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aug 21-24

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by chef, Aug 25, 2005.

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  1. chef

    chef Resident Buffetologist

    Apr 20, 2002

    My Trip Report

    This time, I took a wheelchair-bound buddy to Vegas. It's the third year in a row we've done it.
    First off, from Southwest Airlines, to the CAT bus system, to food service establishments, to casinos, to the Hilton, to gentlemen's clubs, employees could not have been more accomodating.
    As a community, Las Vegas gets a thumbs up on the quality if service provided to the disabled.
    We arrived at McCarran Sunday night and took the 108 bus to the Hilton. We've found the bus is an easier transportation option to facilitate than the shuttles. Plus, the 108 drops off in front of Hilton.
    We used the CAT system the entire time we were in town. What stands out most to me is how much important a good driver is to keeping things is order. We had one guy who was fantastic. He joked with the customers, politely gave instructions and was consistent in dealing with all. Plus, he was an efficient mover through traffic.
    That's a tall task to fill when you're driving the Strip route. A couple other drivers we had were just going through the motions and the trip was not as pleasurable.
    Used the $45 ACG and LVA coupons for three nights at the Hilton. It's the third time I've stayed at the Hilton this year and they've yet to ask for the coupons. By the way, if anyone wants them, PM me and I'll send them your way.
    Last year, we stayed at Ballys and that was much more convienent locale. The Hilton was fine, but I need to put myself in my friends shoes to see just how much tougher it is to get around.
    Another thing I need to do when I travel with him is to adjust myself to things he likes to do. Actually, it's good for me spiritually to not always do the things I want. I get to come out to Vegas 5-7 times a year, and he only comes once a year, at the most.
    I enjoy a healthy appetite at gourmet buffets, but he has bowel problems and is on a restricted diet. Conversely, while he enjoys going to strip clubs, I like to keep a restricted sexual appetite while in Vegas.
    Thus, I find myself in places like Kady's Coffee Shop eating the $10.95 meatloaf special with him instead of sitting at the Bellagio buffet. Or, while he is being entertained at the Olympic Gardens, I patiently wait in the lobby, visiting with the doorman.
    The reason I took him OG was because of recomendations I've seen on this board, plus it was on the 108 route. We always try to find a club that is open in the morning. He's an early riser and there's not as much to do in the morning compared to the rest of the day. As we've discovered the last three years, a strip club is the perfect place to spend your morning.
    It's quiet, you can have as much attention as you want and there's usually not a cover at that time. It was just him and one other guy Tuesday morning around 9:00. The girls were more than happy to provide one lap dance after another.
    The other place he went was the Glitter Gulch (not recomended on this board). Between both places, he had 14 lap dances that day. That may seem like a lot, but in our small town, you can't find a place to get one, so that has to fill him up for the year.
    It cost him about $300, but according to him, it was money much better spent than the $300 he spent last year for having an "escort" delivered to his hotel room.
    While he was at the Glitter Gulch, I spent my time eating seafood at the Fremont buffet, so I guess we had a little bit in common that night, if you know what I mean.
    I like going to the Fremont, but the quality of their seafood selection is questionable. The snow crab legs and shrimp were rubbery. The lobster claws would have been too, but I see they've been taken off the menu. Mahi-mahi tasted old and fishy (not a good combo). The tuna, like about any other buffet, was over-cooked.
    The fried calamari, steamers and breaded trout were good. The raw oysters - not too bad and the dungeness crab fair.
    With all that being said, I'll probably still go back, because it's fun eating at a seafood buffet once in awhile and I like that quaint setting.
    I did get to one other buffet and it was one I've been wanting to try for quite awhile - TI. I was disappointed and I really enjoyed Cravings at the Mirage.
    They're both similar in nature, but TI did not win me for the following reasons:
    It's somewhat confusing and not user-friendly. Instead of serving yourself, you had to ask for this or that. The workers behind the counters did not communicate well and it was difficult to explain what you wanted.
    For a gourmet-type spread, the offerings were limited. This is a small area. I also wanted quite sure what the big emphasis on American BBQ fare was?
    They had sushi, but it was pre-plated with either one or two pieces on a plate. For sushi afficinados, that doesn't make sense. Sushi eaters want to mix and match, not have sparse pre-plated fare.
    The make-your-own salad area was, well...it just didn't work.
    Maybe I need to go back and give it another try. Indeed, I'm a fan of electic selections, but this one was way off the map for even me.
    Getting back to women's breasts, my friend wanted to see a topless show. Well, the Riviera was close by and I had a 2-1 for Crazy Girls, so we went.
    And, I know plenty of people her panned that show, but it was convienent and the price was right.
    My favorite part was the guy who juggles. Seriously, he was excellent. My friend liked the juggler, as well, but also liked the jiggles. He was so impressed with the show that he popped for one of the $10 Crazy Girls posters.
    As far as gambling, I was heppy to see my friend win a 3-team baseball parlay one day. That made his day, along with the 14 lap dances. Atleast winning $58 helped defray the lap dance expenses.
  2. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    chef, I always get a new perspective on Vegas from your tr's. :thumbsup:

    Plus, the following lead-in certainly cast the paragraph that followed in a different light:
    "...I spent my time eating seafood at the Fremont buffet, so I guess we had a little bit in common that night, if you know what I mean."
  3. kitson

    kitson VIP Whale

    Apr 20, 2004
    seafood is supposed to smell like fish, right?

    was there any catfish on the buffet?

    while you were stuffing yourself with crabs, he was getting crabs?

    sorry, just didnt quite know what ya meant!
  4. Skyy

    Skyy High-Roller

    Sep 15, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:

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