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april 19-22

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by chef, Apr 25, 2004.

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  1. chef

    chef Resident Buffetologist

    Apr 20, 2002

    My Trip Report

    Since I was just in Vegas last month, I didn't plan a return trip so soon, but had some free time from work and my son wanted to go. So, why not?
    Our trip coincided with the broadcasters convention and it was necessary to really scout out frugal lodging arrangements. Whenever my son goes with me, he likes to stay at a different spot each night and always a different one than wherever we've stayed on previous trips.
    With ended up with the Gold Strike in Jean, the Gold Spike downtown and Barbary Coast on the strip.
    The Gold Strike was free with a LVA coupon and the drive down only takes about 15-20 minutes. It was adequate with both of us for a late night stay and early departure. The outdoor hot tub and pool was a nice touch.
    The Gold Spike was adequate and plenty of space in room. Spartan accomodations and hard beds, but for $25, it did the job.
    I think the Barbary Coast ($75) is a hidden gem. Great location, quiet rooms and comfortable beds - what more can you ask for? Easy check-in because it is such a small hotel.
    Fortunately, we stayed there the last night and were able to appreciate it more, insteado f the other way around.
    We never had a bad meal the entire trip. Started off Monday night about 8:30 (after the lines die down) at the GVR buffet. They do a great job there and such a varied selection.
    Tuesday lunch was the India Palace buffet. A smallish, but elegant, dining room west of the strip that offered the best service of any place we ate it. The Indian food was nice change from regular Vegas buffet cuisine, as was the quiet atmosphere. Very comfortable chairs to sit on. The food (8.95) was worth every penny.
    That night, we used a 2-1 Southwest Airlines coupon phamlet (I found this in the racks at Midway airport) for the Hilton. I think the Hilton has as good of prime rib or better than any buffet I've ate at. Plus, you can't go wrong with the raw oysters. Don't forget the free beer and wine.
    On Wednesday, we headed north to try out the new Cannery buffet for lunch (LVA 2-1 coupon). I didn't expect much, but it was surpisingly good. I know it's a way's north, but if in the neighborhood, I would go back. It had the different stations and a decent variety.
    Being buffeted out, we settled for the $1.99 1/2 pound burger and fries at Key Largo. With the LVA coupon, our total bill was about $2.30. We were going to In and Out, by why with prices like this. It was a good burger, with plentry of lettuce, onions, pickles and tomatoes.
    We saved the final meal for the Bellagio breakfast buffet. Outstanding. I'l take Bellagio over any place in town for buffets. Anytime you can get a crabmeat (real) omelet and filet mignon for breakfast, besides everything else under the sun, you're in epicurean heaven.
    We did most crap-playing in outlying areas like Railroad Pass (between Henderson and Boulder) and the Eldorado. My son likes the low stakes (.50 minimum) and itis fun to get out of Vegas among some locals. It had a different feel to it. Servers were very friendly, as were the dealers.
    While downtown, the Plaza is a must for me. Along with the Sahara , it is best craps place, in my opinion. I didn't make any money at the Plaza, but had fun.
    Overall, lost money at the tables. The more money I lose, the less fun I have and vice versa. Still, I can't complain. I even had the opportunity to teach a newcomer the game, while playing at the Imperial Palace. That's neat watching a rookie get into it.
    I did have one unusual experience at the Eldorado. On my son's last roll before we left for the airport, I placed $40 on a $2 line bet, even though it was 10X odds, and lost it. I wasn't paying attention and didn't think anything of it.
    Leaving the parking garage, I told him how much I lost and he said that with 10X odds, I could have only bet $20. He suggested I go back in and ask for the extra $20 back.
    I did. They reviewed it on the camera and gave me the $20 back. That was nice of them.
    All in all, a decent trip with the highlight being the meals consumed.
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