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Aug 31-Sept 8 Golden Nugget, El Cortez & Orleans

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Denny, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. Denny

    Denny High-Roller

    Jan 11, 2006
    Marshfield, WI
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Our 3rd and perhaps the last trip of 2006, we decided to do 8 days. We also had plenty of ACG coupons left that needed using and 5 free nights at GN & Orleans, with the holiday/weekend at El Co at $35 a night on Fri-Sat and $25 Sun. Just couldn't pass that up.

    Thurs, Aug 31

    This was our 2nd time with Allegiant and it works great for us out of Green Bay. On time flights, comfortable seating with leg room, we got row 5 going and row 9 coming back without paying the $20 each for reserved seats. Arrived about 3:00 PM, picked up the rental car at Alamo (ACG 1 Free Day) and proceeded to check in at Golden Nugget where we were given a room in the North Tower. I was expecting to get the South Tower so this was a nice surprise. I think the host who sent us the free offers arranged this when we called him for the reservations. After gambling a short while at GN along with a few drinks, we walked to the El Co for the Chinese Buffet. I know it's only marginal fare, but we had a 2 for 1 coupon from one of their mailers so the total came to $10. Thurs was 5X points day at Terribles, so we headed there next only to find it changed to 3X and a new system which deleted alot of previously "unearned" points. The redeeming factor was that I hit 4 dueces on a nickel Loose Dueces VP machine for $125 and started a roll which kept me ahead for 6 days. Then it was back downtown for a little more VP at the bars and several more drinks before calling it a night.

    Fri, Sept 1

    The day started with my usual routine of going down to play at the casino bar where I could get my daily coffee fix without the wait for the infrequent cocktail waitress in the morning. Then check out at GN, check in at El Co for the weekend and off for breakfast at the Coffee Pub on W Sahara where we had a 2-1 coupon for the non-smoking restaurants in the Clark County Healthy dining booklet. The place was small with a nice outdoor patio but at 100+ temperatures, I'm not eating outside. So we enjoyed some fine omelettes inside for $9. The rest of the day was spent chasing around on the strip at Harrah's properties, swiping our cards and not winning anything but picking up 4 T-shirts. We also signed up for a players card at IP and got 2 real good coupon books for use at all 6 Harrah's plus the IP. Of course we gambled a little at most of the places too, especially Ellis Island as this was their 5X points day. For the evening I had purchased a Restaurant.com certificate for the Tilted Kilt on W Spring Mountain but they refused to honor it, saying they never authorized participation in the program. So it was back to the El Cortez, drink and play first, then a late prime rib at Careful Kittys and with 2 $5 off coupons our bill was $6.

    Sat, Sept 2

    That morning my wife's son and daughter in law arrived from CA. They were staying 2 nights at Excalibur where we hooked up and proceeded to the Silverton for an excellent brunch and with 2 ACG coupons the cost was only $15 a couple. They really enjoyed the aquarium and the Bass Pro Shop attached to Silverton. We then played at several places on the Strip before going back to Excalibur for the Louie Anderson Show which the kids treated us to. I liked Louie Anderson but would recommend getting half price tickets rather than $50 each. The next stop was the Wilfire for dinner for 4 at $19 thanks again to the ACG. We planned to meet the next morning and head for Paris and the breakfast buffet.

    Sun, Sept 3

    What is it about "best laid plans"? Breakfast at 8:00 AM is just too early. Hell, I usually get done eating at midnight. So 9:30 should work right? Well the kids were a little late getting ready so we get to Paris about 10:15 and the line is back almost to the time share booth by Napoleons. There was no way to make breakfast and I wasn't interested in lunch there. But we gambled a while at Paris and then decided to go for a steak dinner at Ellis Island. A definite decline in class but a very good steak. They wouldn't let me use the ACG coupon on a non-menu item so I just redeemed some of my points and steak for 4 came to $20. The rest of the day was spent casino hopping from Rio to Gold Coast to Flamingo and then downtown for the light show. As much hype as the light show gets, I don't think they were impressed with it, and quite frankly I think the shows have greatly declined from the first couple of years despite the new laser lights. We then dropped the kids off at MGM so they could spend some time on their own and we headed back downtown. Now I'm not much ahead, but I'm still holding my own and I was playing Bonus Poker at the Golden Nugget bar and I get 4 Aces twice along with another 4OAK, so now my win column is looking even better. We end the night upstairs at the Vegas Club with steak and eggs comped, thank you very much.

    Mon, Sept 4

    Departure day for the California Kids and we picked them up at 9:30 at Excalibur, said our goodbyes and dropped them off at McCarren. Next was checkout at El Co and back to GN for 2 more nights where they again accommodated us in the North Tower. Today lunch was at the Flamingo's Paradise Buffet for which we used the coupon from the IP funbood at $5 off apiece along with some rewards club points and the cost was $12. This is a good buffet, not great, with a view of their bird habitat. They also make good crepes. In the evening we checked out the Tilted Kilt at the Rio and they were willing to accept our restaurant.com $25 certificate which the Spring Mtn location would not accept. They really provided good service and I would recommend the food except for the specialty dessert which we simply didn't like. All at an out of pocket cost of $13. I have also advised restaurant.com of the events at both places.

    Tues, Sept 5

    Since the Tilted Kilt worked so good the 2nd time around we thought this would be a good morning to go back to the Paris buffet. We arrived there just past 9:30 and it being a weekday the line was much shorter, yet it still took 45 minutes to get in. There is no way I would wait in line for an hour and a half though. However the breakfast was delicious as expected, certainly much variety to choose from and I especially liked the little room where they seated us. We each had a $10 coupon from a previous trip doing the rewards card swipes so the cost was $6. This was to be our last day downtown so we spent a little extra time playing there and allowed me to catch up on some drinking I missed while driving so much the other days. I play about 75% Video Poker and I noticed right away that all the bar machines were changed at both the Plaza and the Vegas Club, for the better IMO. Not only the selection of games and decent pay schedules but they also had nickel VP on a few too. Fortunately this trip I was able to catch alot of 4 of a kinds and it kept me ahead so far. We closed the night with one last stop at Careful Kittys and used the last of our $5 off coupons from our 4 El Co funbooks and payed $5. This was my one and only hamburger of the trip and it was very good. Maybe next time I'll get to the In'n Out Burger. I made their parking lot once.

    Wed, Sept 6

    We packed up for the Orleans, checked in and used our free buffet coupons for lunch. In the afternoon we went to the Tropicana where we always do the free pull on the slots outside. Only this time we both won free tickets to the Folies Bergere which we promptly redeemed for the evening show. Then we went next door to see Hooters for the first time. I thought the casino area was a huge improvement over the San Remo. The waitresses' attire needed no improvement whatsoever. The Folies show was the 2nd time we had seen it, this one was not topless, and I would go again. To me showgirls in full costume is what Vegas is all about. After the show the next stop was Tuscany. They have 5X points on Wed and we also received a mailer from them with 2 free drinks and 2-1 entrees at the Cantina Mexican restaurant in which we happily dined for $10. Back at the Orleans turned into a late night with having to visit so many of their bars. Gambling this day was not to be a winner. It was a good day for anything else, but not 4 of a kind and I ended up behind for the first time on the trip.

    Thurs, Sept 7

    We got up late, played a little, then used our 2nd Orleans free lunch buffet coupons. Things still were not looking up until the afternoon when I started playing Double Bonus on a nickel triple play machine. Again I got 4 Aces twice and this brought me back some to an acceptable level. Later we drove to South Coast and both played VP for which 4 of a kind got us each a free dinner buffet using the ACG coupon. We turned in early that night, taking one last drink along to the room and began packing.

    Fri, Sept 8

    Wake up call at 2:30 AM. Rental car back by 4:00. Check in was quick and the security line was much shorter than last time. Departed on schedule at 6:45. It was a good vacation. I tried one last VP machine at the airport, got 4 of a kind twice but still couldn't win. My gambling losses totaled $52. I am not complaining. My wife lost more, but still less than budgeted for. 8 Days. Our total food bill was $126 and drinks were $0 not counting tips. We saw 2 good shows for $0. We spent 2 full days with relatives we do not see very often.
    I know I jump around more than most would even consider, but it works for me. I know my dining choices are not for everone, yet they are varied enough and good enough to suit me. Mainly it suits my wallet. It is the sole reason I am able to go 3 times in a year, and I could go a 4th time if the right thing came along. I most likely won't, but I could. That's what it's about.
  2. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice TR, Denny, full of frugal gems. What's your flavor of VP? I'm guessing some sort of bonus poker?
  3. DonD

    DonD Super Moderator

    Nov 5, 2004
    So Cal 91748
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Denny, thanks for a great report. The VP at the Plaza bars is a very good change for the bettor. I now love the VP at their bars.
  4. IllMarty

    IllMarty Orangutan

    Dec 7, 2004
    Will Co., IL
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice TR Denny. You do bounce around a bunch. Glad you had a good trip.

    Hey, how your Packers doing? :evillaugh:

  5. Coaster Kikky

    Coaster Kikky Tourist

    Jan 8, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice fact-filled TR Denny. I have to agree with you on the decline in quality of the FSE light shows since they put the new equipment in.
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