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Am I Ready for a Host? (Cosmo)

Discussion in 'Comps' started by tscradj, Nov 22, 2016.

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  1. tscradj

    tscradj Tourist

    Nov 17, 2016
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I just got back from Vegas and had a question about casino hosts. I just graduated school and got a great job so I'm finally able to set a decent chunk of money aside for gambling instead of relying on scholarship refunds.

    I played $1 VP, $1 Slots and $50 blackjack with occasional $100 baccarat mixed in. I was there for 4 nights. I had a respectable loss this trip and when I got home was pleasantly surprised to find an email saying they had taken care of my trip. My bill (room + all food) of over $2500 was completely taken care of.

    This brings my to my questions:
    1. The person who sent the email had a title related to marketing/player development, is this person a host?
    2. If not should I ask him to assign me one?
    3. Should I reach out to one at the on-duty desk next time I'm there?
    4. With this level of play can I expect my bill to be taken care of every stay or was this just an attempt to get my repeat business?
  2. Travel Fanatic

    Travel Fanatic The Arbiter of Taste Caviar Kid

    Jul 11, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Will try to answer your questions:
    1. Probably. Just call or email the person and ask. if they are a host who wants your business, they will want to establish a relationship with you, so just reach out to them.
    2. You can. Or just stop by the host office the next time you play there.
    3. Only if you don't already have a host. If you have been assigned one, deal with him or her.
    4. Hard to say because you really haven't told us enough about your play. What games you play and the average wager is only part of the equation. Still, if they comped you $2500 last trip, that suggests a pretty healthy theo of $6250. I'll be frank, there's no way you generated that theo betting $50BJ and $100 bac (e.g., you would have had to play eighty hours of baccarat to generate that level of theo). Neither VP nor BJ generate large comps either, unless you are wagering a lot more than you have listed above or gambling a ton of hours. So I am guessing you must have played a lot of slots. And I don't play enough slots to know how well that is comped, but another member can probably chime in on that.
    Settling the FB debate once and for all
  3. blkshirt

    blkshirt High-Roller

    Oct 24, 2016
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I'm a firm believer in hosts... The one we had at the Palms was awesome. She is now at Cosmo and I'll be reaching out to her after the first of the year for our June trip. We plan on doing some gambling there this New Years as well...
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