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Annie's Report - May 30-June 5, 2010 - LONG!!!

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Annie Vegas, Jul 13, 2010.

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  1. Annie Vegas

    Annie Vegas Low-Roller

    Jun 2, 2005

    My Trip Report

    I hope I did this right. It's a long report and the photo link is at the end. If I didn't do it right, please let me know, I'm sort of mentally backwards when it comes to this stuff.

    I would like to warn those of you who venture forth that this is really long, probably boring, and may at times sound like a bitchfest. Keep in mind that although I was in Vegas last year, I haven’t been to the Strip for two years now since we had to cut our trip short last year and go home early before we made it to our strip hotel. So it’s been awhile, and much has changed. For those who are weak of heart (or normal), leave now. Bravehearts, read on.

    Day #1

    Although we didn’t get to bed until just after midnight, we were too excited to sleep and were up at 3:00 a.m. to get ready to go to the airport (7:00 a.m. flight).
    We took showers, dressed, did our last minute ritual of the 'did we forget anything?' dance and off we went after extracting a blood oath from adult child that he would take care of our boy Baxter as if we would cause we didn't want a repeat of last year did we?

    Our son drove us to the airport in record time with 90 minutes to spare. Security was a breeze and took about five minutes. There were maybe 4 people there at the airport, although I was picked for the full body scan as I always am. Whatever. I will not let it ruin my mood – I’m going to Vegas baby! The checkpoint guy even joked with us about Vegas,. It really seemed like everyone was happy at this ungodly hour, or maybe it was just us. And I really think we were the only plane taking off and there were only 80 of us. Which means T and I got a 3-seater to ourselves. I didn't even mind the absolutely disgusting, gray slimy breakfast sandwiches we paid $11 for @ the airport. I figured it was my contribution to the Granite State before Sin City got it all.  Nice, smooth flight, we both dozed off and on but were too wired to really sleep, plus I forgot my airplane donut pillow thingie. They apparently no longer have pillows on Southwest (at least this flight) because of the swine flu. Odd - now that it's over, can we get some pillows?

    We landed at about 9:40 a.m., 20 minutes early, and headed over to the car shuttle. Went through the usual “are you sure you don’t want the extra insurance because it will mean giving up your only child if you’re in an accident” ritual, and got our cheapo car. I would like to point out that when we were getting the car, I started to walk towards what I assumed was the row of our cars but the clerk said “no, it’s that aisle, this aisle if for upgrades”. What was strange was that both aisles looked identical in the types of cars. Hmmmm.

    Anyway, we got our car, I think it was a Hyundai, and we were off. The CD player wouldn’t play our homemade CD that we always bring from home with all our Vega$ songs on it. It was a weird CD player too, and took me awhile to figure out where to put the CD in (it was in a panel behind the radio. A valet told us that some of these newer models don’t play burned CDs. Never heard that one before.)

    Got to the Gold Coast at about 11:00 a.m. with not much traffic on strip. Was told at the desk that our room wouldn’t be ready for a couple of hours. I’ve heard about this happening in many trip reports but we’ve been lucky and it’s never happened to us so this was a first.

    We went to the cashier’s cage to put our stuff in a safe deposit box. (Note: If anything ever stops us from staying at the Gold Coast again, it would only be this. I absolutely hate not having a safe in my room. I pray they get with the 21st century and install them in the rooms.)

    We headed to the Players Club where I got my free 3000 points for updating my account, and my free plays. Also T got $10 free play with a LVA coupon if he spent $10. When the put the little “Young at Heart” sticker on my player’s card, I almost cried. I didn’t think 50 was senior citizen material, but apparently they do.

    After that we ran to the bar, played some JOB and had drinks. How funny that we behave so differently when in Vegas. T rarely drinks and I only do in social settings, but here we were guzzling drinks before noon!  After playing and losing about $40 each, we both decided that we should probably eat something, having eaten nothing since the night before, unless you count airplane peanuts and crackers as sustenance. We first went to the buffet but since it was lunchtime for them, and we really wanted breakfast, we headed over to Friday’s for their “Egg-ceptional breakfast” for $4.99 which was not so exceptional. Just bacon, eggs and toast, but it hit the spot.

    By this time, after checking with the front desk again, we were told our rooms were ready. I had explained that I had a fractured foot (from 3 days before our trip, long story) and asked for a room near the elevator. After being assured we were getting one right by the elevator, we were happily off. Twelve doors down from the elevator later, we arrived at room #448, which I was very surprised was so nice. It was very modern looking, with a huge bed (it had to be bigger than King if that’s possible) and a 42” tv on the wall. It reminded me a little of the Hard Rock rooms in style. We called down and requested extra pillows and a blanket (which there wasn’t one), and relaxed, napping off/on for about an hour.

    After cleaning up, we discussed where our first stop would be and decided on the Luxor. We hadn’t been there for years, and T wanted to revisit it. We knew we had to be back to the Rio in a few hours and figured that’s all we’d have time for. We headed over there, and one hour and a vicious financial raping later (sorry to use that term, but I can’t think of any other way to describe the violation we both suffered, financially speaking of course) and we were heading out. I would like to point out that not only did we lose a bundle in that hour (it’s amazing what you can lose in a solid hour), but a cocktail waitress was never seen, not one time, so we couldn’t even get the free drink we so richly paid for. The only thing I did like and this was the only place I saw it, were the “couches” at the blackjack tables instead of those high stools. They were very comfy and I could see myself sitting there for hours, with a few pops, giving up the family fortune. 

    From there, and we should have seen it as a sign of what was to come for the week ahead and ran back to the airport , we headed over to the Rio for what we were sure would be a fabulous buffet and the Penn & Teller show.

    We valeted, and first went to the box office to pick up our Penn & Teller tickets. What I found odd, but didn’t think of it until later, was that the ticket clerk told us we had to be at the theater with our tickets in hand by 8:10 pm for the 8:30 pm show or we’d lose our seats. Why would we lose our seats if they are paid for? Does it matter when we show up? I thought that was kind of weird, but it’s worth mentioning.

    We headed over to the buffet, by now both of us more than a little hungry. Imagine our surprise to get to the buffet to find about 500 people in line! Okay, it was more like 150 but it seemed like 500. The line wasn’t moving, and a bunch of drunk guys (yes they were drunk and it was only 5:30 p.m. but hey we’re in Vegas!) were trying to pay the people at the front of the line to get in front of them. Apparently the $50.00 per head that the front line group wanted was too much for the inebriated fellows, much to my relief since I was prepared to do war with whomever cut the line. We stood there for about 20 minutes and realized we weren’t moving at all, the front group still hadn’t been seated, so we knew we would never have time to wait in this line and make the Penn & Teller show. We walked around a bit, and thought maybe we could eat at the American Bar & Grill, but while standing there, a family walked right in front of us at the same time the hostess was coming back to her station, requested a table and were seated! The hostess then proceeded to tell us we would have a half hour wait. I pointed out that the people she just seated had rudely cut in front of us and got seating immediately. She then went to her supervisor and they offered to seat us immediately. However, the truth is, by this time, I was just all around annoyed trying to eat for the last couple of hours and and had lost most of my appetite. The final decision was made after seeing the $28 hamburger on the menu. We decided it wasn’t really worth it and we could wait for Ellis Island after the show, so we left.

    We made a quick stop at the Sports Deli, and split an order of really great fries. I mean they were delicious – steak fries, the kind I love. I would like to mention that although we didn’t have them, their salads looked to die for too. Headed over to the Penn & Teller show which was in short, amazing. What a great show, really entertaining. We both loved it but I liked it more than T did. Penn mentioned onstage that he was 6’7” and I was thinking how really tiny Teller is up there. Well imagine my surprise when after the show during the meet and greet in which they meet every member of the audience and sign whatever guests want them to and take pics with them, to find out Teller is about 5’11”. He’s a good inch over my husband. He also talked!! I couldn’t believe he spoke to me. It was totally cool, although he does have a pretty high voice. LOL. We bought a couple of programs, one for a friend back home, got them signed, had our pics taken and left. We headed over to Ellis Island because by now we were not only starving but completely exhausted.

    The wait at Ellis Island was about 15 minutes, with the usual one-dining-room-is-closed excuse (it’s nice to know some things never change!). We finally got seated, and T was nodding off waiting for his ham and eggs. I got the chicken pasta alfredo. Don’t know what I was thinking so late at night, but I remembered I really liked it the last time I had it, so that’s what I got, and it was great, but by now although I hated to admit it, at 50, I cannot stay awake longer than 24 hours in a row, and bed was calling even if it was only about 1:00 a.m. So we ate, gave them our coupon, paid the bill and headed back to Gold Coast, with me whining all the way back about how I hated to go to bed so ‘early’. 

    T headed right to the room, but dummy (that’s me) didn’t go to bed, and played BJ awhile. Had a great dealer, “Louis” who had worked pretty much everywhere in Vegas, and although I wasn’t winning much with him, his stories were pretty cool. However, even his storytelling couldn’t keep me awake much longer and I finally crawled off to bed at about 2:30 or so.

    Day #2

    Woke at about 5:00 a.m. – WTF? Must be the East Coast thing. Gratefully fell back asleep and awoke at about 9:00 or so. After showering, headed over to the Paris at about 11:00, determined that once and for all, we were going to have that damn breakfast buffet. The line was the usual mile long, but imagine our surprise when we discovered they had a special line that I think for $10 pp more, you can skip the line. I ran to the Rewards Booth for my 20% coupon that I received via the Harrahs text special, and we got in for the low price of $49 total (this seems ridiculously high for breakfast, but better than spending the morning in line).

    I have to admit, it was a fabulous breakfast. The crepes are wonderful and the ham was thickly sliced, with many fabulous breads, and oh so many pastries. There was a disgusting woman behind me in the crepe line with her mother, who chatted constantly with her mouth full. She was actually eating while in line. Note to buffet people: you don’t have to eat everything at once. There’s plenty more where that came from, and buffet doesn’t mean all you can at the same time. They also continually kept trying to push me forward because they couldn’t wait for me to move up so they could get whatever I was standing in front of. Yuck.

    After a wonderful breakfast, and a pretty atmosphere (I love the little buildings and stations, oh so French, and in spite of the price would go back in a minute), we headed off to the casino. I was very disappointed to see 7/5 JOB at this casino but this seemed to be a sign of things to come along with the ever-popular 6/5 BJ all week long. I did play awhile, and got a good run on JOB for awhile. After doubling my money, cashed out and tried to find T at the BJ tables. Sat for awhile playing BJ, and there was a guy between us who thought what fun it would be to hit on everything and even split his 10s. We didn’t think that was so fun so we left after losing a bit.

    I don’t care if I sound like a beeyatch but this is my advice to truly amateur BJ players. Everyone has to learn sometime, and I agree it should be fun and not all work. However, if you don’t know the rules or don’t care, then play alone. You’re not hurting anyone that way. But when you play with a table of people, your play affects others, and if you play poorly, it makes people hate you and want to smash your head against the table.  however, I digress.

    Wondered out front to take some pictures and was immensely disappointed that the fountain was gone! There was some scaffolding and canvas around something and policeman told us they tore down the fountain and were building a new club “The Sugar Club” (?) We took some pics, including some of the unbelievably, hideously ugly Aria, and went back inside to grab our car and head out to NYNY.

    We expected to be disappointed in NY NY. This was always our favorite next to the Paris. But we had heard last time we were here two years ago that there was going to be lots of architectural changes in the casino and they weren’t wrong. Gone was “Central Park” and the trees over the tables, replaced by the stainless steel look of PH which I hate. Sorry but I have to feel comfortable in a casino to spend my money, and NYNY was always my favorite, but alas, no longer. That title now exclusively belongs to Paris. That place still hasn’t changed. We walked around the little shops of NYNY which hasn’t changed much, thankfully, and thought how cute it was that Grandma was changing baby’s diaper on a park bench right in front of customers eating hot dogs at little tables (enter sarcasm here).

    We noticed that a lot of the ambiance and props, as it were, have been replaced by simple murals which just doesn’t cut it IMHO. More bars and slot machines. I played my favorite machine awhile, Triple Wild Cherry, and lost about $40. Played some video keno awhile too and lost a little. T and I didn’t really want to play BJ, but played VP by the Irishmen Bar for awhile. He cashed out @ $100 and I was a little up. What was really funny and embarrassing was T couldn’t get his machine to cash out his money. We called 2 staff members to get us a change person and after literally waiting a half hour for someone, I finally tracked down a floor supervisor who got a change person to come and fix the machine. Imagine our horror and embarrassment to find out it was because T hadn’t played his last hand! After crawling away like two idiots (okay, he’s the idiot, but I’m the accomplice), we left and headed over to PH to pick up our tickets for the Fab Five show.

    Valeted at Miracle Mile shops (this place is so big they need two valets?), got our tickets at the VIP counter and walked about a mile around the mall, no kidding. I walked this mall when it was the Desert Passage and see nothing has changed. It really is nothing more than another overpriced mall, and being from Boston, we have a ton of those. We stopped in a little jewelry store in there and were entertained by a jeweler who tried to tell me what a good deal it was to purchase this little, tiny 14K gold daschund for the bargain price of $225!

    Bought our son some really hot sauce that came with this cute fire distinguisher and aloe for the tongue (he’s not brave enough to open it yet), and then by that time around it was time to go to the theater to wait for the show.

    T got a coke and I got what I thought was nuts & berries but couldn’t taste the booze. T went to the bartender for another shot of Chambord. These drinks were $16 each. The Fab Five show was okay. We had free passes so it was fun, and I could even see paying with a 1/1 coupon but that’s about it. It’s a good way to kill time for an hour or so. The group are not really lookalikes at all, but what was impressive was their sound. They all played their own instruments and sang the songs themselves, and they did sound just like the Beatles. However, in the front row we could see that “Paul” was about 4’10”. John, however, was great and looked a lot like the real thing and sounded like him too. The Emcee was a poor imitation of Ed Sullivan, and the whole thing had a very amateur feel about it, but like I said a good way to kill an hour. We got our souvenier photo for $10 and left.

    By this time, neither of us felt like cruising the strip, so we headed over to the GC to give them some of our money since they did give us two free nights and food. T brought our stuff to the room and we went to the Prime Rib buffet. Not the greatest ever but a pretty solid buffet (loved the Mongolian teriyaki wings). After the tip and our Young @ Heart discount it was $6.04 total. Can’t beat that price! Play a $1 Wild Cherry machine with one of my $20 free plays and didn’t even get a coin. That’s what I get for trying a dollar machine. LOL. Won about $20 on the other free $20 play on VP but gave it back of course.
    We talked about going over to the Palms, but T didn’t feel like it (he really doesn’t like it there) so we stayed at GC and played BJ for a few hours but couldn't really get going so when I was up a little I headed to bed at about 1:00 am.

    Day #3

    Woke up about 8:30 or so, and after fussing about, and quickly packing up, we headed out at about 11:00. Had $10.04 in room charges from breakfast the first day but Betty at the front desk checked with the casino host and they took care of it for us.

    Headed over to the Fitz and checked in for what was a super easy check in. Rooms were ready, and as usual I requested a room by the elevator not expecting much. I also asked for a room on a higher floor since last year we were on the 4th floor and which emitted a funny sewer-like smell from time to time (we figured we were near a dumpster). Our desk clerk was awesome! Not only did we get a high floor (19th), but our room was literally right next to the elevator and ice machine. Yeah baby! (Noisy elevators and people coming/going don’t bother me a bit. I am also immensely happy to report that the Fitz elevators are completely renovated and repaired and didn’t wait a bit all week for them.) We loved our room with the big wraparound window facing Main Street Station and Binions.

    The bed at the Fitz was even bigger than the Gold Coast (a super King?) but not as comfortable. The shower head was fabulous, just like home. On the downside, there are not enough plugs in the room, the tub is scary with the safety handle too low; the iron sucks; the blanket/bedspread is dollar store material; and the TV was a Phillips 19”, although we only had it on once or twice. We don’t watch tv in Vegas. That’s not why we’re there.

    On the whole, the rooms at the Fitz are very clean and comfortable, and that’s all I can ask for especially at those prices (free!). It has definitely become our downtown home.

    We called housekeeping and requested additional pillows, called home to check in and make sure son and pets were still alive and headed out. Stopped in at the players desk for our free play and coupons, and headed over the Four Queens for breakfast/lunch and to begin our downtown crawl.

    T got his ham/eggs (yes that’s pretty much all he eats!) and I tried to the turkey club which was excellent! Used an LVA coupon and the total was $17.40 with tip.

    Played awhile on my triple double cherries, and was up a little. I then played a little BJ and some VP. T won and lost a little too. We headed over to the Nugget for our Starbucks fix and people watched a little bit. Entertained by some street people hanging out in the Starbucks court, who were not only high/drunk but fighting with each other. Played some Let it Ride and won about $18 which was a shocker because I never win on that game. Played some cherries and hit a couple of souvenir shops on Fremont.

    Stopped in at Golden Gate and was disappointed that they got rid of their JOB machines from last year. However, we picked up our free deck of cards and played a little BJ. Loved the gangster motif and dancing girls. We really enjoyed the whole roaring twenties feel and the fact that they hadn’t changed their 3/2 BJ and $5 tables.

    Stopped in at the Plaza to play our free $5 slot play and just couldn’t wait to get out of this dying place. There were virtually 4 people in there. Stopped in at the players club booth only to be told we had 835 points that expired in July but couldn’t use them for anything because the promotions they were having only applied to new players. That wasn’t what bothered me. The Plaza used to be one of my downtown faves, but it has just gotten worse and worse and resembles a giant tomb that no one wants to visit. A façade of days gone by. Tear it down or remodel it for the love of God! The only good thing about the joint is they do have 9/6 JOB as does the Vegas Club.

    Headed over to the Vegas Club which wasn’t much better – maybe there were 5 people here, and after playing a $10 MP with a dealer who had to read the coupon, call a guy over to read it, and discuss it, only for me to lose it anyway, T played his $10 free play on 9/6 JOB and won about $7.50. We then headed over to the California for some play and to finally try the Pasta Pirate. Before we left the Vegas Club, however, we found this nifty little booth in the back by the players club and after putting $10 in, made a really fun video of both of us as bobblehead dancers singing Viva Las Vegas. That was truly fun, and we’ll always have it to embarrass our family with.

    Headed over to the California, where we discovered that the Pasta Pirate was closed on Tuesdays! Damn, should have called. Anyway, we stayed awhile, and played BJ with a BJ Nazi who didn’t bust once. Moved on to another table, where after being up and down awhile, lost about $25. T and I played $20 each on VP awhile for about an hour which was great, and by now we were hungry, so decided to try the much raved about 777 Brew Pub at Main Street.

    On the way to Main Street, we got hit up by a “family” looking to give us “free beads” but T was worried about a mugging, so we kept going. He joked about our getting murdered on the way back to our room later, being out downtown so late.

    Stopped at the Players Club and were told we had about $9 in comps, then over to the Brew Pub. The food was just delicious! T ordered the Prime Rib (this is what he eats when he’s not eating ham & eggs) and I had the ribs. Played a while, couldn’t get much going, but we knew we were coming back another day here, so we headed back to Starbucks for another fix. Only in Vegas is it completely natural to get a latte at midnight! Caught the last laser show at midnight in the Starbucks court. Stopped in my favorite downtown store, Coyote, to grab some of my fave grape body lotion that I buy every year but were dismayed to find the owner sold it so it was now just another cheap souvenir store. Got a free lotion sample from the clerk at the store next store who didn’t sell the lotion, just had the free sample for some reason. Stopped in at Four Queens to cash out an earlier ticket, and headed over to the Fitz for a little BJ. Played $5 BJ at 6/5. I can’t believe I caved in and played 6/5 but there’s not much 3/2 anymore, unfortunately. The only 3/2 was $10 and the other $5 wasn’t open, so 6/5 it had to be. Considering how few BJs I really get, it makes little difference but it’s the damn principle of the thing!

    Here is where I learned something new. Never underestimate the changes that the personal mood of a dealer can bring! We had Jose, who was awesome, and we were having a blast, a real fun table. However, Jose’s shift was ending and no one was coming to relieve him, and he was getting progressively irritated, until a half hour past this shift came and went and his mood changed everything and everyone was losing and it got real quiet and sour. I can’t believe I experienced this but I did! It proves that sometimes the atmosphere can make things happen, and luck and skill have little to do with it.

    Played BJ until about 2:00 am. Won about $15 on some of my $50 free play at my favorite VP machines on the second floor, and finally headed to bed,

    Downtown observations: more street people than ever – drunks and other substance abusers, who seem to fight alot. The good JOB (9/6) can be found at the Plaza, Vegas Club, Main Street, and the California. The crappy 7/5 VP is everywhere at the Nugget and even at the Fitz, although the Fitz also has 8/5 JOB.

    Day #4

    Up @ 8 am with a call from our adult son reporting that our Boy Baxter was continuously getting sick all over the house. Since it was exactly one year to the day of our early trip home last year over the dog, we started having those horror flashbacks. However, the dog was much better after a few hours and adult moron son did admit that he shared his salmon the night before with the dog, (Note: never feed a dog fish fat). We stayed up, showered, and decided to start our day. This was going to be our uptown strip day.

    Breakfasted at our beloved Peppermill. Had a great breakfast - about the same price as the Paris buffet but we love this joint! There are always a cast of characters in and out of here – once we even saw a classic tv pimp and his 4 blonde hos, I swear we did. This time was tattoo lady and her S.O. She seemed normal looking enough, probably in her 30’s, but she was covered, and I mean covered, neck to ankle in tattoos. I’ve never seen that many tattoos on any human being, much less a woman. I quietly videotaped her but couldn’t get a good photo with my camera – sorry. We enjoyed that, ate a great breakfast – I had a cheese omelet, T had – guess what? yep you guessed it - ham and eggs, We then headed over to the Sahara , where T wanted to visit again before they tore it down. There were maybe 10 people in here, and we walked around a bit, feeling really full and tired from a huge breakfast. We played a little 8/5 JOB, then some BJ using a matchplay. While playing, the pit boss was trying to tell a player at our table he honestly didn’t know Danny Gans had died. I will assume he was kidding although he never let on that he was because no one can be that stupid, right? Our young lady dealer was a real stickler and proceeded to rat me out to the pit boss because I was trying to read my son’s text message with a report of the dog. This was while she was shuffling so I didn’t see the harm, and neither did the pit boss apparently. Well honey, no soup for you! After awhile of both of us playing, not winning and having more than a couple of drinks, we grabbed a coffee at Seattles Best, stayed a couple of more hours and played some more BJ and VP, and then finally left.

    Took a break and went across the street to the World’s Largest Souvenir Store where we needed to pick up a few things for folks back home. Spent about $100 and after a quick drive through stop at Starbucks for a latte fix, headed over to Bill’s where we valeted for the day. Stayed for the whole Big Elvis show this time, where T had a blast as one of his guitar players in his little contest; this was great because my husband volunteers for nothing, but never underestimate the power of Vegas and a few drinks. Got the whole thing on video to blackmail him with too. LOL. Of course, while I was watching this, the two drinks I just bought for $20 were knocked over by this drunk a—hole next to me in the lounge, and all he did was look and laugh and join his group. This really steamed me. I would never, ever do that without offering to buy the person a new drink, but whatever. There’s always going to be one in the crowd, and I met one this trip. It was worth the $20 to see this show. After, T had his pics taken with Big Elvis and the Roy Orbison-impersonator, and off we went to play awhile. I have to admit that as a kid, I was never much for Elvis – he passed away while I was in high school – however my husband, being older than me, is a huge fan, and I have to admit I’ve developed a healthy respect for the artist as I grow older and appreciate his music a lot more than I used to.

    I won a little playing BJ, T nothing, and after a couple of hours we headed over to Flamingo where we both quickly lost $60 between us on about 20 minutes of 8/5 VP. At this point, after a few drinks and 105 degrees, we were both really hot and I was starting to feel the effects of heat and alcohol big time. We had planned to walk around the outdoor habitat a bit to see changes that were done but it was just too hot so we rested a bit, and wandered through O’Sheas, and on to Harrah’s to play awhile before the dueling Twins’ show (this is T’s second fave attraction in Vegas, next to Big Elvis). However, we lost so quickly at Harrah’s, between VP and BJ – more than $100 in what seemed like 5 minutes, that T was no longer feeling any love from the place and wanted to leave.

    Mosied on over to Casino Royale but they had no shoe BJ which T only really likes, so we headed back over to Bill’s cause we were both hungry at this point and wanted to try the Victorian Room, which we had a 2/1 coupon for anyway from another Harrahs special text. I was really surprised at how many people were ordering Chinese food there. I didn’t realize this was such a big part of their menu and maybe it’s because we can get it anytime back here at home, but it’s the last thing I would think of ordering in Vegas unless I was in an actual Chinese restaurant. Anyway, T ordered the prime rib special and I had the Philly cheese steak and fries. T didn’t really like his prime rib, thought it was very dry. The cheese steak and fries was okay, but the onion soup that we split was gross – like a bowl of mushy onions. Anyway we were both full and couldn’t finish our meal. After paying the bill we left and decided to throw a quick $20 in VP before leaving. T couldn’t really get anything going but my machine wouldn’t stop paying – I just kept getting 4OAKs and straight flushes and finally cashed out at $180! Woo hoo! This was my big win of the week, btw, but I was downright ecstatic at this point. I threw another $20 in to confirm that I sucked all I could out of the machine and we got out of there.

    After endless construction on Paradise trying to get to Starbucks for my midnight fix to absorb all of the alcohol of the day, we headed back downtown to the Fitz, and to our room for a quick late night power nap. (Yes in Vegas, this is not an uncommon thing either. ). Woke and went downstairs at about midnight and played between Fitz and Fremont until about 2:00 when T decided bed was calling. We joked all day that T lost so consistently at every hand he played, that when he wouldn’t bust it would be a “praise Jesus” moment. Since I am a masochist by nature, I stayed up until 3:00 with Jose, the ever mood-changing dealer from an earlier session.

    Day #5

    Woke about 9:00 am (a pattern has developed, I just can’t sleep late here) and we headed over to the Golden Gate for breakfast and a little early morning roaring twenties BJ. We had a LVA coupon so we used that. T got eggs benedict – just kidding wanted to see if you were paying attention – his usual ham & eggs, and I went with excellent bacon and eggs, and since I was jonesing for something sweet, ordered a bear claw as well. When I realized I didn’t really want the bear claw, the waiter got all cranky and made a comment like “I knew you would do that”, so I decided it wasn’t worth the $2 bucks to argue with him and just got it to go. (We picked on this thing in our room for 2 days, btw, LOL.)

    We decided we wanted to stay downtown today so we walked around a bit, went to the souvenir store to add another piece to our Vegas luggage set, and picked up a couple of things (I got a really cool waterproof tote bag that carries lots stuff to and fro work). T went to the room to bring the stuff we bought so we could face our gambling day baggage free so to speak. I stayed at the Nugget and threw a $20 in VP while I waited for him to return. Made a few phone calls from my new second home, Starbucks, and T got back while I was finishing up.

    We got our lattes/ice coffees and headed back to Golden Gate for a little play. We didn’t have much luck here, each losing quickly. I think the pit boss felt bad for us and must have thought we were real losers because he handed us each a coupon for a free shrimp cocktail. Because we rarely get anything free, we acted so excited I am sure he thought we were homeless.  We left there and headed over to Main Street Station again. The homeless people who were fighting at Starbucks the other night were now squatting in front of the train station model by Main Street, apparently having made up. We stayed about an hour or so, playing most VP, some Cherries and some BJ. We really wanted to stay longer because we both love this place and really want to stay in their rooms at some point but we just weren’t winning and couldn’t punish ourselves any longer. We walked over to Binion’s with no plans of playing there – the changes in there have just turned us both off – but we did go to the players club booth to get our coupon for our free million dollar photo. We were told that although we could use the free 2/1 deli coupon we had, we couldn’t use the matchplays because the computer showed we used them last year. These are the coupon sheets they pass out when you get the photo taken with the million dollars. Why give them out if you’re going to refuse them to “repeat guests”? How many new people are they getting in there? From the looks of the place, they’re not filling the joint and you would think they wouldn’t be so picky with their coupons, but whatever. I didn’t really want to play there anyway, with their SD BJ and their cowgirls dealing it.

    We headed over to 4 Queens to play awhile, and played BJ for about an hour or so. Stopped at the Players Club where T got his 2/1 Magnolias coupon courtesy of ACG. FYI - they wouldn’t let us use the 2/1 Magnolias coupon from the Fremont Sheet either because we used it last year so I see a pattern developing.

    After playing awhile, we headed over to Binion’s for our photos, and then to the valet because we wanted to get to the Orleans this trip for their great buffet and a little play.

    Got to the Orleans Buffet around 6:00 pm, and there was no line! This is heaven to us, hey we’re old okay? The food was as fabulous as I remember it – it’s been a few years since we’ve eaten here – and although it’s similar to the Gold Coast in style – the food is much better. It’s fresher, and more of a variety. There are lots of locals there too which just adds to the ambiance. We had a great waitress too. We used an LVA coupon too so the whole bill was about $20 including tip.

    We stayed awhile, played some BJ. T really made some of his money back here, while I lost a little. We had a couple of drinks at the Mardi Gras Bar and played some VP for awhile too, just relaxing. T won $50 on VP which was awesome, and then we decided to leave and head back over to Harrah’s to try to catch the Dueling Twins show that we missed previously.

    Caught part of the show, but 1 Twin was missing and they had another woman who picks up the slack for them, and it was pretty good. T was a little disappointed but happy that he saw what he did.

    We still needed a few chips for our collection that we didn’t get on previous visits so I waited at Harrahs, people watching, while T made quick stops at O’Sheas, IP and CR for chips we needed. The tables were all $10 anyway and I wasn’t interested when $5 was waiting for me downtown, quite honestly. We grabbed Starbucks on the way out of Harrahs at their Carnival Court location where again I couldn’t use the damn gift card I had (only independent stores like Paradise takes gift cards, not casino locations) and headed back downtown.

    Went back to the Fitz for a power nap and headed out about 10:30 pm (I love doing this in Vegas!)

    We played BJ a little bit in the party pit or whatever they call it at the Fitz. The theme in all of these casinos now are these little party pits with young girls who I am sure are not old enough to vote dealing BJ, who can barely shuffle the cards. I realize I’m an old bag but this girl kept dropping the cards while she shuffled them, all the time batting her eyes coquettishly at my husband and not paying any attention to me. If I was the jealous type I would have been mad, but truthfully I found the whole thing positively hysterical because I knew she had a better chance of seeing Christ jump off the cross than she had with my old husband who’s only interest is his cards, and if not for the annoyingly loud ear splitting music I would have stayed and played but I couldn’t take the music, we were screaming at each other literally just to talk, so we moved on to the Four Queens since the only other tables open in the center pit at this point was SD $10.

    Played Let It Ride and BJ at the 4Q but we got no love, so we played a little VP but couldn’t do anything much except T won a little on a 4OAK. Moved on to the Fremont but T was really a little hungry and I wasn’t, so we made a quick pit stop at McD’s at the Fitz for a quick cheeseburger and fish sandwich (hey I can always eat). Back to the Fremont for some BJ. T played some too, but finally said “good night gracie” at about 2:00 and headed off to bed, but I don’t know how to say good night in Vegas, so I stayed awake awhile at the Fitz and played SD and some VP. I finally gave up the ghost at about 3:30 and headed to bed, having won very little.

    Day #6

    Our last full day in Vegas and I was already feeling a little weepy. We slept a little later than usual and had breakfast at Magnolia’s with our coupon acquired the day before. This time T shocked us all and ordered the steak and eggs, and I got the turkey club again because it was so great the other day. It was still great but T’s steak and eggs were delicious and I wished I had gotten it.

    Took a couple of business calls during breakfast, and then we headed uptown with plans to revisit the Paris, see the Bellagio fountains and maybe the Wynn/Encore, and if we had time, the Palazzo (which we never had time for). On the way uptown, we stopped at Spinetti’s which has gambling supplies, behind the Gamblers General Store, to add to T’s ever growing magnet collection but they had nothing. While I was still on the phone, he stopped in at the Attic but didn’t find anything he liked there either. We were disappointed to find that Main Street Antiques is completely gone, just an empty lot. By this time, it was about 2:00 pm, we headed over to the Paris for a couple fo hours and played awhile. All of the tables were $10 and $15. I played a little VP at my favorite machine, and a little $5 Let It Ride and even some $10 BJ, but after about $100 gave up. Stopped at a little shop by the buffet where they sell the fabulous grape body lotion I couldn’t get downtown anymore, and was so happy to learn I could get a small 10% discount with my rewards card! Headed over to the Bellagio to watch the fountains from the Fontana Bar but they don’t open until 5:00 pm and it was now 4:00. We played a little VP and didn’t think we could wait that long so we walked out to the railing beyond the valet, and watched the fountains from there which was a great view, and enjoyed the sounds of Lady Luck by the Chairman himself. This nice lady even took a bunch of pics of us which was very nice of her.

    I should point out that all of the tables at the Bellagio at 4:00 pm were $10 as well except one $5 table that was full. We won a little on VP, visited the conservatory (loved the spring look, ants and all) and left for Encore.

    We really loved the Encore! We decided not to go over to Wynn because we really didn’t want to be on the Strip on Friday night, but we stayed awhile at the Encore and soaked up the atmosphere. The place is so red, and smells just like the Wynn as I remember it, that’s the first thing I noticed.

    We walked around a bit, visiting the Players Club to get new cards but were told it was the same account as Wynn. Even though we did get Encore cards, we couldn’t get Encore chips, they only had Wynn.

    We played a little progressive VP. I’m pretty sure the VP was 8/5 but it may have been 7/5, not sure. I had finally found the drink I had been searching for all week so I had two! I could not get a Lemontini all week in Vegas, all bartenders told us they did not have Lemoncello, that they could only make lemon drop martinis which is not the same thing. However, Brett at the Encore is the best bartender in the world and gave me his best Outback look and said “but of course I know how to make one”. He mentioned that not many bars stocked lemoncello. Oo baby. Did he ever and it was delicious. That and T’s sombrero was $23 with tip (yikes) but worth it. Of course, it was only then did I realize I was standing at a bar that had VP and I could have drank for free, but I didn’t think those type of drinks were free. We moved on to what seemed like the only $10 BJ table (they were all mostly $15 by this time) and we played awhile with two very friendly dealers. The place was not crowded at all at this point with very few people in the place. One of the dealers was telling us that they had just opened the Beach Club a couple of weeks before and they cabanas were going for $20,000 per night and they sold out with the likes of Paris Hilton, etc.! Jeez! $20,000? And I was whining about $23 in drinks? Kind of puts everything in perspective, don’t it?

    What was really impressive was that during our play, I asked for another Lemontini and got it for free. I was always of the impression that you couldn’t get top shelf drinks while playing but they didn’t even bat an eye, said I could have whatever I wanted! We both agreed that if we could get a good deal, we could easily be talked into staying here!

    By this time, I was feeling no pain and could have stayed all afternoon, losing all my money at the table, until this little rich kid came along with two of the trashiest girls on his side and started to play with the girls making all kinds of noise and just being overly obnoxious so we took our drinks and left. (NOTE to young girls: if you want to look hip and sexy and cool and not trashy, do not wear cheap plastic jewelry from Walmart. People can tell the difference.)

    We headed back downtown for dinner and to catch Kevin Burke’s show at the Fitz. We decided to eat at the Fitz Garden Court cause we had a coupon. Of course I forgot to cash in a $30 slot ticket from the Encore so we made a mental note to do that on the way to the airport the next day.

    We had dinner at the Courtyard Grille where I had some of the best ribs ever, the meat literally fell off the bone. Included was the salad bar, dessert & baked potato for $9.95. T had the prime rib which was fabulous too, but neither of us could finish our meals, they were just too big. I would like to point out that this place is underrated. I’ve heard a lot of bad stuff about it but have eaten a lunch, dinner and two breakfasts there over the past couple of years and have never had a bad meal.
    Saw Kevin Burke who we thought was very funny and a pleasant way to spend an hour away from the tables. He even sells t-shirts after the show, which proceeds go to Catholic Charities, for $10, so I couldn’t resist and got a free pic with him as well.

    Being our last night in town, and being the big shots we are, we 'hit the town', downtown that is, LOL. Went over to the 4Q and played awhile. T played BJ and I played Let It Ride at first then BJ and then by now what was my fave Triple Double Cherry machine. Alas, could get no love from 4Q so I bid adieu and headed over to the Fremont where T & I played @ separate tables because I prefer DD and he likes the shoe. I held my own and played for about an hour and won a little. T said his table was one of the best BJ sessions he ever had, where everyone played properly and he doubled his $$ w/$100 or so. There was a table across from us that was just one of those tables so much fun to watch with the players hooting and hollering everytime they won, and what made it funnier was it was a $3 table! Loved it!
    We left and headed back to the Fitz for more play. Back to the playpen/bimbo pit but the music was again too damn loud (God I’m old) so we moved further in where there were a few more tables open. I played BJ at a couple of different tables, while T kept me company. He then went off to bed and I ended up at a table with 4 inexperienced players playing $2 BJ. If I hadn't been winning I would have left after strangling the pain in the ass next to me who was just hitting on about everything in front of her, turning her 18s into 12s.

    T came down to visit cause he didn’t want to admit he was tired, but gave up and went back to bed. I went up to my bank of machines on the second floor and played various machines such as VP, Keno, Triple Dbl Cherries then back downstairs unwilling to give up the ghost for the night. Played SD BJ for about an hour and made a decent profit which took care of what I lost upstairs plus some; and by now I was positively dizzy from exhaustion so I finally crawled into bed at 4:00 a.m.

    Day #7 – Last Day

    We awoke at 8:00 but couldn’t drag our asses up so called and requested a second wake up call for 9. Quickly packed in 2 hours or so, and headed over to the Fremont for their Saturday brunch which was really excellent (some of the best roast beef/prime rib I've ever had). With our Fremont sheet 2 for 1 coupon and T’s comps, the cost was $7.92 incl. tip for both of us.

    Headed back to our room for our luggage stopping first @ Krispy Kreme for donuts to bring home. Checked out quickly but was told they could only take $2 slot play off room charges, that I’d have to go to the Players Club for the table rating. She said that it takes longer and didn't have an answer for me when I questioned her, so I said I would call them myself since we didn’t have time to wait in the line at the Players Club. I figured it would be no problem, since in the past they always took off our room charges.
    Off to the airport with a quick stop at the Encore to cash in my $30 ticket – T had to tip the valet $2 to go in- whatever) then returned the car and got to airport 2 hrs early. I quickly lost $30 in WOF machines that didn't yield a single spin. Don't like this part of terminal C. It looks like it’s still a work in progress with about 12 machines and not much else, just one fast food restaurant.

    Got on A boarding (34, 35) so the extra $10 ea well worth it on the return flight and we would do it again in an instant. Got a seat between us again too since it again was not a full flight.

    Had a wonderful time, went by way too fast as it always does. We've talked of going back in the fall but we probably won’t make it until next Spring again, unless we get an incredibly free offer.

    Overall thoughts:

    Hate, hate, hate the looks of Aria. It does nothing to invite me in, it’s too clinical, and it’s all but destroyed the beauty of that end of the strip and has completely overshadowed the Monte Carlo, you can't even see it. I’m sure we’ll get there at some point but neither of us is in a hurry.
    Didn’t make it in to the Palazzo but that’s something for the Bucket List.

    Everywhere we went it seemed, there were outside bars everywhere with pretty girls with big boobs. Flamingo, IP, etc. Booze and sex seems to be more of the theme more than ever. This is okay by me, I’d prefer this over the children, sorry I’m not a hater, just my opinion.

    I was a little disappointed in the Fitz since when I got home I called and spoke to a host who said he couldn’t take the $20 + off our bill based on the 4 nights of play there. This was never a problem in the past, and they comped us at the Gold Coast for 2 nights of play but we figured we got 4 free nights + some slot play so it still comes out in our favor, but just sayin.

    The only thing that bothered me was when T was in line at the Paris to cash in a ticket, it was his turn and the female clerk called him forward. However, a Diamond Player came up behind him and she made T stop what he was doing, step aside and took the Diamond guy, saying those players are ‘their best people”. Sorry Diamond people, but this is a lot of crap. It’s one thing to have just that window for Diamond Players. But they shouldn’t stop a person in the middle of a transaction to make the Diamond person feel like a VIP, and her choice of words – “best people” – was lousy. There were other ways to put it. I guess our money isn’t good enough there. I still love the Paris, just not some of the morons that work there. They need a lesson in PR.

    Finally, I have to admit that the more we go, the more we prefer the ambiance and cheapness of downtown. We’re much more comfortable playing there, and I can be just as happy playing $5 per hand as I can at $10. This is not to say we won’t stay on the Strip, because there are still quite a few places on my Bucket List, but downtown is our home now and we just love it there.

    We had about $256 in coupons which was great and other than the gambling which was not good for us at all this trip – one of the worst – we paid for little else, even getting our airfare for free through our credit card miles. So no complaints there at all.

    Hope you enjoyed the read. I know it was long but this is as much as personal diary of our trip as it is for those of you brave enough to read it.

    Photos: http://s11.photobucket.com/albums/a168/AnnieVegas/Vegas%20with%20Mommy/
  2. ronc

    ronc VIP Whale

    Dec 17, 2009
    Houston, TX
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the report...

    I would have been upset about the cashier incident, too. Once you are called forward, it is your turn. Diamonds may be great customers and all...but you guys were being served at that point; not just waiting in line. As for the person saying "they are our best customers"--that is just a lack of class. Your money plays, too. Treat VIP customers well but take care of ALL of your customers. The way things are today, I would say every customer is pretty darned important!!
  3. Londonlady

    Londonlady Guest

    Really honest and helpful trip report! Thanks for posting, I would rather see boobs than kids on the strip also.
  4. tonycl10

    tonycl10 Newbie

    Jun 17, 2010
    Virginia Beach, VA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Best TR I've read so far. The wife and I are making our very first trip to LV next month so loved all the detailed info.
  5. Liondownnow

    Liondownnow Low-Roller

    May 12, 2009
    Las Vegas
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the report. It was great--loved the eggs benedict joke.
  6. Liondownnow

    Liondownnow Low-Roller

    May 12, 2009
    Las Vegas
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Oh, I forgot- It is my understanding that the Wynn/Encore will not comp drinks at the video poker bars even if you are playing max bet. I have read that more than once so your drink would have still cost you cash when you first ordered it. Be glad you weren't playing vp and then billed. If I am wrong about this then somebody please chime in.
  7. VegasDiva

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    Apr 23, 2009
    Calgary , Alberta , Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Eggs-cellent report hehehe

    Wonderful report , very detailed Loved the pictures , too :)

    I want to go to the Gold Coast now and get that young at heart sticker too lol I qualify :eek:

    Sorry to hear the Paris Fountain is no more :cry:
  8. jgates8

    jgates8 VIP Whale

    Jun 25, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I don't even want to begin to discuss what I think of the low class Diamond player who actually did then move in front of you to the window!!!

    I have been questioned as to why I have waited in line before at the cashier (as normally I have been Platinum - just a freak Diamond this year) at the window & I have just said 'I'm not in a hurry, why should I cut in front of someone'. Sometimes I do use the appropriate line. (And I often do for dining). However, I would NEVER expect or condone someone else being 'cut-off' mid transaction to help me.
  9. jmp6477

    jmp6477 Tourist

    Feb 24, 2010
    NW Pa
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the great report, Annie! Loved your descriptions - for some reason I smell ham and eggs every time I log on to the computer. And even though you're not one of "our best people" , you write a terrific TR. Thanks for sharing.
  10. jj_sparty

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    Jan 18, 2010
    Berkley, MI
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Other than the idea that bad players effect the cards at the BJ table and the expectation that anyone playing at a $2 table, after midnight and downtown should be a BJ pro...good report.
  11. peanutmnm

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    Jun 25, 2005
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Wow Anne what a great TR. I love it that Paris put in a special $10 cut the line, line. I have been doing this for years by walking into the diamond/VIP line with my tip in hand. Not once was I asked to get back in line with the commoners.

    You and the Ham & Egger are adorable together.
  12. KingBBInLV

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    May 14, 2010
    New York
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Very nice read. I live in Vegas and love reading trip reports, brings me back to when I used to make trips out here.

    Wynn/Encore DO NOT comp drinks at their bars if you are playing video poker. You can be playing $5 denom $25 a throw and they will not comp your drink.

    Go to a penny slot machine on the floor put in a dollar, play 1 cent at a time and drink as much as you want for free! You want a Grey Goose and Red Bull while playing 1 cent a throw, no problem it's free, playin at the bar $25 a hand that will be $12 please! Kinda weird policy but their bars get pretty crowded with paying customers so I guess they figure why give them for free when people will pay for them!

    About the lines at HET buffets. It's pretty easy to get to platinum status. Once you get that they have a special entrance that never has a line.

    I think next time me and my GF go to Paris or Rio buffet maybe I can charge $5 a head to people waiting in line and let them go in with us lol.
  13. IowaRyan

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    Jan 2, 2006
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thank you for the trip report. I can't believe that the person who was offered the chance to cut in line actually did--ran into more ignorant, rude people on our last trip than the prior 4 or 5 combined. Just proves money and class are not synonymous.
  14. Sonya

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    Nov 28, 1999
    Western Washington
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report! I had a similar experience my last time at Luxor. :grrr:

    Sorry your dog got sick, but glad you didn't have to go home this time. I had to go look up salmon skin as I feed that to my dog on occasion. :)

    I was so sad to hear that Main Street Antiques is gone that I dashed off to their website.

    They must have moved.

    Sounds like you had a good trip!
  15. BeeeJay

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    Aug 23, 2008
    Chicago & Scottsdale, AZ
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Fantastic detailed reports and I think I'm gonna have to have a late night snack or early breakfast after looking at those pics!

    Really enjoyed all the descriptions and opinions throughout the report!:beer:
  16. Jinx

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    Aug 7, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report Anne, have to agree with you on the Luxor, those lounge couches for blackjack are a nice touch and I think would be a pretty cool place to park for some gambline sessions.
  17. Piech

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    May 15, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Definitely agree - exactly why I don't play BJ anymore - while not a card counter - if I've seen alot of low cards out over the past few hands - I'll sometimes hold on 12 expecting a high card to be due - nothing but grief from the table - not worth it.......
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