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A Solo Sailor in Vegas 7-12 Dec

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by sailor53, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. sailor53

    sailor53 Tourist

    Jan 18, 2006
    Pensacola, FL
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    This trip is written from a LVTalk forum perspective...hope you enjoy.

    Well, here it is. For the first time, I made a solo trip to Vegas. In my other reports, my lovely bride always accompanied me. But she hates air travel so much that this time she declined to attend (and this time stuck to her word).

    The Setup

    Therealmrvegas posted in the meets section that he was going to host a meet for the LVTalk board at MSS in Dec at midnight on the 9th. This was, I think, back in May of 2006. So I decided to plan for this and so I did. Got a great flight deal a few months out on American Airlines for $252 round trip from Pensacola, FL to Vegas.

    Thursday, 7 Dec

    So the day finally arrives. I just started a new job in August, so my vacation days are limited. Such is the life of a retired sailor still serving as a navy contractor. I worked a full day and then headed to the airport.

    Connection was through Dallas on American airlines. Smooth trip, no problems. For those who travel through Dallas, there is a great Irish pub called Tigins in the D concourse (I believe). Had the pint sized sandwiches and very tasty seasoned fries.

    When they called for boarding the flight, the attendant started out the announcement with singing “Viva Las Vegas!â€. Thought that was pretty cool.

    Arrived in Vegas a little early at 10:20pm. D concourse so had to take the monorail to the main terminal. My limo driver, Tom, was waiting with sign in hand. It’s always a great feeling to have someone waiting for you when you arrive. I still have to pinch myself sometimes thinking that my play actually rates a limo. I’ve had one on the last three trips and I’m getting used to it. You have to love Boyd properties for taking care of the little guy. I’m just a 25 cent VP player, but I play many hours a day.

    Baggage took almost an hour. I was getting steamed and felt sorry for Tom, but I guess he’s used to it. Then it was off to the limo and that great ride through the tunnel without a care in the world about getting long-hauled!

    Arrived at the Orleans about 11:50pm and checked in with no fuss. My host had set me up with five free nights and $100 a day food credit (I think she thought my bride was coming as well). Up to room 237. Nothing fancy but a nice sitting area with sofa, chair and coffee table. View was of the unused pool (closed for the winter). I didn’t care as I’ve had rooms with great view at my old haunt, the Stardust, and you’ll never get that nice a view from the Orleans.

    For the first time ever I didn’t unpack anything. I just dropped my bag and headed down to the casino to check it out. I’d done a quick look at the place last year in anticipation of making this my new home base and thought it was ok. This time I took my time and was amazed at the number of restaurants. I think there are about a dozen. The most amazing thing was the number of Video Poker (VP) bars (where I usually hang out). There were seven! I’m loving it!

    I played for about two hours and lost about $40 but by 3am I’d had enough. It was 5am back in Pensacola and I’d been up for 24 hours. I headed to bed.

    Friday, 8 Dec

    I don’t think I slept a wink. Isn’t it always like that the first night? By 6am I just couldn’t stand it, so I got cleaned up and headed down. Played for awhile then got a call from V3gasjunkie (V3), a LVTalk board member. Peanutm&m suggested we get together since we were both in town at the same time. One of my goals this trip was to meet as many LVTalk members as possible. I’ve been talking to them for so long I feel like I know many of them already.
    V3 invited me to breakfast at MGM where he was staying. So I hopped in a cab and headed over there. Met V3 in the lobby (what’s that scent in the lobby, vanilla?). We had breakfast at the Studio café and V3 suggested the breakfast burrito. If you ever have breakfast there, try it! It’s the size of a child’s football, covered in a pint of sour cream and has some kick-a$$ salsa on the side. It was the best breakfast I think I’ve ever had.

    Breakfast was on V3 (thanks V3!). A very gracious guy, V3 asked me what I wanted to do. I told him I’d love to see the rest of the MGM and he asked if I’d ever been to the mansion. Well, of course I hadn’t since it’s a high rollers room (remember me? 25 cent VP?).

    So in we went. What a joint! Everyone is wearing tuxedos. We sit down at a baccarat table and V3 calls for a $10,000 marker. My eyes are bugging out and I’m getting the shakes. So I’m just a spectator watching V3 make these bets ranging from $100 to $1500 and more and am just amazed. He’s up! He’s down! He’s asking me for advice?

    After a comped bloody mary V3 colors in with about a $300 profit. I’m still flabbergasted and exhausted from just watching this action.

    I wanted to work my way up to Bellagio. I had read a trip report about someone having great luck on a VP machine at the Fontana bar so I figured I’d give it a shot. On the way out of MGM we played a little video blackjack (lost) and then I put my obligatory $21 in a Megabucks machine. I think V3 put in $42 in the one next to mine. He lost his but I got lucky and hit the 7’s for $150. I cashed out of course being the conservative low roller I am.

    On the way up the strip we stop at Walgreen’s to get V3 some Tylenol. He’s just started working out and is sore from his earlier workout that week. I have to digress here and thank V3 for getting me started on drinking lots of water. I had planned to since I got dehydrated on a previous trip and it was not pretty. This trip I was constantly drinking water, and consequently, constantly looking for a rest room. It’s worth it though. I was fine the whole trip. I also, on advice from this board, brought saline solution for my nose and chap stick for, well, you know! I strongly recommend this regimen for visitors to Vegas. It can save your trip in this dry, desert town.

    So we head into Aladdin. I had reservations at Commander’s Palace for noon. We were supposed to meet with Pipette for lunch. We had some time to kill so I signed up for the players card and played some. V3 used my extra card to build up points (thanks V3!). I also tried the 2 million dollar slot pull. I didn’t win but I got something even better, an Aladdin coffee cup!

    It looks like they are winding down on the renovations at Aladdin. The bartender told me that they should be done by April of 07. It was hot as hell in there though. In December you definitely need a jacket when outside, but some of the casinos are unbearably hot inside. I forgot my jacket after putting it on the chair while playing VP and the bartender literally ran after us to return it. Before I could thank him properly he left and V3 went after him to tip him for his kindness (thanks V3! (noticing a pattern here?)).

    We still had some time to kill so we crossed over to Bellagio. On the way in V3 walked in front of a Chinese man whose wife was taking his picture. In a moment of brilliance, V3 ran back and posed for the picture with the man, and I joined him so that the wife could take the picture of her husband with two total strangers. They were laughing like crazy and it was all good fun. A priceless Vegas moment. I’d love to have a copy of that picture!

    We checked out the conservatory in all it’s Christmas splendor. I can now take about 30 seconds to walk through this place. I’ve done it enough times (this is my fourth trip) that it’s just something I like to do and don’t go “ooh†anymore.

    On our way out we ran into the same Chinese couple. V3 offered to take their picture together. After that, I asked the man to take our picture with my camera. He graciously complied and this and other pics will be posted as soon as I can get them uploaded. I’ll modify this post when the link is available.

    I had two goals at Bellagio; the 25 cent, 2 coin Double-Diamond progressive which pays upwards of $10,000 plus, and the ‘special’ machine at the Fontana bar. I played the DD progressive and cashed out with a $10 profit. Then it was over to the Fontana bar where I found the machine that ends in #69. Since I’ve never had one, I ordered a Peach Belini since I’d heard so much about them. I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. It was a mimosa that tasted a little bitter. Just not my drink.

    Well, the magic machine was not magic for me. Both V3 and I lost $100 on VP at Fontana. So it was time to head over to the Desert Passage for our Commander’s Palace lunch. On the way we passed through Paris where V3 wanted to stop in at the Diamond lounge for some fruit. It was closed so we headed down to the Desert Passage and checked out the rain show. The thunder sounds pretty cool but it’s a fairly lame display overall in my humble opinion (IMHO).

    We got a table at Commander’s Palace and waited for Pipette to join us. While we were waiting we listened to the combo group which was fairly good. The table on the other side of the room was filled with Vegas drunks. Loud and happy. I ordered a Commander’s Palace 25 cent martini and thoroughly enjoyed it. Pip was stuck in traffic and didn’t show up for awhile so we ordered our meals. I had the $18.80 lunch special with Caesar salad, turkey sandwich and some chocolate pecan desert.

    The Caesar salad came with sardines - I didn’t know that was how it was normally served (I hate sardines). I just picked at it. The turkey sandwich was great. For some reason the waiter never brought my desert and I was stuffed anyway so I blew it off. Pip showed up and we talked for awhile. She brought me some cool Stardust memorabilia including some commemorative chips (thanks Pip!).

    Pip offered to drive us back as we were both getting tired. We’d both got in late the day before and were winding down. We dropped V3 off at MGM and me at Orleans (thanks Pip!).

    I rested in the room for awhile and then went down to play. I lost $400 in short order and was frustrated. I was only playing 25 cent VP! I then headed over to the business center as I wanted to get online and post some of the days adventures on the LVTalk board. The computers were down for some reason so I went back to play.

    I had put most of my bankroll in a security box at the cashier’s cage earlier in the day. Now that I needed to take more out there was a line of over 200 people!? Turns out it’s payday special Friday or whatever. You cash your paycheck and you get some special offers. So now I’m screwed so I hit the ATM for a few hundred. This pee’d me off as I like sticking to my budget.

    Fortunately I won some of my money back. Then V3 called and I invited him to dinner at the Prime Rib Loft. I’d heard a lot about it and wanted to pay him back for his generosity.

    V3 showed up a while later and we went to dinner. I fully intended to try the prime rib but our waitress, Kitty, mentioned the special which was filet mignon and shrimp. At her suggestion we both ordered it and were not disappointed. The place was packed with a sea of cowboy hats. The rodeo was in town and you looked out of place if you weren’t wearing one.

    After dinner I suggested the New Frontier. V3 had never been there and even though it’s a dump I’ve had some good times there. So we cabbed it over and headed in.

    If there was a sea of cowboy hats at the Orleans, the Frontier was a mega-ocean. We started off with the must-do Sigma Derby. We both were betting longshots and V3 was screaming at the plastic horses. It was just too funny. “You’re mother’s a HORSE!†V3 screamed, and the others playing and watching just stared in horror. I just had to smile. I also should mention that after meeting him, I liked V3 immediately. He’s a little more type A than I ever was, but you have to respect that. RESPECT!

    After losing a whopping $20 on Sigma Derby, we headed over to the craps table. I always bet conservatively as I always lose. Of course, V3 is betting the farm most of the time. The sessions are long for most of the players. I made some money on 6 and 8 bets and points were being made.

    Then I got the dice. I usually seven out in short order. But this time, something weird happened. I kept throwing, and throwing and throwing. The cowboys at the other end of the table were whooping it up. I could not throw a 7. I finally figured out I was doing ok and got down on all the numbers for the minimum bet. When I finally 7’nd out I asked V3 how long I had thrown and he said “forty minutes dude!â€. I looked down and I was about $200 plus ahead. Amazing!

    V3 got the dice a short while later and decided to crank things up. I’d been warned about hitting the backstop several and more times (I’m bad about that). So he throws the dice as high in the air as possible. It was like a pop-fly. The dice land well short of the backstop and he gets warned to throw harder. So he throws them like a major-league pitcher. One die pops up and hits this cowboy in the chest hard enough to leave a mark. He gets warned again and simmers down. Then he makes a standard roll and 7’s out. I had to stifle myself to keep from laughing!

    I decided to keep my profits as I’m getting back close to even and tell V3 I’m headed to the VP bar. Now the VP at Frontier is like taking a walk back to the 70’s. You still have to buy quarters and feed them in. I buy a couple rolls and I can’t lose. I hit several four of a kinds (4OAK) and am up about $120 when V3 shows up. We decide to get out of there so I cash in. Once I’d raked all those quarters up my hands looked like I’d been mining coal (remember that nasty coin grit before TITOs?). So I tell V3 I’m heading to the restroom to clean up.

    I go into Frontier’s nasty restroom and it’s filled with cowboys. I “mount up†to the urinal when this big ol’ cowboy joins me at the next “station†and nearly knocks me on my a$$. I try to maintain my, er, efforts, and this ol’ cowboy rears back his head and screams at the top of his lungs - “YEEEHAW! Ah’m PEEIN!â€.

    After that I just had to finish up and get out of there before I laughed too hard and got mounted by this good ol’ boy myself. I met V3 outside and recounted the story and we had a good chuckle.

    We grabbed a cab to the Flamingo where V3 was double booked and checked out his room. The new “Go†rooms are very nice. They’ve taken the same space of a standard room and upscaled it considerably. After lying on the bed V3 proclaimed it to be comfortable and he was going to sleep there. He was tired and so was I so I thanked him for sharing a great day and headed down to grab a cab back to Orleans. I tried some VP on the way out with no luck.

    Back at the Orleans I tried some 50 cent VP on Double-Double Bonus Poker (DD BP) and hit the aces for $400. I was pretty much even so I called it a night. It had been a great first day in Vegas!

    Saturday, 9 Dec

    Up a little later this morning (7am). I goofed around the room for awhile drinking coffee, checking out the weather channel to see what it would be like outside. One thing about the Orleans that I don’t like is that they have their irons bolted to the ironing boards on the wide side. Am I the only one that uses this side of an ironing board?

    V3 called and again invited me to breakfast. I cabbed it over there and again we ate at the Studio Café. I had the Huevos Rancheros and it was excellent. I still like the breakfast burrito better.

    After that we headed back to the Orleans as I was expecting a phone call. We decided to try some One/Two No-limit Texas Holdem. We both bought in for $100 and commenced to play. Now V3 is an all-in kind of guy. I don’t remember the hand but it was the first after the table opened and he went all-in and got beat on the river. In his own words it P’d him off more than his losses the previous day at the Mansion at MGM. I won’t tell you what that amount was, that’s his business to say, but suffice it to say that to me, it was substantial!

    We played for about an hour and a half. I had one good hand with pocket 8’s and then another 8 came on the flop. Now this is only my second time playing Texas Holdem and I was shaking a bit calling this other guys bets. I don’t think I ever raised as I didn’t need to. In the end I won the hand with about $200 or so chips in the pot. Very nice. I never got another decent hand. I might have won one or two small pots. I ended up cashing out about a $20 profit for the session.

    After that we tried the obligatory Megabucks video slots run. I put in $20 and V3 put in $100. I must say I hate this game. At least with the Megabucks reel slots you stand a chance. These machines ate our money faster than a jackrabbit.

    We stopped for a bite at TGI Fridays (this is fairly new at the Orleans and a nice place to get a meal). V3 had the chicken Caesar salad and I had the fried green beans. Pretty tasty stuff.

    I’d asked V3 to explain sports betting to me so we went to Orleans very nice sports book. While he was explaining he noticed that there were unusual odds on the Raven’s game. He bet it and won (nice $153 or win). But I must admit, I'm still confused about sports betting.

    We then headed over to the Hard Rock, one of the places I’d never been and wanted to check out. We signed up for player’s cards and got our coupons for various stuff including a match play on blackjack for up to $25. I diddled my $10 freeplay on VP and lost. Then I looked for V3 and he was at a $25 blackjack 3/2 table. I figured if I was going to get max value out of my match play I should wager $25 and put the coupon down with a $20 and a $5. The bet won so I sat down and waited for the inevitable loss. I won the next 8 or 9 hands! I’m not a big blackjack player so V3 told me when to double down and enlightened me quite a bit. Before long I’d turned that match play into $300. Then the dealer stopped the game and broke out new decks! I asked V3 if this was normal and he said “Do you see any other table changing decks?â€

    Well after that I couldn’t’ win a hand. When I’d lost 3 in a row I stopped and cashed out with a nice $240 profit (thanks Hard Rock and V3!). I went off to play VP and V3 joined me shortly thereafter. He had done well too!

    Before we left this drunk guy about my age kept stumbling around from bar to bar asking for beers. It was only about 3pm and he was totally trashed. The bartender said he thought he was too drunk to be served. The guy kept saying “Buwaysuh puhleezeâ€. The bartender finally served him but told him this was his last one. We chuckled and headed out.

    Grabbed a cab back to MGM. V3 said he had a surprise for me and told me (I think this actually happened earlier in the day) that he had comped tickets to Ron White (one of the Blue Collar Group) at Mandalay Bay for that night. He changed clothes and since we had some time to kill we went over to Hooters since I’d never checked it out. The place is ok, it is the old San Remo. Kind of tight and claustrophobic. I played some VP and lost about $60 then hit a hail mary at the end with four 9’s which made me even.

    Before the show we needed to eat so we headed down to Emeril’s Seafood place. It was closed so we opted for Wolfgang Puck’s. The place was packed so V3 pulled out his VIP card and had us seated in 10 minutes. It’s good to know someone who has “the juice!â€.

    The meal was fantastic. I had a shrimp dish which had so much garlic my breath was capable of taking paint off walls for at least an hour afterwards. V3 had a flat steak which he didn’t finish. I sampled it and have to say it was melt in your mouth delicious. Dinner was comped (thanks V3!).

    Then it was time for the Ron White show. V3’s host had scored him great seats; 3rd row practically center stage. Ron is pretty entertaining, but the best moment of the show was when a heckler got a little out of hand. Security came down and tried to calm him down but it wasn’t working. Ron wasn’t helping either by telling the guy not to act stupid. “Say now, you aren’t going to see the rest of the show. Don’t be stupid and end up in jail to boot!†Well, the guy kept yelling and ended up getting physical and the security guys (four of them) dragged him out by the arms and legs. As they dragged him out Ron yelled “Ya can’t fix stupid!â€. The audience ate it up. It was a classic Vegas moment. I wonder what the bail was set at?

    After the show it was time to head downtown for the Midnight Madness meet at MSS. V3 arranged for a limo so we hoofed it back to MGM and met a great looking limo driver lady. I was in awe. I’ve never had this kind of upscale Vegas experience. We sat in the back and drank some much needed water. I needed to grab my jacket so the limo driver to us back to the Orleans and I ran upstairs to get my jacket and camera.

    Back down in the limo we headed downtown. I handed V3 my camera and asked him to take my picture. I think he thought it was a bit silly but I was living large and wanted to record it for posterity. There is an extra picture of the limo floor as it went off prematurely when I handed him the camera! Oh well.

    We were dropped off near Binions and strolled down Fremont street and took in the sights. There was a lot going on including the end of a Christmas show. I tried snapping some photos of Fremont street but my camera must be too wimpy for all that neon as the pictures didn’t come out well.

    We walked down to MSS (Main Street Station for those who don’t know the Vegas acronyms). We had some time to kill and V3 wanted to play blackjack. I wanted to try the full pay JOB at the Boar’s Head bar so we went our separate ways.

    I had a great run on VP. I had so many 4OAKs that the bartender and I had a system set up where if I had one I’d hold up four fingers and he’d know I needed a scratch-off ticket. I collected three of them, only worth 2 and 3 dollars but I had a ball and a grunch of crown and diet cokes in the process. I cashed out about $160 ahead when all was said and done. I’d love to stay at MSS someday and do a marathon session.

    When it was time for the meet we went to the brewpub and no one was there. We diddled around on machines playing for awhile and then a few folks showed up. We met The RealMrVegas, TexasLynnie, Kiddo, Dice Gal and a few others. Had a pretty good time but we were both tired and I said my goodnights and headed back to the Orleans.

    I grabbed a cab down by Binions and had a driver of Russian origin who wanted to impress me with how fast he could get me back to Orleans. He took the exit near the Rio ( I can’t remember the street) and there were not one, but two accidents which clogged things up for quite awhile. He then took a ‘shortcut’ which entailed rapidly driving through some storage shed area with a pantload of speed bumps. I was beginning to think that he was taking me out to get mugged when we pop out in front of the Orleans.

    I played a bit after chucking my stuff in the room and won pretty well at Deuces Wild. There are several banks of full pay machines near the keno area and also across from the sports bar. It wasn’t long before my eyelids were drooping so it was off to bed. Another red-letter day in Vegas!

    Sunday, 10 Dec

    Up late today, about 9am. V3 was coming over so we could meet up with PeanutM&M (Pnut) and his lovely bride Lynne. After we talked on the phone he said he’d be over in 30 minutes. I was back at the Deuces Wild machines and losing my a$$, but not much. After two hours we finally found each other and it turned out he’d been trying to call me but getting my voicemail and it was all broken up. There is something wrong with my cell phone or there is something about the Orleans that reeks havoc with cell signals.

    We were both hungry so we hit the Courtyard Café for a late breakfast. I ordered the Jambalaya omelet and V3 ordered a fruit plate and a bagel. Before our food came Pnut called so we invited them to eat with us. The guys were kidding me about going to a strip club. I made it clear that as much fun as it sounded I just couldn’t do it. My lovely bride hates that stuff and I try to keep the waters nice and calm at home! Wouldn’t you know it just as we were talking about this my cell rang and it was my lovely bride checking up on me. I swear she’s psychic! After We enjoyed our meal and then went off to gamble.

    V3 gave us a baccarat lesson and we all cashed out with a small profit. We then went off in separate directions to play. I met up with Lynne. She is an extremely low roller (nickel VP) so I asked here if she’d ever played keno. She hadn’t so I gave her a short lesson in playing one nickel at a time on seven numbers. If it hits, you win $350. I’ve done this a few times and although it’s boring, it’s really good for preserving your bankroll!

    I hooked up with Pnut and V3 at Brendan’s’ Irish Pub. Pnut turned me on to a McCallen’s scotch. I’m not a scotch drinker but it was pretty good stuff.

    V3 was hungry so we went to the Koji Sushi bar. He had the Vegas and crunchy rolls and since I was not that hungry I had the crab Rangoon appetizer. I really enjoyed it. I must say I never had a bad meal at the Orleans.

    We decided to head out and with no particular place to go we went back to MGM. Pnut drove us and upon arrival V3 took us back up to the Mansion so we could sit and enjoy some high class hooch at the lounge. I had my very favorite Crown Royal Special Reserve and Pnut has some McCallen’s 25 and a fine cigar. He looked like he was in heaven while he enjoyed this. I swear if you can have an orgasm drinking scotch and smoking a cigar he had one!

    You know you’re well comped when you can ask for a banana and the bartender goes out and finds you one. That’s exactly what Michael the bartender did for V3. I was highly impressed. I was almost out of smokes so I asked for a pack and Michael brought me two. Between this and the excellent food they had available I’m positively spoiled. I’ve never done Vegas like this.

    We stopped at the oriental restaurant for dinner (sorry, but I can’t remember the name). It was an excellent meal and we shared Kung Pao Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, sushi and some other dish I can’t remember. It was outstanding. We had a World of Poker Tour sighting, but I can’t remember his name. He finished 8th or something. Loser! (just kidding)

    V3 and Pnut had to meet MikeE at TI so we headed over that way. There was a plan to meet downtown at midnight for a craps meet at Binions so we had some time to kill. We met MikeE and V3 took us all into the high limits room. I couldn’t’ stand watching that kind of high roller action again (ok, I’m a wuss), so I headed out to the Breeze VP bar. I’ve never seen more horrible paytables in my life. I think it was 7/5 BP and 6/5 DD BP. Having no other options I played anyway and had my a$$ handed to me. I lost $140 in about an hour.

    During the evening I kept asking "What's the Plan?" V3 and Pnut got annoyed with me since they don't like to plan anything. So every time I said it they would razz me. When I realized how much it annoyed them, I started saying it more often! Finally it became a big joke and I used my best Jerry Lewis impression when continually asked, "Hey! Whats the Plan???!!!!"

    Pnut took his bride back to the Orleans so we all had to cool our heels for awhile. I was sick of losing so I walked around a bit. When Pnut returned we got together and headed out to Red Rock Station. This is a place I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. The drive was endless. This place is just too far out in the sticks. I have to admit it’s a pretty joint. The server costumes are awesome.

    My big draw to this place was that they had full pay VP. Yes they do, but they just weren’t hitting for me. Also, the machines seem to operate at a very fast level. I’m talking rapid fire. I also tried the “Optimum Play’ machines and they didn’t do a thing. Lost a bunch very fast. I’ve no desire to return to Red Rock.

    It was time to head downtown for the craps meet so we hit the road with Pnut. Another long drive and we valet parked at the Golden Nugget. Walked through and headed to Binions. Wouldn’t you know there was an empty craps table right in front so we bellied up and started playing. Dice Gal, and a bunch of others were there and we started rolling. Things didn’t go well (for me) and I was getting tired and drunk. When I get drunk I get a bit paranoid. I always feel a whole lot better being tipsy when I’m back at home base so if it’s time for bed there is no taxi service involved. I said my goodnights and headed back to Orleans.

    The trip was uneventful and much cheaper than the night before. I was regretful that I hadn’t had a chance to shoot and see if I could recreate the magic of Friday night at the New Frontier. Oh well, another time.

    Back at Orleans, I knew this was my last night I could stay up late so I took out half of the rest of my bankroll (I was still only down a few hundred) and commenced a VP marathon. I love doing this. Just stick a hundred in and wail away. I had some good luck, but pushed it too long and put it all back. In a way I didn’t mind. I’d had a great time for very little money (FYI, I only brought about $1000 for the whole trip). I felt that I was padding my chances for future trips and was certainly drinking an ocean liner full of Crown and eating some great free food in the balance. Hit the rack at 6am.

    Monday, 11 Dec

    10am. Amazingly, no hangover. The constant ingestion of water and saline is paying off. I decided this is a stay at home and relax day. No excursions. I’m worn out and have to fly home early in the morning. I checked the business center again since Pnut had told me people were asking about me on the LVTalk board. I’d mentioned that I would post daily updates if I could but I had no laptop and the business center had been down for several days. It was back online so I posted a couple of items and then took half the rest of my bankroll and played my a$$ off. This was the last hurrah!

    I had some good luck early on. If you are ever at the Orleans check out the sports bar. They have entertainment there so it gets busy at night, but during the day it’s pretty slow. They have a progressive that was up to $1800 for a royal while I was there and the JOB is 9/5, not too bad.

    I talked to V3, he was flying out that afternoon. I wished him well and told him I was staying put today. He and Pnut and his wife were planning an In-and-Out burger visit but I wasn’t really into it so I decided not to go. Instead I visited Sazio’s Italian restaurant and had a kick-a$$ buffalo chicken pizza. If you like this sort of thing hurry up, Sazio’s is closing, as is Brendan’s Irish pub. Orleans is planning to create a night spot of some sort in one of these areas.

    There was another meet at the Mardi Gras bar at 4pm. I brought my camera and met a whole bunch of great folks including: Morpheus 7272, TexasLinny (again), MargefmCalgary, LostinWestTexas, Kiddo (again), LV_Norm, PattifmOntario (again), TrawnaJack, DustyinVegas, NandJinNJ, Marlowe1 and DirtyDog. Enjoyed meeting all you folks!

    There were coupons galore being traded since most of them expire at the end of the year. So I grabbed one for a 2 for 1 fahita dinner at Don Miguels at Orleans. I asked Pnut and his wife if they’d like to go. I wasn’t spending my $100 a day food credit so it was use it or lose it. They agreed and invited me to join them to visit the Gold Coast. I agreed since I heard it was 9/6 JOB heaven!

    Pnut drove us over to Gold Coast and I have to say I was impressed. I visited this property in 2000 and it looked much different. Back then it was row after row of VP machine (I wasn’t a VP player at the time) and we left quickly. It’s much more upscale now and has some great décor. Pnut and I shared a drink in the lounge while Lynne played some nickel VP. We did the tour and I settled in on a 9/6 JOB machine at the center bar (I didn’t see a name). I was losing slowly but then switched to Bonus VP and hit a 4OAK. I ended up cashing out $10 down for the session - a win the way my day was going.

    We headed back to the Orleans and went to Don Miguels. This may have been the best meal of the trip or I was just very hungry. Pnut, being a connoisseur of fine booze ordered some name brand tequila. I only know that CR is my hooch and when at home I drink the cheapest stuff I can find (why am I so cheap?). It was good stuff and we enjoyed our fajitas with kick-a$$ guacamole and salsa. Paid the bill with my daily allowance. We went our separate ways saying our goodbyes in case we didn’t see each other again that night.

    My play was to play half of what I had left in my bankroll and be in bed no later than 11pm since I had to be up by 5:30am to head for the airport. I played for a long time but eventually lost my buy-in. Hit the rack by 11:30pm but not before cashing in my points and hitting the gift shop up for about $60 worth of free stuff. Got a 2007 and 2008 Vegas calendar, a nice shirt for my bride, a shot glass for my collection and a little light-up Vegas sign.

    I woke up early and hit the Courtyard Café for some corned beef hash and eggs. Very good. I took one last swipe at VP with no luck. Oh well, I’ve had a great time, made some new friends (priceless!), and all it cost me was airfare and most of my bankroll. My room was free, everything I ate was free (except Commander’s Palace), and I’ve seen places and done things I’ve never done before.

    Checked out (zero balance) and met my limo driver at the front door. I asked if was ok if I brought my coffee in the limo. He just laughed. I guess I should try to act more like a high roller?

    At the airport check-in was a breeze. Zoomed through security and had time to kill so got some Starbucks iced coffee and stuck some money in a Wheel of Fortune quarter machine and played it for almost 45 minutes. No jackpot so boarded the plane and had a smooth flight home.

    I just got back a few hours ago and figured I’d better post this or get hounded to do so. I’m so tired I’m almost glad to be going back to work tomorrow as it will seem like I will be getting some rest!

    My great thanks to V3 and Pnut and Lynne (spelling?) for making this trip so memorable. There is so much more to Vegas than gambling, but that’s still my favorite part!

    Thanks for reading. This was my favorite trip ever. There is so much to see and do in Vegas. I never get tired of it. I don’t know when I’ll be back, my daughter is getting married next May so that will put the kibosh on another trip anytime soon. Maybe I can tell her I’m sick and can’t make it so I can go back to Vegas? Nah, well, maybe she’d buy it?

    Vegas - Vegas - Vegas!
  2. sin

    sin VIP Whale

    Jun 25, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report Sailor thanks for posting!
  3. sanonofresurfer

    sanonofresurfer Dude

    Jul 12, 2002
    Somewhere at the Beach
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Seeing your trip report title made me wonder if I had blacked out and gone to Vegas.

    Sounds like a great trip with some good friends. All that running around made me tired just from reading about it.

    Thanks for the report.:thumbsup:
  4. TRMV

    TRMV Tourist

    Dec 13, 2006
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hey Sailor, great report here as well as LVT!!! It was good to meet you!:wink2:
  5. peanutmnm

    peanutmnm Scotchy

    Jun 25, 2005
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    That Randy and Lynne sound like a lot of fun! :banana:

    Good write up and nice to meet you.
  6. pattiinontario

    pattiinontario "PATTI-O-LANTERNS"

    Mar 17, 2002
    ontario, canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report. It was very nice meeting u.
  7. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
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    Nice report, couple of outstanding vegas moments in there. :thumbsup:
  8. mikenhe

    mikenhe VIP Whale

    Oct 28, 2006
    anglo american in Tampa
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    excellent report!! thanks
  9. sailor53

    sailor53 Tourist

    Jan 18, 2006
    Pensacola, FL
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    They were great people - but they never had a plan! :poke:

    It was great meeting you guys, TRMV, PattiinOntario and all the others too!
  10. Dewey089

    Dewey089 VIP Whale

    Aug 4, 2001
    averill park ny
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I missed this TR on the other board. Things go around too fast for me there. This was great. Fine detail. Thanks for posting. I missed the sigma derby this last time and my one son stayed at MGM too. I used to love the one at Stardust.
    Glad you had such a good time. Maybe I'll see you next trip.
  11. gmoney590

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    Jul 8, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great TR. It's funny but it seems that when we get back from a "vacation" to Vegas we need a few days to rest up from it. It sounded like you had a great time and getting to see the Mansion and everything that goes with it is a real eye opener. I hope you do get to go back to Vegas later this year.
    Birthday Bash
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