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Anniversary "locals" style.

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Vegas Tonya, Sep 6, 2005.

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  1. Vegas Tonya

    Vegas Tonya Margarita Connoisseur

    Mar 30, 2004
    Fabulous Las Vegas
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Well this past Sunday we went "all the way" to California (hee hee) to have our annual bbq with family for Labor Day. My son decided to stay for a few days so hubby and I went out for our anniversary to celebrate our 13 "married" years. I tell him every year well you made it one more year you lucky bastard. :D

    With the boy 153 miles away we decided to have a late dinner Monday and play at the Gold Coast for a little bit. Since it was already 10:00 and I was tired we only took $25 each to gamble. We ate at the cafe in Gold Coast. I had the "Deuces Wild" 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 sausage and 2 bacon (I opted for 4 bacon instead), an ice tea and a blue hawaiin. Hubby had the pastrami sandwich and a piece of cheesecake. Our bill was $26.24....cheapest "anniversary" meal we have ever had. I guess as you get older and have been married so long it's not about where you go but who you go with.

    So after dinner we parted and headed to do our own thing. We don't gamble together because we are BAD luck together. So we usually go our seperate ways and enjoy.

    I sat at a Monopoly 5¢ machine put in my $20 and played down to $9.80 cashed out and figured we would be home by 12. I then spotted my all time favorite machines "Blazing 7's". I am addicted to those games like smokers are addicted to nicotine. I always play the 5¢ machines at Primm when I go there with my sister. Well the only multi-line ones GC has is 1¢, so I put my ticket for $9.80 in there and won a little and lost a little. I was up to 2000 credits at one point then back down to 100, then up again. I got back down to 85 credits and put my remaining $5 in the machine. I then hit a few sets of 7's and was back up to 2000.

    I was there for about 1 hour and by the way only saw the cocktail waitress once.

    Then two older women sat at the 2 machines next to me and we chatted and wished each other luck. Then "IT" happened I hit 5 blazing 7's for a total of 20,000 credits for $200 bucks. Looked at my new friends next to me and told them thanks for bringing the good luck to that side of the casino. Called hubby and he couldn't hear me over the noise of the machine racking up the credits. I just said you have to come over here and see this machine. After I hang up I tell the ladies next to me I shouldn't have called him cause now he will want half.

    He shows up 3 minutes later and says he knew I was the lucky one tonight and "where's his half". The ladies next to me started laughing. So in the customary way I gave him his $40 (that's married half BTW) bucks and told him to get lost cause he's bad luck.

    I moved on to the Silver Strike machine and lost my $10. Then off to loose another $20 at Keno. Then played some multiline VP deuces wild and only lost $9 there.

    We got home at 3:30, crashed and actually slept until my son called at 11:20 asking me to come and pick him up cause he was ready to come home. So back to California (2 hours) and home in time to finish the Tortilla Soup for dinner.

    Oh it's great living in the city I love so much. I should have another TR after this weekend. My brother is coming out to celebrate his 40th b-day and his wife and I are going to make it "special" for him. Guess I should call the bakery for a cake tomorrow.

    Hope you enjoyed my quick little TR.
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