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Awesome Trip - Harrahs 7/22 - 7/26

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by 7beasley, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. This was my annual trip to Vegas with my Dad. My Dad took me to Vegas as a gift when I graduated from Law School in 1999. Since then, we have gone back to Vegas together almost every July. We are great Vegas traveling companions and we always have a terrific trip. This trip was no different!!! I was in Vegas Wed 7/23 – Sat 7/26 – a short trip – 4 days. My dad was staying 4 more days till July 30th. Usually I go for about a week but I have a 9 month old baby and I felt bad having my husband be all alone with her for too long – she is adorable but a lot of work.

    Flight to Vegas: Getting to Vegas from Boston was a nightmare!! Our flight was an 8:00 pm flight out of Logan on JetBlue. We left home around 5:00pm – got dropped off at Logan – breezed through security – grabbed some dinner at Burger King and were at our gate with Dunkin Donuts coffee in hand by 7:00pm. Boarding was supposed to happen around 7:30pm. We were excited and ready to get to Vegas – we had big plans for that night to go to In-n-Out Burger and do some gambling before bed.

    Of course…you know what they say about the best laid plans…all of a sudden we see a parade of people walking towards our gate. We were the last gate at the end of the row. My dad commented that it was odd that there was such a huge bunch of people all of a sudden. I remarked that it must be a gate change. No sooner are the words out of my mouth they announce that our gate has moved from C36 to C25 – ok, fine – off we go. But as we are walking to the other side of the C terminal we pass a video monitor of departures and we notice our 8:00pm flight is now reading delayed till 10:00pm. Oh no…

    When we arrive at the gate, I speak to the woman at the desk who tells me that the plane is broken and we have to wait till the generator seal is replaced/fixed. I tell her that we were at C36 and there was a plane on the tarmac that did not look broken so why the gate change? She tells me that our plane was given to the Seattle flight because it departed earlier than ours (incidentally: the Seattle flight was 7:30pm so I don’t think it was fair to make us wait all night to get Seattle out on time!!) Anyway – long story short – we sit and wait at Logan until Midnight and finally – 4 hours later our flight finally departs to Vegas.

    I was able to get us the Exit Row with no one in the middle so at least we were semi-comfortable on the flight despite the 4 hour day. Thank god for the tvs on the JetBlue flights too…that kept me occupied since I read all my magazines and book waiting the 4 hours to board the flight. Once we are in the air – the flight is uneventful. We landed at about 5:30 a.m. Boston time (2:30 a.m. Vegas time).

    Rental car: I had previously reserved a car for 4 days at Dollar. I got a pretty good deal on an economy of $95. We take the rental car bus (no line) to the rental car facility (no line) [after all its 3 in the morning] and as I am approaching the desk – the guy tells me – we are sold out of cars. I tell him I have a reservation so he says I should be all set. I ask what’s going on and he says there is a giant basketball tournament with hundreds of high schools in town. I think its kind of odd for hundreds or thousands of high school kids to be in Vegas since they can’t gamble but I figure the coaches are probably having a good time.

    Anyway – the guy starts clacking around on his keyboard and it appears something is wrong. I ask him what is wrong and he asks to see my reservation paperwork. I am now getting nervous. He takes the paperwork and says “this reservation was for a pickup last night !” I tell him I know that and I had expected to pick up the car around 11:30pm but my flight was delayed for 4 hours. More typing away on his keyboard and then miraculously he hands me the paperwork to sign! Jeez – that was close one. We go downstairs and the nice guy working tells me I can either take the one economy choice or a bright blue PT Cruiser – I pick the PT Cruiser and away we go…

    Hotel: We were staying at Harrah’s comped . I had 3 nights comped (Tues-Thurs) and my dad had the weekend nights comped (Fri-Sat). No line at check-in because its almost 4:00am! A nice lady checks us in – I was prepared to do the $20 trick for a strip view but fate interceded. As we are checking in, there is a lady next to us at the counter causing a huge rukus – she is screaming and yelling at the check in person and I can’t figure out what she is so mad about. Next thing you know, 2 cops arrive – they give her a warning to settle down or she will be arrested. She does not settle down, instead she yells louder! Next thing you know, these 2 cops grab her, handcuff her, read her her rights and drag her away. It was crazy.

    The desk clerk kept apologizing to us for the scene. I tell her no problem – we understand – its not your fault…anyway you can give us a strip view room near an elevator. No problem she says – room 3 doors down from elevator on the 27th floor. We are happy. She also threw in some extra coupons for us. We headed up to the room – it was very nice. Threw our stuff down and although tired – we were getting our second wind so off we went to gamble.

    Overview: We basically just gambled on this trip. Most people thought we were crazy and could not believe we were not seeing any shows or do anything besides gambling. For us – we knew our time was limited and that was what we wanted to do so that is what we did. We mainly played slots, pai gow, and a little bit of other table games. I will talk about our meals separately and then do a chrono of gambling and other stuff.


    *Victorian Room – Bill’s Gambling Hall – Wed 7/23 breakfast : A very good meal. Bill’s had sent me a $20 food coupon that we used towards breakfast. I had 2 scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage, hash browns and rye toast with coffee. My dad had scrambled eggs, ham and 3 giant pancakes with coffee. Everything was delicious. After the coupon – the bill was only about $8. I paid that - my dad left a $5 tip and off we went.

    * Paris Buffet – Wed 7/23 dinner : This was my first time at the Paris buffet. It was good. We met some friends there for dinner. The friend was a Diamond Card status – so we bypassed the long line and as a Diamond member we were given VIP seating up front close to the buffet. Also, Diamond members were offered a special addition – which was steamed crab legs brought to the table with drawn butter. We accepted and they were delicious. For dessert Diamond members also got white and dark chocolate dipped strawberries. Those were awesome. Other than the VIP specials – we ate the normal buffet. I enjoyed the prime rib and the salad bar and the shrimp (although I was surprised you had to peel your own shrimp here!). Total cost: $28 per person (our friends left the tip).

    *Main Street Station Buffet (Downtown) – Thurs 7/24 breakfast: We knew we were going downtown on this day and I had asked those more wise then me on this board where the best downtown buffet was and overwhelmingly people said MSS. So that is where we went and everyone was right. It was great. I enjoyed the made to order omelet. Also enjoyed the cinnamon rolls! Yum. We had a great breakfast there and I would go back again. Total cost: $7 per person (my dad paid) and I left the tip.

    * Rio Seafood Buffet – Thurs 7/24 dinner : We were prepared to wait in line a long time at this buffet because in the past it was always crowded. We got there about 5:15pm though and there was no line. It was great - we walked in and paid and were immediately seated. I love all the renovations they did. And I loved the fish. We had lots of rock lobster tails, tempura shrimp (delicious), fried scallops, peel and eat shrimp and a very nice salad. We were stuffed – but not to stuffed to try the gelato – I had the cheesecake flavor – it was so good I wish I could have had more – but alas – I was super full so that little cup was all for me. Leaves something to dream about until my next return to Vegas. Total cost: $78 total, we used our Harrah’s reward points so it cost us nothing but the tip.

    * In-n-Out Burger – the one by NYNY – Fri 7/25 brunch : We got there a bit after 11am and of course, it was packed. I enjoyed my cheeseburger (no onion), my French fries and my chocolate milkshake. My dad got a hamburger, French fries and a vanilla milkshake and we also got an extra order of fries to share. I just LOVE their fries!! I am from Massachusetts and we have nothing even close to In-n-Out in Massachusetts. I guess that’s good though cause I would probably eat there every day if it was up here! Total cost: $11 (my treat)

    * Mirage Buffet - Fri 7/25 dinner : I love this buffet – it is one of my favorites and it’s a must do for me on any Vegas trip. And this time, like always, it did not disappoint. Its something about the square plates here that I just love. They had stuffed shells w/o red sauce that were so good. I also enjoyed all the peeled shrimp. They also had made to order gyros which were good. And lastly, the made to order salads – so good!! My favorite part of the meal. Also – it was funny – the ex-mayor from my city was there. I live in a huge city (one of the largest in New England after Boston) so to see someone from home was weird. I knew him right away because (1) I know his daughter and (2) he is a big time radio personality in the city now. That was kind of funny! Great meal. I miss walking by the White Tiger on the way to the buffet now (it was replaced with BLT burger) but I still enjoy this buffet. Total cost: $26 per person plus tip.

    * Flavors’ Buffet (Harrahs) – Sat 7/26 brunch : This buffet is pretty good although I was not super hungry. We went there after being up all night playing Pai Gow and drinking like fishes. We figured we had to eat or we would get sick from all the booze and not sleeping. My dad did not eat much. I enjoyed the calamari, salad bar, a bit of prime rib and some shrimp. We skipped dessert in its entirety. Total cost: $14 per person (paid with Harrahs points) plus tip.

    * In-N-Out Burger – the one by NYNY - Sat 7/26 dinner : I stopped here on the way to the Airport about 9:30pm. It was empty – dead – no one there – I got my food in less then 5 minutes after ordering. It was wonderful, as usual. I can’t believe I have to wait 1 whole year before I can have In-n-Out Burger again! Total cost: $5

    Other Fun Stuff: We saw the Bellagio Fountain Show (song: viva las vegas). I walked through Bellagio and the Forum Shoppes (did not buy anything). We saw the magician/comedian at Harrah’s (had 2 free tickets). It is usually Mac King (who is great) but he was on vacation so it was Nick Lewin – he was good – would have preferred Mac King though. Went to the Stratosphere . Used a Buy 1 Get 1 ticket for the Tower package with three rides . Went on all three rides. They were fun but terrifying. The first ride – Xscream – we had the front row – is this ride that goes real fast over the edge of the building and then just stops and then tips so you are no only hanging ¼ mile up over the strip but are also dangling looking straight down. I hated it – it was so scary – I would never do it again. The next one was called Insanity - this was a swing on a big claw – you loaded up in your seat and then the claw moved the seats out over the side of the building and then it kind of tipped you inward so you were looking down as you spun. It was fun but dizzying. I might do that ride again. The last one was the best one – BigShot – this is the one where you get shot up high and then drop down and then shot up again and then drop down – its kind of like the Tower of Terror at Walt Disney World – I loved it!

    Gambling: : I won enough to keep playing but not enough to win big and go home with money. I brought $1000 with me for everything – gambling, food, tips, gas money, shopping…and I came home with $300. So not too terrible.

    My biggest wins were $120 on the Wizard of Oz slot (got the Glinda good witch bonus with a 2nd and 4th column wild and lined up the 3 wizard of oz guys in the other 3 spaces) – so 60 cent bet paid $120. Pretty good. My other big win was 4 aces on Pai Gow for $125. I thought for sure as I was looking at my cards that I had all 5 aces ($5 on the bonus) – I fanned out the cards really slow and though a "4" was an "A" – I was so sure of it I was screaming up and down – but then when I splayed out all the cards I saw I only had 4 aces – still really good though! I also had some semi good hits on Goldfish -- $50 - $75. And did really well one night at the Table Texas Hold Em Game (bought in for $60 – cashed out with over $200). Also had a no lose streak of 3-5-7 bought in for $80 – cashed out with $170 (5 hands – won ever hand!).

    I usually do some sports book on the Patriots and Red Sox . Last year I opted to only bet the Patriots to win the Superbowl and not the Red Sox to win the World Series because they were both even money and I figured the Red Sox wouldn't do it again. I guess I backed the wrong horse last year! I was also kicking myself last year because the over/under Patriots bet was 11 games -- and I knew they'd go better than 11 games - but you had to bet $1.60 to win $1.00 so like an idiot - I did not bet. This year I scraped my sportsbook entirely. Patriots and Red Sox were both favored with crappy returns and the over/under Patriots was 12 1/2 (which made me nervous after last year) -- so I did not bet anything.


    *Tues 7/22 5pm-midnight – waiting around the airport!

    *Wed 7/23 midnight – 5am – flying, getting rental car, checking in to Harrahs

    *Wed 7/23 5am–11am – played slots – mainly Goldfish . Prior to the trip – my dad and I had a countdown of sorts wherein we bought scratch tickets. The Mon-Thurs prior to the trip we bought a $5 ticket, the Fri prior a $10 ticket and the Mon before we left a $20 ticket. We each invested $25 with the plan being we would play a $5 slot with the winnings. Well we invested $50 total and only won $25 total. Oh well. The first thing we did upon arrival was put that $25 though a $5 machine and we won $80 on the 4th pull. We played the last $5 out and then took out $80 and split it and played slots. I played $140 total and finally, as I was falling asleep (and starving) I hit for $75 – cashed it out and put it away. Around 8am we walked over to Bills for breakfast. Played some Wizard of Oz after breakfast – then I wandered over to Planet Hollywood because I thought they were having a $40 in Free Play promotion for new card members (they were not). So I left there – walked back to Harrahs – threw in a few more bucks on slots. Then went up to the room and unpacked and went to bed.

    *Wed 7/23 11am-4:00pm – slept!!

    *Wed 7/23 4:00pm – 12:00am: Got up, showered and changed. We were meeting people at Paris at 7pm so we figured that gave us about 1.5 hours to play PaiGow. My dad and I went on a PaiGow tear – we played together – took turns sitting at the table and pooled our money. A little more than 1.5 hours later we cashed out each $80 ahead. A very profitable session. The dealer got virtually nothing but PaiGows – we almost never lost a hand – it was always a win or a push. It was so great. If only every session of Pai Gow could be that great! We colored in – went to Paris and had dinner – after dinner watched the Bellagio Fountains. Then walked through the Forum Shoppes and ended up back at Harrahs around 10pm or so. I played PaiGow till about midnight and then off to bed.

    *Thurs 7/24 12:00am – 9:00am: Sleep, glorious sleep. There was very little of this on the trip so I was happy to be asleep now. I probably would have slept longer but my secretary woke me up around 7am Vegas time with a work problem. I was on the phone doing my lawyer things till about 8am. Then when that was done – I showered and dressed and we left for Downtown.

    *Thurs 7/24 9:00am – 3:00pm: We headed Downtown . Ate at MSS . Then played some single deck blackjack there – lost. Then my Dad played Wizard of Oz . He hit a Glinda bonus where all 4 colums except the first one were wild – he won $130 bucks of which he gave me a $20 – score! We then wandered around Downtown stopping at a few places and dropping some money. We finally ended up at Golden Nugget (which is where we valet parked) and we played there for awhile. We started out on PaiGow and then played slots (nothing big was won) and then I played a little Let it Ride. I had a terrible, obnoxious, annoying dealer. There were 2 other guys at the table plus me. The dealer was telling stories about his mother whipping him when he was little and he was correcting my grammer/English (for example – I said gimme an Ace and he would say “that is not proper – didn’t your momma teach you better? Its may I please have an Ace Lamont” - ugh – totally annoying. I left after 3 hands.

    *Thurs 7/24 3:00pm – 2:00am: We arrived back at Harrahs (after getting lost) just in time for the 3pm Nick Lewin show (he was filling in for Mac King). He was pretty good. A $5 tip got us seats in the second row on the end – great seats. My dad was chosen to assist with a magic trick – which was fun. After the show we went back up to the room and changed and stuff and then we headed to the Rio . Once at the Rio we ate at the Seafood buffet. After that we walked around the Rio a bit and went to check out the Asia Poker game I had heard about because it was supposed to be like PaiGow. Well it stunk – we did not play. First of all, the table minimum was $15 – which seemed high to me. Second, there was no bonus like Pai Gow. And third, we watched for about 3 hands and I never saw anyone win – the dealer continued to wipe out everyone’s money. So we left. We did not play anything at the Rio. We returned to Harrahs’ and decided to wander over to Casino Royale to see if they had any new table games. It was crowded and loud and smoky in there and there were no new games. So – back to Harrahs we went. We split up and my dad left to play slots. I played PaiGow. It was a fun night. There were a bunch of young guys and their dad and uncle at the table – they were there celebrating a bachelor party. I was the only one at the table not with that group. They were a fun group and I had a good time with them. I played till about 2am – I was up and down – up and down and eventually – I lost most of it. I left with whatever was left –which was about 40 or 50 bucks and played slots till I was out. $10 in a bunch of different machines – I hit nothing bigger than $20 so the money went pretty quick. When it was out – I went to bed.

    *Fri 7/25 2:00am – 7:30am: Sleep!! I did something I never do in Vegas – I set the alarm clock for 7:30am on Friday morning. Why – because I was playing in the Ceaser’s poker tournament. Alarm went off – I got up and showered and dressed and was out the door for Ceasers.

    *Fri 7/25 7:30am – 11:00am: I arrived at Ceasers about 8am and I signed up for the 9am tournament. It was a $65 buy in plus $5 extra (for the dealers) to get another 500 in chips. I sat outside the poker room and read a Card Player magazine till 9:00am when the tourney started. I was table 16 – seat 4. I like the Ceaser’s Poker room very much. It was my goal to just not go out first – that was all I wanted – not to go out first. I am a decent poker player – not great – but decent. I play home games and I usually do fairly well. I also play 2-4 limit at Foxwoods in CT and again – I do ok. This was my first Vegas tournament. Well – the very worst thing in the whole world happen on the very first hand ---- I got pocket J J – I seriously considered folded them. But I didn’t – I played – the blinds were 25/50 and I raised to 150 – got 2 callers --- flop had nothing bigger than a J and no straight cards and no flush cards – so feeling pretty good – I raise to 600 – I get 1 caller – turn pairs the board with 6’s – I am a little nervous but I bet out 700 – I get raised another 500 which I call. I am hoping for no 6 for my opponent. River appears to be a harmless 7 – he bets 500 and I call – he shows a full house --- 3 sevens and 2 sixes – I had 2 pair (jacks and sixes) – he rivered his full house. I was devastated. I was down to 550 in chips (started out with 2500). Ugh – well – at least I am not out. I play slow and tight. I have a small double out with an A 8 and play tight again. Finally, on the last hand before the blinds were going up and the antes were kicking in – I get A 7 suited. I go all in for about $1300. I get one caller – he shows Q J – flop brings a 7 – I am feeling good – turn is nothing – river brings his Jack – I am out!! Not the first one out – but out none the less. I loved the Ceasers tournament though!!


    Celebrity Encounter: It was one of my hopes/goals on the trip to see a celeb – I usually see someone while in Vegas!! But last year I saw no one so I was hopeful that would change this trip. So – I am talking the dealer at the Poker Tournament asking him which celebs he has seen at Ceasers and/or in the Poker room and he is rattling off a bunch of people (Samuel L Jackson, Cameron Diaz, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Toby Maguire…). He then says Tony Parker and Eva Longoria play here. At least that’s what I though he said. What he actually said is they “are here”. I asked him when they were here and he says “they are here now” and low and behold I turn around and they are at the table next to me playing $1-$3 no limit!!! So cool. She is beautiful. They were not too mobbed. She was wearing a sweat suit with the hood up and sunglasses. I am not sure I would have recognized her on my own. I took a picture of her but did not say anything to her or him. I had decided though that if I got busted out I was going to buy in at their $1-$3 cash game. But Eva left before I busted out – so once out I left too!!

    Back to the Chronology:

    *Fri 7/25 11am – 11am on Sat 7/26: Yep – an all nighter – another all nighter. After the Ceasers Tourney I went back to Harrahs (with a stop at a few slot machines and the Coach store) and got my dad and we went to In-N-Out burger. From there we went back to Harrah’s and played games till 6pm when we went to dinner at the Mirage . After the Mirage we went to the Stratsophere and rode all the rides. We got back to Harrahs about 11pm and upon our return we parked our buts at a PaiGow table. There was another group having a bachelor party there – a bunch of nice young guys – they were tipping the waitress like mad so she was very attentive to our table – this translated into about 12 drinks for me (midori sours with a kahlua sombreo for good measure every now and then) – I was plastered. I did not realize how plastered until I stood up to use the bathroom – and almost fell over. It was during this very fun PaiGow session that I got dealt the 4 aces. It was a fun fun time. We played for ever – till about 5am – winning, losing and the winning again – cashed out of PaiGow even – we only left because our table buddies decided to go eat and it was no fun playing at an empty table. From there we played some $5 Texas Holdem Table Game – we thought it was like they were giving us money for free – we won almost every hand (we were playing together but sometimes we each played) – we got 2 Four of a Kinds --- unfortunately --- that did not pay any odds on the bets – just straight 1 –1 but each win was a win of $25 – plus we hit about $200 on the bonus (3 pairs of Jacks or Better and some small pairs). It was so much fun. We were up and we therefore blew a bunch of money on slots and on Roulette and Craps and Mississippi Stud. We finally returned to the room broke around 11am after eating brunch at Flavors – but boy did we have fun!!! It was the best ever!

    *Sat 7/26 11am – 4:00pm: Sleep!!! Then I got up at 4pm and packed and showered and changed.

    *Sat 7/26 4:00pm – 9:30pm It was my last day there – I had to leave for the airport by 9:30pm. We played some more Pai Gow and slots – could not hit a darn thing. Made our way over to O’Sheas to play $5 3-5-7 and we won the first 5 hands basically doubling our money – then lost all we had won at $5 Texas Holdem Table Game. Moved on to Let it Ride with the 3 Card Bonus bet – and lost some more money (best hand was 2 pair with no no brainers). Then some slots at Osheas – left there and played some slots at Imperial Palace (lost lost lost) and then back to Harrahs for a few more slots. I had been wanting to play the 50 line video poker machine (1 cent) so I did and finally hit my first Royal Flush – of course – it only paid $6.00 but still – it was a royal. I went back upstairs to the room about 9:15pm – did some last minute packing and then left – my dad walked me out to the Valet where we said goodbye (he is staying another 4 days).

    * Sat 7/26 9:30-midnight What was I thinking – I almost missed my flight – it was scheduled to leave at 11:25pm and I thought I would have plenty of time. I was wrong. The valet brought my car – I left Harrahs’ and got onto Flamigo Road so I could get some quick take out from In-N-Out to eat at the airport. Then went to get gas which took forever!! Not to mention that a ¼ tank fill up cost $19!! Then drove to the rental car place eating my fries in the car with the intention of eating my burger at the airport. Returned the rental car and made my way out to the shuttle – it was no 10:30pm!!!! I was able to print my border pass at the Rental Car facility. I wait for the shuttle and get on it. I check my boarding pass for the gate and I evidently looked at the wrong boarding pass (as I did not have a direct flight) because I go to gate C23 and I am psyched when there is no line. Well my happiness is quickly extinguished as the TSA guy says I am at the wrong gate and am supposed to be at D28. I ask if I can just cut across sideways but he says no – so I have to go all the way back down then across then back through D. There is a short line through security and I get through and run for the tram – which thankfully I make. The tram takes me to the gate area and I arrive at my gate at 11:20pm. The flight leaves at 11:25pm. As I arrive I see a big group of people that are trying to get on standby – I wait behind them for a minute because I was not sure if I had to check in again. And then I hear the clerk say to them that they are waiting for 2 passengers that have checked in but aren’t there yet and if they don’t arrive in a minute or so they can have those seats – so I quickly interrupt and say that I think I am one of those passengers and they scan my boarding pass and waive me on in! I made it. Thank god!! Flight is booked solid. I am in the aisle seat. I sleep most of the flight to Milwakee.

    *Sun 7/27 midnight – 10:00am: The flight from Vegas to Milwaukee lands on time at around 5:45am (Wisconsin time). I get off the plane and go in search of some coffee and breakfast – which I find and happily eat. The next flight leaves at 6:40am. I score an exit row for that flight and I end up in the window seat of an exit row for the short flight back to Boston. I manage to sleep through most of it! Finally, at around 9:45am we land in Boston – I am home!! My wonderful husband and beautiful 9 month old daughter are waiting outside for me when I arrive. My little one gives me a big smile and a big laugh. Life is good! Win or lose in Vegas – life is good!!!!

    Final Thoughts:

    *Vegas was not as crowded this year as it has been in years past. Perhaps a sign of the slumping economy.

    *The drinks at Harrahs are excellent. I stuck to Midori sours and Khalua Sombreos and they were great!

    *I don’t know what all the hype about the Wizard of Oz slot machines are. I thought they were just okay. I also thought it was nearly impossible to hit the bonus on the machine.

    *I did not see anyone win any major jackpots while I was there.

    *The Rio Seafood Buffet is excellent – worth the money and worth the trip!

    *The rides at the Stratosphere are terrifying but kind of fun in a sadio-masochistic way.

    *PaiGow is a great game. Its fun and sociable and you can even win some money on it.

    *Harrahs should invest some money in upgrading its pool. The pool must be the worst one on the strip. Its sad – I have seen backyard pools that are nicer than Harrahs pool.

    * I love Vegas . I am so happy that I kept my Dad and my annual Vegas tradition alive this year. I was nervous about going this year given that I have a brand new baby who was only 9 months old and I felt bad leaving my husband all alone with her to do all the work while I gambled – but he was understanding and great about it and I am glad I went. I am already looking forward to next year.

    Well – that’s all folks! Thanks for reading this long trip report!!

  2. IDoLuvVegas

    IDoLuvVegas Low-Roller

    Oct 8, 2006
    The Great Midwest
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    The basketball tournament you are talking about is an annual event, and one of the biggest AAU tournaments in the nation. There are many big-time college coaches there on the days when the NCAA allows contact. You see lots of tall young men walking around the hotels and trying to figure out how to get into the casinos.
  3. Jinx

    Jinx VIP Whale

    Aug 7, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report, and a very nice tradition. Also as a husband that tries to get my wife to take a solo trip here and there and for me to watch the baby, believe me when I say, that your husband probably enjoys the alone time a lot with the little one and likes to see you have something for yourself.
  4. Leeza14

    Leeza14 VIP Whale

    Mar 4, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great TR! Glad you had a wonderful time with your dad (once you got there!). I would give anything to be able to spend time like that with my dad -- I miss him! Enjoyed your report...
  5. gotavegasjones

    gotavegasjones VIP Whale

    Jan 16, 2004
    South Texas
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    7beasley - thanks for the well written and organized TR.

    later, GVJ
  6. jefferson66

    jefferson66 Tourist

    May 19, 2005
    Phoenix, AZ
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Awesome trip report - love that you and your dad keep up the tradition. And one of the most organized TRs yet! We'll have to try the Caesar's tourney next time.
  7. ghetto71

    ghetto71 Tourist

    Apr 11, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice TR!:peace:
  8. Blonde_4_ever

    Blonde_4_ever LasVegas4ever.com

    Jun 12, 2006
    Southern Ontario
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    VERY entertaining report!

  9. acesupmike

    acesupmike Tourist

    Dec 22, 2005
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great TR....Pai Gow is my favorite game. Sometimes you need a break from the fast paced games like Blackjack and Craps for a slow paced game like Pai Gow. Can sit there for a long time and get a lot of drinks too.
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