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Andre's Trip Report: October 18-25 Hyatt Place/MGM Grand, Craftsteak/Joel Robuchon

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by alexanbo, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. alexanbo

    alexanbo High-Roller

    Nov 28, 2008
    Vancouver BC, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    So here's my trip report from a couple weeks ago.

    It's a bit long and there's a decently long section on Joel Robuchon that you can skip if you're not that into food.


    This trip was a lot different than my previous two to Vegas had been. The purpose of the trip was to attend some training, and then I tacked on the weekend afterwards to have some fun.

    The Journey

    So Westjet had just redone their reservation system and it wouldn’t let anyone check in online. Arriving at the airport and seeing the long check in line I took a chance and tried one of the kiosks to check in. The couple in front of me couldn’t get it to work but my luck started now and my info went through and I got to bypass the check in line. However due to their system wide problems we were an hour late in leaving and got in around 11:30 PM. I was on the right side of the plane and got lucky with a pretty great view of the strip lit up at night on landing. After grabbing my bags it was a quick taxi ride to the Hyatt Place.

    Hyatt Place

    The Hyatt Place was the hotel attached to the training as there was a shuttle bus to the training site. It’s located across the street from the Hard Rock Casino and right behind Hosfbrau. The hotel itself was nice and I had a suite with a living room and kitchenette. A nice LCD tv that swiveled on the wall so you could watch it from the living room or bedroom. The only problem with the hotel actually was that it’s right on the flight plan for Mccarren so the planes fly about 50-100 feet overhead starting about 7:30 AM. Wasn’t a huge problem for me during the week as I had to get up at 8 am but something to keep in mind if you’re staying there.

    The Work Part

    So my days during the week won’t make for much of a report. I did actually learn a lot though. The class turned out to be only myself and one other guy so that was nice. They did take us out for dinner most nights and it was kind of nice to see where the locals go. We ended up going to PF Chang’s, Gordon Biersch and the Yardhouse down in the Town Centre complex. The Yardhouse definitely had the best food of the three and the best beer.

    The Fun Part during the Work Part

    We did fit some fun in though. The other guy in my class was from Saskatoon and had never been to Vegas before so on the Tuesday night we ended up walking the strip. In fact we walked all the way from the hotel to the strip by Planet Hollywood. The weather was super nice and we then went on a mission to find some good beer. We were pretty unsuccessful at Planet Hollywood and got a little improvement at the Bellagio. They actually gave us real pint glasses and we walked with them from the Bellagio through to Caesar’s. We continued on through the mall, making a stop in the Apple store, where surprisingly they let us bring our glasses in. After some drunken Apple gazing we stumbled through the mall and ended up at Joe’s Seafood Prime Steak and Stone Crab. After inhaling some yummy scallops and grabbing a beer for the road we continued our tour through to Encore and back down again to Paris before hopping in a cab back to the Hyatt.

    We had another night out on Thursday when we wandered over to the Hard Rock Casino. We were wandering around and bumped into Alice Cooper who had just done a show opening a new clothing store. He looked pretty old and seemed to be propped up by the women taking pictures with him. In any case it ended up being a very late night and I was hurting the next day when I had to take the final exam for the class.

    The Fun Begins

    So I managed to blow through the exam and was done around 3:30 PM. Unfortunately it was the night of the U2 concert and taxi’s were scarce and it ended up taking an hour for one to show up at the class location. In the taxi it didn’t get much better as the traffic was crazy and we ended up actually going down the strip to the MGM Grand as the side streets were a parking lot. In any case it took until after 5 to get to the check in counter.

    Check In

    So I figured I was going to end up charging over $500 to my room for the weekend so asked about upgrading my reservation to the Prima program. I lost the original stuff I had with an offer, which was like $25 credit and free wifi but got to keep the original rate I booked which was $150 a night. I lucked out and they had a suite upgrade available and got a Celebrity Spa suite. I’ve heard others that same weekend weren’t so lucky but I’m guessing because I only needed it for two nights is why I ended up with it. In any case after making up my Prima card I was off to check out the room.

    The Celebrity Spa Suite

    So the first thing I noticed about the suite was that it was all, the way down one of the hallways. Well that was after I finally found my room. I did run into a cute southern girl who was in the process of trying her card in every door because she couldn’t remember her room number. In any case after the 5 minute trek to my room I get in and it’s awesome. Kind of a long hallway that empties into the living room and wet bar. In between the living room and bedroom was an armoire with a tube tv in it that swiveled around so you could watch it from either the bedroom or living room. The bathroom of course was huge with the Jacuzzi tub dominating one corner and the toilet tucked into one corner.

    The view was actually quite spectacular, looking east I could see the North end of the airport. I saw some fighter planes taking off there on Saturday. You could also see the mountains and the pool complex, so probably better then the strip view even.

    Top Steak (Friday, Oct 23)

    So after lounging around in the room a bit I headed down for my reservation at Craftsteak. The branch manager for office where the training was had heard I was going to Craftsteak so he hooked me up with the VIP hostess there. She was actually just going to step out for a minute when I got there but took the time to set me up at the bar with the great bartender there. I started out with the lobster bisque, well actually I guess I started off with the bread selection. I think it was good but it does get a little hazy. The bisque was just the way I like it, nice and rich and it had a surprising amount of lobster in it even. For my main, the bartender actually talked me out of the Snake River Ribeye and he steered me towards the skirt steak. For sides I was told the corn was out of this world, but unfortunately it had just gone out of season and I settled with a half order of shitake mushrooms. The Steak came in a skillet already pre cut and it had to have been much larger then the usual portion. Taking my first bite it just melted in my mouth. It was the waygu/angus cross so it was super marbled, but the cut had a little bit of grain in it to temper this a bit. I didn’t even have to use a knife to cut the meat as it was just like butter. I swear I could of probably just let it melt on my tongue. I still think I like the cross better then the pure waygu I had in August. Now this steak was so rich I couldn’t even finish it. I’m not sure I’ve ever not finished a steak before. It was allegedly 14 ounces only too. In any case I got the remnants wrapped up and tucked them away in the fridge in the suite.

    Sitting at the bar I got to talk to some of the people sharing the bar with me. It turned out one couple sitting next to me had gone to Joel Robuchon the night before so they were raving about how good it was so that gave me lots to look forward to the next night. The VIP hostess swung by a couple times and she mentioned that Tiger Woods had been there the night before.

    Also I ordered a coffee at the end of the meal and they brought out a big French press pot that I milked for quite a while. That stuff was really strong and good.

    Now with the Prima card you’re supposed to get 2-for-1 entrees but since I was dining alone they comp’d a beer and my side instead.

    The First Session

    Now I’ve been in Vegas for 5 days and the only gambling I’ve done is the 20 dollars each my class co-conspirator and I had put down on black at Encore. We had won that bet so I guess you could say I’d gone 5 days without losing too. In any case I really needed to get my gambling on. I did a quick scope around the floor (which in the MGM took ½ hour) and settled in to a PGP table not far from the Mansion. It was a bit of an unusual table for me because it didn’t have the fortune bonus and they still used the old school dice to figure out where to start the deal.

    In any case it seemed like almost instantly most of my buy in got vaporized but I fought a long hard battle to only end up losing two bets. It was a fun table and there was a couple and a couple of their friends from Colorado at the table. 1 hand the wife loses after the dealer pulls out a mega hand to beat her very good hand. The dealer then matter of factly insists that he pay his wife off for a win instead of a loss and he does it without thinking. Needless to say we gave him grief the rest of the night. She also played a hand from his stack saying she wanted to play his hand for him and fully planned on keeping the winnings if she had won lol. In any case once I got back to somewhat even I called it a night at the gambling tables.

    I then wandered over to Zuri and got some drinks there. Now again with the Prima you get 2 for 1 drinks at the lounges, so I asked if I could order 1 at a time and the waitress said no I’d have to order two at a time. For my last round I had a beer and a ginger ale to try and fight off the oncoming hangover. Then when I get my bill it turns out they just comp’d half the amount of the bill so I just as easily could have had 1 at a time, doh.

    Saturday Morning (Oct 24)

    I awoke sort of leisurely and then made use of the big ass Jacuzzi tub. That was nice, especially since my feet were a little sore from all the walking to and fro from my suite. I ended up eating the leftovers from Craftsteak for breakfast which was probably a mistake as all that wonderful marbling didn’t really agree with my empty hungover stomach.

    South Strip Expedition

    I had never actually spent much time on the south strip so I did a tour over to NYNY, across the bridge to Excalibur, taking the tram to Mandaly Bay and walking back through Luxor, Excalibur and NYNY. Mandalay Bay was nice but not sure if I’d go all that way if I didn’t have to. I did notice that they had a PGP table in their Hi-Limit area so that maybe the one thing that would draw me back there. The Excalibur had their pole dancer going even at a little after noon, not sure it’s worth it to play the 7:5 Black jack there (Though that would probably cost me less money then the portions of this trip report that got lost in the editing process) and the music was really loud for that early in the morning, well afternoon.

    The Meet

    So now the time came to meet up with Bart and Jason. I had been reading Bart’s trip reports since I started hanging out on the Vegas boards so was excited to finally meet him. I jumped on the Mono Rail to the Flamingo and found Bart and Jason at the empty Wheel of Fortune game by the bar. After the initial introductions it was off to the craps table. I’ve never actually gambled in a harrah’s joint and found out why when it took like forever to get a drink. I’ve played craps before but never really got into it, but this was way more fun. Probably because the table got pretty hot and we all did ok. Well at least in winnings, not in drink service so much. Bart made the right call to jump off the table and we headed off to Casino Royale for a Video Poker Tournament. Well first they picked up their player’s cards and promos, though apparently Bart’s been there too often because he had already used his promo for that month. In any case the video poker tourney was on but Jason quickly put an end to I, hitting 4 of a kind early in the proceedings after bribing the Slot attendant. After the tourney was over it was time for me to get back to MGM for my dinner reservation.

    Joel Robuchon

    Yeah so this is going to be long, real long, skip if you don’t want to read through the description of a fantastically good 16 course meal.

    So just walking in the door to this place takes you completely away from the hustle of the casino. I got a table in the back garden area and it was nice and relaxing there. I did hang out for a bit in the bar and they have this table of probably priceless cognac and brandy in really fancy bottles there.

    I had decided this was a once in a lifetime deal so went ahead and got the full degustation menu and the wine pairings.

    So to start the procession of food was the much heralded bread cart. They had about 20 different breads and I selected the saffron ciabatta and the gruyere brioche. They took the selections and warmed them up and brought them back to you.

    Le Caviar

    Caviar on a fennel cream served as a surprise.

    This was the Amuse Bouche. Underneath the layer of caviar the fennel cream was spiked with pieces of lobster and crab. It was very good though the lobster and crab did overpower any of the taste of the caviar. I guess the caviar was there almost as much for texture as flavor.

    Le Fois Gras

    Carpaccio of foie gras and potatoes, covered with white truffle shavings.

    This was the first real course and the thin bed of foie gras/potatoe really came through at the end of the bite after the lighter taste of the truffles hit first. Really I’m having a tough time describing this but it was pretty spectacular. I think I was almost saying wow out loud with each bite.

    Les Champignons

    Crispy toast topped with cepes mushroom, trembling parsley royal and ginger matsutake tea.

    This course was a trio of mushroom preparations. I really enjoy mushrooms and this again was a jaw dropping dish. The toast with mushrooms on top was a contrast between the crunchiness of the toast and the squishiness of the mushroom with their flavours mixing all around to create something great then the whole. The tea was kind of neat with a couple of mushrooms in the bottom of a clear tea glass. Upon presentation the server poured a mushroom broth over the mushrooms and you sipped it like tea. Well you did fish the mushrooms out with a small fork. I’m forgetting exactly what the third thing was but I’m sure it was good as well as this was one of my favourite courses.

    At this point I was starting to get really full and was starting to wonder if I could finish. The server then bailed me out by mentioning that this actually counted as 3 courses so I was a lot more into dinner then I thought.

    Le Saint-Jacques

    Seared scallops, spiced coconuts milk and fresh coriander condiment.

    A scallop in a coconut milk broth, the flavours from the broth soaking into the scallop. I really enjoy scallops and this was an entirely new flavor that was brought out by this combination. Again I have a hard time describing exactly what this tasted like but it too was really good.

    Les Crustaces

    Roasted lobster with greeny curry, Uni on mashed potato with roasted coffee beans, truffled langoustine raviolie with chopped cabbage

    So this was probably the best course of the meal. It was actually three course so maybe that’s cheating. Robuchon is famous for his mashed potatoes and here they were whipped with a coffee bean. This set off the flavor of the uni in the middle of it wonderfully. The ravioli was again a combination of textures as the pasta set itself against the langoustine and then topped up by the crunchiness of the cabbage. It tasted wonderful to. The Roasted lobster was served with a lemon grass spike and it did bring a new taste to lobster for me.

    Le Riz

    Paella style pilaf rice, fricassee of frog legs and shaved tartuffi di Alba

    This was my first time with crab legs and it wasn’t anything special. I think there was also lobster and crab in this dish. Still this was a good dish, only eclipsed by the brilliance of the other dishes.

    Le Chataigne

    Delicate chestnut cream with smoked lardons foam

    My grandparents farm had chestnut trees so I grew up eating fresh chestnuts. This dish took chestnuts to a new layer. Delicate white foam with the chestnut meat swimming in it’s own cream. Tasted as sinful as it sounds.

    Le Bar

    Pan-fried sea bass with a lemon grass and stewed baby leeks.

    Honestly this was probably my least favourite dish. I’m not sure the lemon grass really went that well with the sea bass and it just didn’t strike a chord with me.

    Le Veau

    Sauteed Veal chop with herb gelee, zucchini and fresh pistachios

    The veal was presented as a thin slice with the herb gelee splashed in a line beside it. Very pretty but the flavour was kind of again mediocre when compared to the rest of the meal.

    At this point the server could tell I was about to burst so held up desert for a bit while I sat back and enjoyed savouring the gastronomical adventure I had just gone on.

    Les Fruits Exotiques

    Exotic fruit cocktail, yogurt sorbet

    So a nice lightish desert to start off with. The fruit was yummy and offset nicely by the sorbet but the real star of the dish was the cotton candy they wrapped around the base of the cup. This stuff was fricking amazing. So sweet and it just dissolved in your mouth. This stuff was outstandingly good and I have no idea how they could make something that tastes that good.

    La Fuji

    Fuji apple confit with Calvados granite, dulce de leche

    Chunks of apple with sauce that again lightened the preceding meal.

    Le Moka-Le The

    So now was time to peruse the mignardises cart. If you thought 30 kinds of bread was lots, they had like 50 plus different types of chocolates and candies. I can barely remember the ones the waitress had first described by the time she got done. I selected a little cheesecake puff thing, a caramel, a chocolate peanut butter chocolate and some white chocolate dripped over candied pineapple. These were little bites of goodness and I ended up taking some caramels home.

    So that was it for the food, it was a bit weird because I thought you usually got a gift of some sort of loaf when you left but I didn’t here.

    I did the wine pairing, but they forgot one of the pours so they ended up giving me a pour of some crazy digestif instead. That was really super duper good.

    The table next to me was a group of ladies who could definitely fit in the category of ladies who lunch. They were busy discussing the merits of this place versus some places in Monte Carlo and such. They were pretty funny though and we did start up a conversation from time to time. Got to hear a great story about how one went back for her 20 year reunion and started making out with her boyfriend on the hood of her car. Now the wife of the dude started driving by so her sister, who was in the car at the time starts honking the horn and hilarity ensues.


    So the deal with Prima here was that you were to get a free bottle of champagne when you ordered two of the tasting meals. I talked to them and they agreed to just give me the cost of the bottle of champagne off of the wine pairing. This was a great deal as it ended up being $120 discount. So really if you’re going to stay at MGM Grand and plan on eating at Robuchon you really should sign up for the Prima deal. Chances are you’re going to go through the $500 pretty easily here and it’s a great value.


    So this was just an incredibly amazing experience. I was just blown away by the food, service and atmosphere. I might not do it again this lifetime but I’m defiantly glad I tried it once.

    The Second Session

    So I waddled out of Robuchon and luckily that was close to my favourite PGP tables. The waitress actually remembered me from the night before and service there was light years ahead of the crap at Flamingo.

    This session was one where everything falls in place. I went on a really epic heater and before I knew it I had won enough to pay for dinner. I couldn’t lose. There was another guy there that sat down and was playing bigger then me and he wasn’t winning a thing. I didn’t notice but he banked and actually beat him when I would of lost to the bank. I felt bad for that and he hadn’t actually noticed how big I was playing because I was prepaying commission so there were some small chips on top of my bet. In any case he did it a couple more times and I made sure to pull back my bet this time. Later some guy came over from the mansion and was splashing $500 baccarat chips around. I think I ended up cashing out then and ended up with a couple of those which was kind of cool because they’re bigger and a different colour then the normal $500 chips. In any case I stumbled my way to the cashier but got intercepted by an errant blackjack table.

    So since this table was in the way I decided I had to keep working on my heater. I was just playing the min so it was just stupid, screwing around gambling without worrying too much about what the correct play. Usually I just flat bet and don’t press or vary bet sizes but it seemed here every time I got down I’d start to press and win exactly what I needed to get back to even. Well except of course for the last time. So now I’m down $300 at this session but I had ordered a drink so wanted to stick around for it. Well of course I couldn’t just sit there at the table so I pulled out another $200 to play with while I waited for my drink. So then I’m going to be and I’m like screw it, might as well try to get even so put $50 out. Well then the cards broke and before I know it I have all $200 out on my first freaking hand lol. Anyway the dealer busts and I’m yelling and dancing around like a crazy person. I’m sure it impressed the guy sitting next to me betting that much per hand but he seemed happy for me lol. I then rode another wave and ended up taking a profit out of that table when they closed the table down. Again I try to make it to the cashier but yet another black jack table got in the way and I had some more silly fun giving back the profit from the previous table.

    Of course it’s now 4:30 AM and I have to check out that day. Well I finally make it to the cage and stumble down the never ending hallway and somehow have the presence of mind to get a late check out, well if you call noon late.

    The Morning After (Sunday, Oct 25)

    So now the alarm goes off at a painfully early hour, I drunkenly pack my suitcase and run downstairs to the players club. I hadn’t actually used my card during the bj adventures and surprisingly for 3 hours of PGP play they knocked another $80 bucks off my Roubuchon bill. I guess maybe they had me down for 4 hours then.

    So I finish checking out and stow my bags at the bell desk and I’m off to the Wynn. There’s a humongous taxi line but I get to skip it by showing my Prima card to the guy running the line and I get the next taxi that pulls up. Though in reflection maybe it was better if I had waited in line lol

    The Wynn (aka The Lose)

    Yeah so I get to the Wynn and sit down at a table full of girls. Which is actually a pretty rare thing when you’re playing PGP. Anyway they take off soon after and I just get absolutely destroyed. Even the dealer is like dude you should leave. I finally take his advice, try to hit the pit boss up for a line pass, get denied and get stuck in an hour line for the buffet. Aparently I didn’t notice the big signs telling me I could of skipped the line for an extra 10 bucks but it was probably for the best as it prevented further carnage.

    I did enjoy the buffet but ate too much and realized my stomach isn’t as big as it used to be. I liked the Pork Buns and the Kobe sliders the best.

    The Sports Book

    So decided to end the carnage and call it a day gambling wise. Well apparently the night before I got a bet down on the Chargers -5.5 against the Chiefs. At the Wynn found out that, that got me unstuck a bit so headed back to the MGM Grand. It actually turned out to be a bigger bonus, because I forgot you got back the amount of your original bet, besides the amount you won.. wooo hoo!

    Watched the late football games at the Sports book, it was pretty cool, the Yankees scored to go ahead in their game and then the crazy deflection play in the Giants game happened right after and the place was going wild.

    Around 7 I go and grab a quick bite at Macdonald’s.. it was pretty bad even for Macdonald’s and then off to the airport, skipping the taxi line again.

    Breezed through check in and found myself at the sports bar, sitting next to a guy who had a lot of money riding on the over in the Yankees game. Made watching the game more fun especially when the Yankees loaded the bases and all’s he needed was 2 runs but ultimately he ended up losing, doh. Ran into some other people from Vancouver and hanging out until the flight left. Now it was the 10:50 PM flight from Westjet and it was late so I didn’t end up getting home until 3 AM Monday morning. I somehow then didn’t make it into work that afternoon.

    The End

    So this really was a different kind of trip for me, focused more on learning and then eating, rather then previous gambling trips. Still had fun gambling and actually had fun gambling at a lower level then normal which may do wonders for my bankroll. Joel Robuchon was out of this world, and Craftsteak was really good. Signing up for Prima worked well for me as the Suite upgrade alone was worth it but the discount I got at Robuchon and other places, plus the taxi pass were really worth it. Oh you also get 15% off at the Sundry store so pops and chips were cheaper lol.

    The Future

    Well it’s actually been a couple weeks since this trip. I had kind of thought about going back to Vegas for Christmas but hadn’t booked anything as things were pricey. Well that all change last weekend as the Palazzo stepped up with 3 free nights, I got that $159/night deal at Aria and Westjet dropped their prices. So now I’m heading back Dec 21-26 with three nights at Palazzo and 2 at Aria.

    Then yesterday my buddy made me book a trip at easter for his stag, so heading back April 2-5 in a Flamingo GO room. Ayah
  2. VegasDiva

    VegasDiva VIP Whale

    Apr 23, 2009
    Calgary , Alberta , Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    nice trip report :)

    loved the play by play of the different courses at Joel Robuchon
    made me full yet, hungry reading it lol
  3. zerofan

    zerofan VIP Whale

    Mar 26, 2009
    New York
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    What a great report. I skipped the food part, but thanks for taking the time to write that up.
  4. sabrina

    sabrina High-Roller

    Jun 6, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    loved your report!
  5. Jinx

    Jinx VIP Whale

    Aug 7, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report, enjoyed the Prima details (especially as a solo traveller) and the Robuchon breakdown.
  6. alexanbo

    alexanbo High-Roller

    Nov 28, 2008
    Vancouver BC, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Yeah I think making the Prima stuff work for a solo traveler definitely took a bit of negotiation but still presented great value.
  7. gotavegasjones

    gotavegasjones VIP Whale

    Jan 16, 2004
    South Texas
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Really enjoyable read. Thanks for taking the time to write and post your Trip Report.

    later, GVJ
  8. BeeeJay

    BeeeJay President of The Red Lobster Hostess Satisfaction

    Aug 23, 2008
    Chicago & Scottsdale, AZ
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I can't believe you didn't invite Tiger Woods to our meet!!! You know how he likes those $1 bets. Sounds like you had some great dining, while we overdid it with buffets and fast food.

    I wish we had known you were in that buffet line at Wynn--and I agree the Kobe sliders were outstanding. I had the $35/oz Japanese Kobe at Okada in July and it was pretty amazing, but I'd still prefer a nice 12 oz filet and lobster any time.

    You definitely had a lucky trip as your the only person I've heard from who got the upgrade on Prima, but the 2 nights i'm sure helped. I wish I had remembered to hit the mansion while at MGM. I'm trying to get in for the week before xmas, tons of board members in town, so maybe a party can ensue!
  9. BackInVegas

    BackInVegas VIP Whale

    Mar 14, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    You won enough to cover dinner at Rubechon?

    That is one expensive dinner to cover. Congrats.
  10. alexanbo

    alexanbo High-Roller

    Nov 28, 2008
    Vancouver BC, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Yeah I enjoyed that hot streak I had right afterwards.

    In any case apparently I forgot one of the courses. There was a course between the veal and the first dessert:

    Le Soja

    Risotto of soybeans sprouts, lime zest and chives

    This was a super interesting dish as using sprouts to make the risotto made it much lighter and tangier then a normal risotto. A really unique texture too as it was kind of creamy and crunchy at the same time. The lime and chives really cut through the richness of the previous dishes and this was like a palate cleanser before the desserts started.
  11. Blondie76

    Blondie76 Low-Roller

    Sep 19, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Seems like you had a fun trip. Awww.... Treat yourself again to the fine dining. If that is what you enjoy go for it again. :) So lucky to have your next trip booked already and sooo close. I love the Palazzo. And I hope to stay at Aria next year if we get some decent offers. Anxious to read all the reviews from people who have plans to stay at CC (City Center. LOL) Thanks for posting. :)
  12. gmoney590

    gmoney590 VIP Whale

    Jul 8, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    That meal at Robuchon sounded great. I've thought about doing the Prima card but I really don't stay at the MGM to make it worth it. I don't do buffets but I'm thinking I'm going to have to try the buffet at the Wynn.
    Let the drunken olympics begin
  13. peanutmnm

    peanutmnm Scotchy

    Jun 25, 2005
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report I especially enjoyed your take on all the restaurants you visited. Joel Robuchon has been on my radar since Airball's trip there last summer.
  14. alexanbo

    alexanbo High-Roller

    Nov 28, 2008
    Vancouver BC, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Yeah it was really Airball's and that site from KevinEats that swayed me to try Joel Robuchon.

    And that cart they have of Scotches/Cognac/Brandy whatever in the bar area is really super impressive.

    For the record looking back at Airball's report my meal was almost completely different, the only dish the same was the soy risotto, though mine was called sprout risotto....
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