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Aug 26 - Sept 4

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by m_w_duda, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. m_w_duda

    m_w_duda Tourist

    Sep 24, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    This was my second trip to Vegas, my first trip report. Last year I went at the first week in October and stayed at Bellagio for 3 days ( splurge on nice place ), Paris for 1 day ( cheap internet rate ) and Tropicana ( cheap rates to balance out the budget ). Bellagio had been fantastic and raised my bar for hotel expectations, after staying there I can't downgrade myself ever again. I started planning the trip back in April and had been on the lookout for great promo codes ( thanks to this site and others ).

    After getting a decent rate on a flight & clearing the dates with my employer o take vacation the trip was scheduled for Tuesday August 26 to September 4th. Thats a lot of days to spend in Vegas ( and I was here alone ) and my riends think I was nuts but I roll a little differently than other people, I like to et up have some breakfast, do a little gambling, walk around a lot, hang out by the pool to work on the tan & have a drink or two, get some dinner early, more walking and then some more gambling.

    I flip flopped reservations a couple of times and had had plans to stay at Bills Gambling Hall ( cheap rates ), Venetian ( take advantage of promo code for $100 a night ), Luxor ( cheap rate ) and downtown ( cheap rate & experiance downtown ). After reading reviews from this site & trip advisor, I settled on:
    - 3 nights at Signature at MGM Grand ( promo code for 3 nights for the price of 2 ).
    - 2 nights at Trump ( I used Priceline to get 1/2 off the Trump posted rates & other internet site rates for Friday and Saturday night! )
    - 4 nights a Wynn

    Flight was leaving Kitchener, Ontario at 12pm. I live 20 minutes from the airport, and arrived at 11am - still had plenty of time. Checkin and security was quick and by 11:05 I was in the gate waiting area.

    The flight to Detroit is on a twin prop plane that holds 34 people. Flight was 45 minutes with little turbulence, reasonably smooth landing.

    I found a short line at customs but failed to note that the people in front of me were all from Korea and they each took some time going thru and needed to have a picture and fingerprints taken. The customs person asked me for the purpose of the trip and I said "Gambling.", he smiled and I was on my way.

    After a two hours layover, the flight to Las Vegas was full, but I had brought some reading material and an MP3 player and the 3.5 hours went by quickly. The landing in Las Vegas was smooth, and my bag was the second one on the carosel. At the taxi stand there was no wait and after a quick cab ride I was on my way to the Signature at MGM Grand.

    Check-in was quick and they informed me that they had upgraded me. I went to my 30th floor room to drop off my bags and found they had given me a 1 bedroom suite with a balcony. The view wasn't of the strip, but was still good. The room had fully equipped kitchen, 1.5 bathrooms and three televisions - main room, bathroom and after a day I found the third one in the bedroom - when it wasn't on it was sunk into a desk.

    I was hungary and decided to check to go to Ellis Island for their steak special. The hardest part was getting thru the maze and jungle of the MGM Grand. I finally managed to find way outside, but was on the exact opposite corner of the complex that I wanted to be at to get to Ellis Island. I walked around MGM to discover how huge it is and after a brisk walk I found Ellis Island. After finding the restaurant, I was told it was going to be a 15 minute wait for a table and figured that I could survive the wait. After 40 minutes my number was called and I was given a table and I ordered the steak special and an amber ale. For a steak at this low price it was of good quality. Any room on the plate not occupied by steak and potatoe was filled up with green beans. For an after tax $7.50, I got a salad, steak, potataoe, beans and a glass of very good beer. The wait was worth it. I walked up the strip and spent a few dollars in various casinos. Nothing special happened and my body was still on eastern time so I grabbed a 6 pack of beer from a store close to the MGM Grand and went back to my hotel room at 10pm.

    By 7:30am I was out of my hotel room and found a cafe that served hot breakfast at the Signature. Bacon and Eggs is my favourite vacation food and with coffee the bill came to $20 which I wouldn't pay at home but was inline with most places on the strip.

    Afterwards I walked up to Caesar's Palace and registered for a 9am No-limit-hold'em poker tournament. The poker room at Caesar's Palace is very nice and I very much like that it is separated from the rest of the casino and I wouldn't be watched by people passing by. I was playing pretty well at a tight table. After an almost an hour of crap hands I was dealt pocket Kings. Someone raised pre-flop, I re-raised and was called leaving two of us. The flop came down with no Aces, was a rainbow and small chance of a straight. The other person left went all in and I called. I was happy and figured I was taking down a monster pot.. until he revealed pocket Aces. The turn was not a King and left no chance of a straight on the table to give a draw and as an extra kick in my pants the river was an Ace.

    I wished the table good lucked, walked around Caesars to check it out and walked over to Bally's for their 11am tournament. Their poker room is a joke, but I found some success there when I played at it last year in tournaments so I was hoping the glory would return.

    I played very tight ( very tight for how I normally play at home with friends :) ) only calling a couple of blinds and each time folded pre-flop. One donkey at the table went in for most hands and was calling everything.. it was clearly his first tournament but he had beginners luck and was consistently winning. After 40 minutes, I was dealt Ace-10 suited and called a raise pre-flop. The flop came down with an Ace-10 suited and a 3 of another suit. The donkey and person to my right were still in it. The donkey made a bet, the person to the right raised and I called which put me all in. The donkey & person to my right checked on the turn and on the river, the donkey made a bet enough to put the person to my right all in at which point the person to my right told him
    "You better have it. We have a chance to knock him ( referring to me ) out." The person to the right called it and when cards were revealed the donkey had a pair of 10's, the person to the right wound up with a flush after the river and my two pairs were beaten. The person to my right chewed out the donkey for raising it.

    I walked over to Paris with the intention of walking checking out more casinos. I found an empty roulette table andI shelled got $40 worth of chips and almost instantly a cocktail waitress appeared. I ordered a bud lite and I was on my way. I started off sticking to outside bets and found myself winning most of them. I fired a couple of nickels on to the table for an inside bet and one of them hit. I did it again, and another hit. I got some of the winnings in quarters and made a couple of inside bets with quarters. I was a hitting a few of them and was when I had a decent pile of chips I would shove a bunch into my pocket to ensure I left the casino up. The cocktail waitress was by frequently with another drink and made sure I tipped her
    to keep the drinks coming. Various people came to the table and tried their luck and we chatted about various things. One person was from Louisana and owns & runs a restaurant there. She was somewhat concerned about leaving behind her son that was just turning 21 to run the restaurant alone. Another lady was in Vegas to play Poker so the conversation between her, I and the dealer was all about poker. After 2+ hours I found myself drunk and decided it was time for some food. I left a tip for the dealer and thanked him and when I started to walk off he asked me to change in some of the quarters. After I emptied my pocket I found I had a few more chips than I though I had and found myself at $1600! The dealer gave me a $1000 chip and I had never held one of these in my hands before.

    After cashing out, I walked over to Bill's Gambling Hall to try out the $15 prime rib. I had tried to go on my last trip to Vegas but I had gone at 7pm and there was going to be a wait so I had walked off. This time it was at 4pm and I was seated right away and the place was about 1/4 full. The prime rib arrived quickly ( even before the cocktail waitress had arrived to take my order ) and I was suprised that it was pretty good. After doing some wandering around to sober myself up a bit, I found myself at MGM Grand at a roulette table. I put in $40 and got talking with the dealer. He was from England and we talked about football ( soccer to north americans ) and various other things. After an hour or so I found myself out of chips and decided to call it a night.

    I was a bit tight on time so I got a Monorail day pass for $12. I took the monorail to Ballys for breakfast and there was no wait. Bacon, eggs and coffee - my vacation breakfast staple.

    I wanted to try my luck again at the Caesar's 9am poker tournament so I walked over, registered, and sat down waiting for the tourney to start. At the only cash game going, the players had clearly been playing all night and an argument was brewing. A lady was complaining about the comments another player had made, that player commented that he was only playing poker
    and another player would shout out "shut up and play poker.". After a few more minutes of the arguing the poker room manager came over and took the lady off to the side for a chat and pretty much told her to stop complaining. She went back to the table and the arguing was finally over.

    The tourney started and after 45 minutes and folding almost all my hands, I was dealt pocket 10's. I just called pre-flop and there was only myself and the big blind left. The flop was all low cards and was a rainbow so I made a bet and was raised, so I called. The turn was a 10. I made a good sized bet fully expecting the other person to fold and he called. The river was a queen and since there was no chance of a straight or flush so I raised all in and he called. I revealed my pocket 10's.. he revealed pocket Queens. Big D'oh and another early exit for me. My trip was originally planned around playing in a lot of tournaments. After being in Vegas for less than 2 days I had enough of Poker.

    I spent the rest of the day wondering around the strip checking out various Casinos. I found myself at NY-NY and they are remodelling the Casino, almost half of it is blocked off and during the day there is a lot of very loud noise. I put some money down to play some roulette and after one spin I took my chips and cashed out - the noise was just too ridiculous. I was suprised
    there was anyone playing at any of the tables, the noise was ridiculous. I am guessing the dealers are told to downplay the noise as they seemed to pretend that they couldn't hear any of it,

    I went to Ellis Island again for the steak special, this time at 4pm there was no wait. After dinner, the rest is a little fuzzy. After dinner I walked up to check out Venetian and Palazzo and lost some money playing roulette at Harrah's, Flamingo and Imperial Palace. The monorail pass was my best purchase of the day. At most it was a 10 minute wait and it quickly got me up and down the strip. I wound up back at MGM Grand for a little more roulette before calling it a night.

    I'll post more of the report on Sunday, I am off to a stag weekend and some gambling at one of the Ontario casinos.
  2. tiny_gal

    tiny_gal Tourist

    Jun 12, 2005
    Trips to Las Vegas:
  3. mikenhe

    mikenhe VIP Whale

    Oct 28, 2006
    anglo american in Tampa
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    nice so far - looking forward to the rest of it.

    Ellis island isn;t too shaby for value is it - I like it. must get around to doing the casino in there at some point!!
  4. breanna61

    breanna61 Super Moderator

    Aug 6, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Will be waiting for the rest of your trip report; I'm in Ontario too. I know I won't be one of the dealer's "killing you locally" tonight.....had a croupier's (dealer's) license in Ontario, but put it on ice until I retire.:eek:
    Christmas at Cosmo
  5. gotavegasjones

    gotavegasjones VIP Whale

    Jan 16, 2004
    South Texas
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report. Look forward to reading about the rest of your adventure.

    later, GVJ
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