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AC one nighter

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by Jonnyvegas, May 12, 2014.

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  1. Jonnyvegas

    Jonnyvegas Low-Roller

    Aug 14, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Pre - report: My wife and I headed down to the Revel on a Friday afternoon to try and get on their comp radar. We are not big players. We each played a few hundred through the slots. I actually had a few decent hits which is unusual. I also played $10 - 3 card for about an hour. Also, luckily hit a straight flush. At end of day we are up about $500.

    Sure enough we started receiving offers. Free rooms any day plus $30 each free play.

    I booked a room in each of our names. We invited friends to join us for the free room. They too got on their comp radar recently but not early enough to get a room the Saturday night we were going.

    Check in was easy. We met our friend for drinks at the nearby bar. The Revel is real nice, but not too crowded for a Saturday. I'm surprised they have not hit rock bottom and closed yet.

    A few notes about the room: Very nice. Possibly the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. Loved the pillows. Also the the walls are thick. We could hear the people in room next door out in the hall very easily. My wife swears she heard the guy in the room yell out - call me Lone Ranger! LOL Fortunately, while in the room. Silence.

    When hanging with the couple that came with us, we tend to enjoy finding a bar with a band. There was very little to do in the Revel or AC this night. Also we could not find a restaurant at the Revel that interested us. So we made plans to go to the Trop. They had a nightclub with 70's / 80's music and we made reservations at their Italian restaurant Il Verdi.

    We cabbed it down to the Trop. The Trop and especially the Quarter is very crowded, especially compared to Revel. We get to the Restaurant 1/2 hour early and they sat us right away. The service and food were outstanding. It was a little old school feeling with the decor but great otherwise.

    We played a bunch of tables - 3 card, 4 card, roulette and machines. No big wins, but enough luck to tread water.

    Have I mentioned that the drinks have been flowing since we checked in?

    We were wandering around and found our way over to the Quarter. There was a bar (I forget the name) with a very good cover band playing. We stayed there for an hour or 2. The band was really bring in the crowd and then all of a sudden they were done. WTF

    I could not get over how many people were in the Tropicana. I know the Quarter area is a big draw. The amounnt of people there reminded me of the era in AC prior to Pennsylvania getting casinos. It was literally packed.

    Around 10:30 we found the Boogie Nights bar / club. It was fun. More drinks. Dancing. Good music. We stayed for a couple of hours.

    We cabbed it back to the Revel. We played a little more before heading up to bed. Great sleep. I played a little in the morning while the wife slept (was hungover) late. Again no luck. We headed home early since it was Mother's Day.
  2. broncofn

    broncofn VIP Whale

    Mar 16, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great tr! Il Verdi is a great restaurant and old school like you said. Try their lobster Thermidor next time! Trop is now doing a re-model of the older tower I believe.
  3. Happy

    Happy Tourist

    Sep 15, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    We were at Revel Friday night. We have been staying there more often lately since we seem to have pretty good luck there. I think Revel is just a beautiful casino. The details in the design are really nice.

    It isn't usually packed but that's ok with us, we like being able to move around, but Friday there was a concert so it was a lot busier.

    Azure is delicious, but the menu is sort of small. The oysters are great. Tried the steak place twice and did not like anything about it.

    The only things I don't like is that they have no bar top video poker, and the bathrooms are a long walk from everywhere it seems.
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