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Aria 5/9-5/12 - low-rolling, food & fancy drinks

Discussion in 'Misc. Vegas Chat' started by whifi, May 4, 2016.

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  1. whifi

    whifi Tourist

    Aug 4, 2015
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Greetings, fiends and degenerates! :wave:

    Discovered this fine forum while I was planning my honeymoon trip (that was last October) and have been reading obsessively since, so I figured it's about time I give back with a trip report of my own. Five days till we leave and I'm blowing off work right now to write this because I can't focus anyway, lol.

    Some background: This will be my fifth trip to Vegas and only my husband's second. We're both 29, no kids; I'm a writer (shit, now I'm setting expectations for this TR way too high) and he's in sales. We're really into food (we abhor buffets), I love a well-crafted cocktail but he doesn't drink at all. We're both very fledgling gamblers — we enjoy slots and I plan to try my hand at some baccarat (okay, probably stadium baccarat) this trip.

    We're staying on a three-night comp (plus a little bit of RC and FP) thanks to that ridiculous offer Aria was sending out recently. Bringing $4K cash to cover gambling and everything else. We're flying in on Virgin and flying out on Spirit (I know I know, but we always spring for the big seats up front so it's really not bad). We'll be arriving Monday night around 8pm, flying out Thursday evening and making it home about 1am local time.

    I'll attempt to do semi-live updates, but no promises — will download and get acquainted with Tapatalk before we leave so I can at least do photos of all this goddamn food we'll be eating. Here's what's on our tentative agenda:

    food & drinks

    -hit up Bardot the first night to blow our RC (went here twice on our last visit, love their beef tartare)
    -lunch at Shake Shack (we're obsessed with this place and have eaten there in 3 cities)
    -dinner at Carbone
    -dollar oysters at DB Brasserie at Venetian (really enjoyed this last time)
    -happy hour at Scarpetta
    -hit up Squeeze at the LINQ for a cocktail (fresh watermelon mimosa? yes please)
    -fancy drinks at Chandelier Bar (failed to make it here on the last visit)
    -Bouchon Bakery at the Venetian (their macarons and TKOs [Thomas Keller's version of Oreos] are amazing)
    -more fancy drinks and soaking up the amazing view at Mandarin Bar (they make a mean mocktail, according to my husband)
    -dinner at Mizumi at the Wynn (that damn waterfall is luring me in)
    -go to China Poblano for the "golden pigs"
    -more fancy drinks and scenic views at Skyfall Lounge

    other stuff

    -blow FP on $5 Quick Hits machine at Aria
    -$5 stadium baccarat at Palazzo
    -probably waste money on the stupid 3D dragon slot at Aria because we can't resist it
    -husband intends to play lots of WoF
    -take an Uber to the Premium North outlets (we're not big outlet shoppers generally but want to scope out Burberry, All Saints, Ferragamo, and a few other stores)
    -blow some cash at the giant Barneys at the Canal Shoppes
    -hit up Goorin Bros. store at the Linq (husband is obsessed with their hats, it's the only brand he wears — and he's been losing his hair since 19 so he has a lot of hats, lol)
    -check out a few casinos we missed last time around, namely The Cromwell and the Mirage
    -husband has an appointment at the Aria spa for a barber shave
    -maybe go to Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay on the last day (I'm meh on this but husband wants to go)
    -will consider hitting up a show if we find ourselves with time on our hands, but kinda doubt it (plus Love and MJ One are dark on the days we're there, argh)
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