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Aria 2/13/10-2/15/10

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by NSO1, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. NSO1

    NSO1 Tourist

    Feb 13, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Being that I have two kids under two, getting a weekend away for just me and the wife is a huge deal. Big thanks to the inlaws for watching them. Anywho, Grandparrents arrive at 11:00 saturday morning to release us from parrenting duties for two days and me and the wife hop in the car and start the trek up the 15 north to vegas, ah another southern california perk, easy vegas access.

    About 30 mins into the trip we see a huge plum of smoke off in the distance around what appears to be the Ontario airport, surely just the local fire dept running a drill I say. Minutes later the 15 north is a parking lot and the southbound is closed completely. We crawl 5 miles for the next 45 minutes and pass the cause for this delay which turned out to be a three car, tractor trailer sandwich with the sedan in the middle cajun style. The Sedan in the middle had tarps over it and various CHP officers were milling around in no hurry, someone did not have a good valentines day. The rest of the trip up goes smoothly, and just fyi, if you've booked a room a the the new M Resort, you are waaaaaaay south on the strip, its almost like its in Jean its that far down, cab rides from there to the strip must be 50 dollars or more.

    Get to Aria after trying to get in the back way through Frank Sinatra Blvd, this road isnt the secret it once used to be and there were only employee entrances so we had to drive up to Flamingo and go back down the strip to get to the entrance of city center. We get to the valet at city center after some confusion, the signage in the turnaround could be better, we ask for a bell cap and are told there we'd have to go to the main valet for that, kind of a pain to walk our own stuff through the casino but not too bad. Signs and casino employees are helpful in getting to the front desk, no problems at check in.

    We get up to the room and use the 50 dollar food and bev credit on some shrimp fired rice, some shrimp entre, and chicken Quesadillas, the quesadillas were awsesome. after about two hours we go down to have sangria at Jullian Serrano with some of my wife's coworkers who where in town, and after we are good a drunk go over to the Tropicana (for some reason). Man the trop is looking rough, if you havent been there in awhile the casino is about a third of the size it used to be, and i guess they canceled the free show they used to do above the casino some time ago. Maybe with the 150 they took from me in roullette they will try and class that joint up, but i doubt it. back to Aria sometime after midnight and crash at the room.

    Up early on sunday and i head down to the Aria casino, its very brown and sort of dark as you may of heard. It feels like its a mix of the palms and mirage casinos. find a 10 dollar min roullette table and donate 200 without a single hit. Find triple play Video poker and feed in 100 and after acouple hands a 10, J, K, A of clubs and after the hold............................................. three reds, son of a B!tch. Back to roullette with that sinking feeling you get when you posting a loss and put in my last 100 for the day and walla it turn it into 300. Helll Yeah.

    more to come
  2. sam_marques

    sam_marques Vegas Vlogs Youtube / TeamClareVlogs

    Nov 19, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great start, looking forward to more!!!
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