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AVN Expo Weekend Jan. 7th-10th

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by RratedRKO, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. :1: FINALLY!!! AFTER ONE YEAR AND FIVE MONTHS I HAVE RETURNED TO LAS VEGAS! Well, therein lies the problem I had while being there. Which I will address at the end of this report.

    Because my work is seniority based for vacations I can't get new years off like I want now that I am full time. NYE became my favorite time to visit Vegas. When I was part time I had a higher seniority. I had heard about AVN having an expo in Vegas after new years festivities and about 6 months ago after I was denied NYE I decided to try something wild and go to this expo, the same weekend as the AVN awards.

    Well, the time had come and Chicago just had to be Chicago! I LOVE IT! A snow storm was on the way that would hit the same day as my outgoing flight. Working at an airport has taught me what not to do when I fly. I always take the first flight out which means flight 702 which left at 705am on Southwest out of Midway. My favorite airline Southwest is. It started snowing overnight and left about 3 inchess on the road at 6am while my grandfather drove me to the airport. I had my B boarding pass. We left 25 minutes late because we had to get deiced. But we made it up. I don't think I'll ever be a comfortable flyer.

    Well I get to the NYNY hotel on Thursday and checked in. I went up to my room which was ready and thought it was nicer than I thought. I had a park avenue view room. Well I dislike the twisting hallways but given the way its built I got over it.

    I went to subway and came back to my room about 12pm to go to sleep because I stayed up the entire night. I woke up about 5, got dressed to impress, and went to my favorite restaurant.....FAT BUGER!! I had the turkey and fat fries. I love it. But Jesus I need to take off the 30 pounds I put on since late 2007.

    SO I walked down the cool strip and made my way to city center. I had been dying to see it. On the one had I think they could have done without Mandarin Oriental and the Harmon. They got greedy. But seeing it live is really cool. I love Veer and can't wait for that to open. I went inside crystals and looked at things I couldn't buy. Then I went into Aria and fell in love. I really like the casino. It has a lot of swagger to it. BUT..I found out later on they are like Bellagio. They only rate their $25 tables and up. I wanted to do $15 BJ. Whatever......I guess Aria considers themselves higher end. But I will gamble there in the future.

    I walked around a lot. I went back to NYNY about 9pm after meeting up with a former coworker from Chicago who now lives in Vegas. I wanted to save my gambling until the Saturday of my trip because my next paycheck would be deposited then. So we played the 5 cent slots outside ROK night club. I didn't want to go into ROK because I heard it was a rock club and I don't do Rock music. But whatever they were playing inside I think could be heard outside because I got to jammin in my seat at the urban music being played. I said to hell with that I don't need a club they are playing the good stuff right here for free :1:

    The next day I stayed in bed to about 12pm. I got ready for the Adult Entertainment Expo at the Sands Expo. So like I normally do I walked from one end of the strip all the way to the other end and made my way into Venetian, on my 5th trip to Vegas this was my first time there. I didn't know what to expect but I had lots of fun. There was ass everywhere!!! LOL. I took so many pics with some females stars.......well...I was looking for the others ones but they were hiding...just letting the girls meet the public...:(

    I was there about 3 hours. I saw so many crazy things that I think I will have to go again next year. After that I walked back to NYNY to get ready to see Zumanity. The first time I saw it in 2 years since the former host Joey Arias left. I enjoyed it again and love the new host and some of the new acts. Its fun, funny, and a very relaxing show. After that I went back to TAO and partied it up.

    Saturday comes and my last day. I started feeling that feeling of I'm so ready to go home. I normally stay two nights but I was tired I guess. On this day I lost $100 bucks at BJ n Aria at the $15 table. Now I feel I won't gamble there again. I HATE AUTOMATIC SHUFFLERS! I don't count because its a skill I can't get down but it makes the house go up I truly feel it does!

    After that session I went to Caesars' to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. OMG I got so fat in there. Then I walked down to Wynn to finally see Encore. I picked up my Red Card and just put a little activity on it at $15 BJ. I like the atmosphere in Wynn/Encore. I know that joint won't care about me because I'm not a high roller. But I don't mind paying more to stay there. Im sure I'll never spend time at a $100 and above table. But whenever I go back I hope to be able to qualify for at the most discounts on rooms, not comps.

    I started getting the feeling that I was Vegas'd out. Even though at that point it has been over a year and a half since my last trip I started thinking why am I here? On the one hand without getting to personal and people judging me, I have never lived on my own, yet. And I have made 5 trips to Vegas over 4 years now by myself. So it was either a case of a little home sickness/attachment, or it was feeling lonely being there alone as usual, and what I think a combination of both. I have been sheltered all of my life and this year I'm really trying to break lose. I think the combination of not being comfortable on a plane for 4 hours, not having someone to go to Vegas with, and being out of my comfort zone made me feel this way towards the end of this trip. I started feeling this way right before I left however for the past 6 months I couldn't wait. OK enough of my screwed up head :1:

    I do think overall I enjoyed myself at the convention. I hope the next time I go I can take someone with me. I didn't gamble that much to warrant comps. And I think I may not go with MGM anymore. HET is more convenient for me because I have a HET casino 15 minutes from my home. I don't use MGM enough to warrant comps. So I think I may play enough at HET here by my house enough to get comps to use at Caesars because I don't like their other hotels lol. I'll keep the red card though. I would like to play more at Wynn/Encore whenever I'm out there. MGM doesn't suit me anymore. I don't go enough and the nearest MGM property is Detroit. So....

    Not sure when I will get back to Vegas now. I do think I'll go to the AVN again next year. I'm starting to think my 2 times per year trips are dead.

    Thanks for reading. BUH BYE!

    O P.S! My faebook is not private so If you want to look at pics from vegas and the convention go here:

    Standard Vegas pics: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=137377&id=684516111

    Pics from the AVN Expo: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=137415&id=684516111
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