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Alone in vegas 5-31 through 6-5

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Scott R, Jun 8, 2003.

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  1. Scott R

    Scott R Low-Roller

    May 13, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    5-31 through 6-5 at Fitzgeralds.

    I made this trip alone as the wife didn’t want to go and my friends could not get away from their work.

    Had direct flights on America West in and out of Columbus, Ohio. No Problems, Everything went well. Met a group of people that I knew as I was waiting to board, they were staying at the Golden Nugget.

    Arrive LAS, decided to share cab fare with the GN group. Longest lines to get a cab that I had ever seen waited in the mouse maze line about 40 minutes before we got a cab. Should have tried a Limo.

    Arrived at Fitz, lady at check in first told me that no rooms where available yet, but after I spent a minute or two just talking with her she found a non smoking double on the 8th floor. I tried to give her a few bucks for finding a room for me but she would not accept.

    Got to the room and it was about what I expected, I had stayed at the Fitz in December and knew that the rooms could use some help, but the sheets were clean and when I started leaving a buck on top of the used towels, the maid left more soap, shampoo, and towels than any one person could possibly use. The room was fine for me because I only use it to sleep about 4 hours a night and to take a couple of showers a day, If I were taking the wife I would have to spend a few more dollars and stay some place newer and nicer.

    Tried the BJ tables at Fitz played 4 hours at $5, ok I’m not a high roller but I like to play and I spend some time at the tables. Before I left I asked the pit if I could get a meal comp at the coffee shop I mentioned that I was a guest there for the next 5 nights, she went and checked my rate card and came back and said NO. This kind of ticked me off, after leaving down about $100 I thought that they could have given me a single meal comp to the coffee shop it would only have cost them a few bucks and I would have continued to play there the rest of the trip. [​IMG]

    Next morning got on a bus and went to Harrahs to buy show tickets for Showgirls and Skintight got both tickets for about $40 with the coupon in What’s On magazine. I asked for the best seats and got isle seats for both shows 3rd row for Showgirls and 5th row for Skintight. I can say that I thought both shows were very good and would do this over again. :D The girls come right out in the isle and take guys up on the stage for part of the act. At Showgirls one tapped me on the shoulder to go up but I declined.

    While at mid strip I walked to Barbary Cost and started playing BJ at $5 hand , the cocktail waitress wasn’t much to look at but she was bringing Crown Royal on ice with out my asking after the second round, after about 7 I had to ask her to stop because I thought she was going to drowned me. [​IMG] After playing about 30 minutes I got the pits attention and asked how long I would have to play for a meal comp. He told me 2-3 hours. I told him OK and I kept on playing. The shift changed in the pit area after about 1 hour of play and after playing to the 1½ hr mark I asked my dealer if she would put in a good word for me with the new pit boss and ask him if I could talk to him. He came over to talk and I told him how long I had been playing and that I really liked the place and I would like to get a meal comp for 1 and that I would play there again if he would buy me some lunch. He went over to his little desk and then this guy came back with a full comp for my choice of a Prime Rib or T-Bone Steak dinner with all the fixings, this made me happy with the treatment at BC and The Steak was very good too. [​IMG]

    After this I was really ripped at Fitzgerald’s [​IMG] [​IMG] :mad: and later that evening, after cooling down a bit I asked to talk with one of their casino host. I told him about my experience requesting a meal comp from their pit vs. BC and I told him if he could not correct this I would do all of my playing for the next 4 days elsewhere. We went to his office and he looked up my play on the computer 4 hrs @ $5, he says he can not change company policy and that they only give meal comps to $25 players after 5-6 hrs.
    I told him I would be playing elsewhere.
    I didn’t spend another nickel at Fitzgerald’s!
    One thing I learned, ask the pit right away what you can expect in comps for your level of play.
    The next day I talked with the pit again a BC and told them to make sure to put me on the mailing list for room offers for my next trip.

    Spent a lot of time sight seeing, walking the strip, going to shows, playing VP, BJ and Craps for short periods of time in various casinos.
    In addition to the two shows mentioned above I saw Viva Las Vegas at the Stratosphere for 5.95 includes 1 drink with the coupon from What’s On, Bottoms Up at Flamingo for 5.97 includes 1 drink with the coupon that they give to you outside the casino, Air Play at Tropicana free show, and Big Elvis at the lounge at Barbary Coast free. All were good entertainment for the cost.

    Ate at the coffee shop at California two nights in a row the Prime Rib dinner for 5.99 is great. Also ate at the buffet at Main Street Station 3 different times, its pretty good for the price. Ate breakfast two mornings at El Cortez for free, comps are very easy at the craps table there, I take the El Cortez for what it is and always stop in to see this side of Vegas, expect a lot of smoke and some street people in here. Barbary Coast has a decent hot dog stand where you can get a dog and a draft for $2.

    I had a great time, my brothers in law are already asking when I am booking the next trip. Is yesterday too soon? [​IMG]

    Scott R
  2. cruiser

    cruiser High-Roller

    Feb 5, 2002

    Nice trip report. That's too bad about the treatment you received at the Friz. I though it would have been easy to get a food comp with 4 hours of play even at $5 but I guess they don't think that way at the Friz. I've only stayed at the Tropicana and have done pretty much all of my blackjack play at the Trop. I stayed 16 nights (over three trips last year) but the last 9 of those 16 days have been brutal for me at the tables. I am way overdue for a couple profitable sessions. I'll even take a few break-even sessions. But if my luck (or rather lack of) continues, I'll be looking for a new casino to call home. My wife does want to try downtown and we do want to check out the Golden Nugget sometime.

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