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Atlantic City, 10/22-23

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by sageblue, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. sageblue

    sageblue High-Roller

    Jul 25, 2005
    Washington, DC
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Inspired by Sunni, I'll throw in my brief remarks about my latest visit.

    We are actually going this weekend as well, but our schedule didn't allow for us to go to The Price is Right Live! at Showboat this coming weekend, so we decided to go last weekend to catch. You see, we are game show fanatics (and I've actually been on one: Pyramid, on which I won $2900 and a trip to Mexico...yes, Donny Osmond really is that nice), so we had to go.

    We arrived Sunday noon at the Showboat and got in line for our free tickets. This is really one of the most annoying things about most Atlantic City comps: any prizes or gifts entail waiting in line forever. It's awful. After getting our tickets and registering, we went through Taj (bad luck at slots and no cheap BJ or craps) and Resorts (great luck at, of course, TPIR slots). The line for the Showboat buffet (for which I had a comp and ACG coupon) was enormous, so, against my better judgment, we decided to hit the Resorts buffet and use the ACG coupon there. First, the line wasn't bad to pay, but then there was a long wait to actually get seated, and I really cannot figure out why: there were plenty of empty tables. It was really just a mad house: too many people in too little a space. Tempers boiled over because people are idiots (I basically had to break up a fight between an octagenarian and a mother of 6 kids because the former accused the rugrats of cutting in line; does this happen at Wynn?). Second, they have completed dispensed with service: you have to get your own drinks and servers are now basically busboys. Never again!

    Normally, we stay at Borgata because the rooms are so nice and they give out Sunday night rooms; however, Bally's has started to do the same, so we thought we'd try it. While checking in, I asked, since this was our first time there, if we could get a nice room; she said yes, but that we'd have to wait an hour. No problem: we played Pick 'Em VP and then got our room. It was on the 22nd floor of the main tower and was great: huge room, huge bathroom with shower and tub, all with windows looking out over the ocean. So, now I'm a big fan of Bally's.

    It was time to head to Showboat to TPIRL! and we gambled a bit there. We actually had great luck throughout the trip doing mainly slots, VP and some BJ and craps when we could find lower tables (our greatest win was a long roll at a $5 Showboat craps table Monday morning, netting us around $350 each)--best luck seemed to come at Resorts and Showboat. Anyway, the show was fairly lame: too loud, too bright, and too cheap. In other words, we didn't win anything, and barely anyone else did.

    We did a quick run-through of Claridge (BJ, up $50) and Sands (VP, down $50) before rummaging around Bally's (where we surprising found $5 craps at night) and then to bed.

    Monday we had a quick bagel at the place in Wild Wild West and dropped by Caesars (VP down $50) and Trump Plaza (VP even) before getting in the car again to go to Showboat to use that buffet coupon for lunch. I mentioned my craps win; well, that luck must have stayed with us, because we waited in line for about 20 minutes without really going anywhere when a seater asked for people willing to sit at the bar: that'd be us! The French Quarter buffet was great, rivalling Borgata and Virginia City at WWW. And it was free!

    After that, we headed off to Borgata to collect various slot bucks: we were up and down all over the place, and finally left AC without having to go to the ATM, which I think is a first for the both of us. I don't think we'll press our luck too much this weekend though...

    PS: for the lazy like us, Bally's and Showboat offer free parking for slot club members; Trump is still being stupid and charging $5, as is Borgata.
  2. wizard950

    wizard950 High-Roller

    Apr 5, 2005
    Harleysville, Pennsylvania
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report SageBlue. We've never stayed at Bally's always Caesars or Harrah's. In fact we're off to Harrah's this Sunday into Monday. Its nice not to have to hit the ATM. That's always a good thing!

    You are so right. Atlantic City needs to learn a lesson or three from Vegas about customer service. The lack of service and lines are just horrendous on some days. However, I must say that I have always been treated very well at both Caesars and Harrah's which is why we stay there regularly.
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