless to say, I slept in the airport, on the plane, and all that day - at home!!!!

    I drank, drank, and drank this trip. I do not have too many specific details as they are all a blur and the rest are to be left in LV for the protection of my company, but it was a fun filled trip and agian for the 4th time this year, I came back even!!!
  2. Gnarlymutt

    Gnarlymutt Low-Roller

    Nov 2, 2003
    Olathe, KS
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Ahhh Vegas. 4 more days and I'll be catching my own rays! Thanks for the report Neon. I had the very same thought about making my way to a high limit area to play a $5 slot first thing. The only problem is, I'm staying at the Plaza..... :rolleyes:
  3. Falcon_Rob

    Falcon_Rob Flying Winnebago

    Jun 29, 2003
    Columbus, OH
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like a great time Neon!! Glad you had fun and got the trip paid for!! Did you happen to catch the name of the guy with the WS ring?

    You gotta love those high pocket pairs right after each other!

    I never thought I'd gamble in Harrah's again, but I might have to try out their poker room the next time I'm in town.
  4. NEON

    NEON Tourist

    Mar 12, 2003
    Santa Fe
    I always drop a $20 per day in a $5 machine. Earlier this summer, my wife and I hit $1,600 on that same $5 double diamond at Harrahs! Ya just never know.

    Rob, the staff at the Harrahs poker room seemed nice and the drinks came even quicker than the MC!
    Now take that as good or bad, depending on your objective - Win money, or get smashed!
    As for the SF Giant player of the 2002 team, it was Brad or Chad, I cannot remember and he was a relief pither...
  5. Doubledown

    Doubledown Tourist

    May 26, 2004
    Probably Chad Zerbe...
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