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A new tradition

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by milehiman, Sep 17, 2004.

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  1. milehiman

    milehiman VIP Whale

    Sep 21, 2002
    Scottsdale, AZ

    My Trip Report

    Hello everybody. Sorry for taking so long to write and post my Labor Day trip report. I've been busy at work and other travels. I was in South Bend last weekend watching my beloved Wolverines lose to ND. It was pretty cool being on the ND campus though.

    So anyway, here's my report. If you like cut and dry TR's, this isn't for you. Hope it isn't too wordy. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

    A restless night sleep didn’t help, nor did a half-day of work before I headed to the airport to catch my afternoon flight to Las Vegas. I had gone to a wedding the night before and was pretty pressed for time – this will come in later, but was happy that I finally was headed to the airport.

    My trip also had another bump when I discovered that the nearby economy parking was full and I would be heading to an off-site parking lot. This meant a crowded shuttle to and from, which would only delay my trip. After roaming around the parking lot for a good ten minutes I finally found a space near the far side of the parking lot. The shuttle came around and me and my other X4 shuttle stop waiters scrambled aboard an already crowded shuttle.

    Finally we get to the terminal and I scramble to get to the United check-in level. Once there, I get in line for the self-check in kiosks and begin another test of my patience. People standing in line waited to get to the front of the line before realizing that they needed tags for their bags – it wasn’t enough for them to see everybody in front of them filling out a tag to spark their memory that they didn’t have one either. Unfortunately when I got to the front, the machine wouldn’t accept any credit card that had my name on it. After fruitlessly trying to get the attention from one of the attendants I was finally able to get some help. After several attempts to get the self-service machine to work, she eventually had to manually get me a boarding pass and luggage tag.

    I was finally off, I made it through the security screen without problems and found out that I had enough time to get a beer before my flight boarded. That done I made one quick call to the office to check on some updates I had sent and was finally seated on the plane and was ready to go.

    The flight went by quickly and soon we were on final to Las Vegas. Getting out of the jetway and hearing the familiar chimes of the slots on the D concourse brought a wave of relief to my anxious mind. Soon I was at baggage claim, glad that the construction that I had seen cause such problems in the spring was gone. After grabbing my luggage I was off to the Budget shuttle to catch the short ride to their off-site office. I discovered while I was on the shuttle that I could have taken care of my paperwork at the terminal. Oh well, it hopefully wouldn’t be a long wait. As I expected the line to get my car was short and soon I was headed out the gate heading towards Tropicana road. My car rental was $120 for the three days, but they only put a $150 hold on my card. I know that some people had questions about this. They even told me that they were going to put this much of hold on my card.

    We were staying at the TI this time and I decided to take Koval and try to avoid the strip traffic. It was already after 5PM local time and I thought I-15 and the LV Blvd would be a mess. Little did I know it’s all a mess at this time! But I didn’t care, I was finally here. After finally making it to the TI, I went straight to valet parking and waited for an attendant. After making sure my luggage was taken care of I headed inside hoping for a short line, which I found. There was only one person in front of me and I was soon getting my card keys. I liked the fact that when I checked in they asked if it was OK to place a hold on my credit card for more than what the total room charges would run. I just expected that they would, and was surprised that they asked.

    We had a room on the 12th floor, which was a non-smoking floor. Our view consisted of the Fashion Show Mall, with The STRAT and downtown in the distance. It wasn’t bad, but I was slightly disappointed. Oh well, I just wouldn’t look out the window this time. When I walked in the room it seemed smaller than our usual Luxor accommodations. The wall of mirrors further cemented my fears. But what are you going to do? It was nice but I don’t think I’ll be staying here again.

    Since I only had a limited budget and I had to head back to the airport to pick up my friend shortly I decided to see what was on TV. Kinda silly huh… Waiting all this time to get to Vegas and then just camp out in the room. But ESPN was showing the UNM/WSU game, so I was happy. I called my brother, a fellow UNM grad to make sure he was watching the game and talked for a while.

    It was time to head back to the airport to pick up my friend Doug. I went downstairs to get the car out of Valet parking. Although there was a short line it took a while to get my car. But soon I was off to the airport to pick up my friend. I scored my first win by catching free time on a short-term parking meter. Doug eventually showed up and we waited for his luggage to arrive. I made sure everything was OK with him and his wife (she wasn’t too happy that he wanted to come to Vegas and go to a NASCAR race for his birthday weekend instead of being with her). He said it wasn’t any problems, as they had planned a make-up trip to Peru a week after he got back from our trip.

    So we caught up and headed off to the TI. We had dinner reservations at Aqua Knox at 9PM, but I had called ahead and asked if there would be a problem if we showed up early. They had said there shouldn’t, so I wanted to change out of my jeans as their dress code was “Dressy Casualâ€.

    When I went to get my dress pants out of the closet I discovered that in my rush to pack I had grabbed the wrong set of dry cleaning from my closet. Instead of my black dress pants I had brought a navy blue sweater. My friend said that I should just go the way I was, but we had reservations for Delmonico the next night, so I needed dress pants regardless. I checked the TI list of shops, but remembered my earlier view. The Fashion Show Mall!!! I quickly ran over there and bought a pair of dress pants and was good to go. We showed up on time for our dinner reservations, but had to wait in the bar for a little while before we were seated.

    I had heard good things about Aqua Knox and wanted to try it since we both like seafood. I started with the butter lettuce herb with a champagne vinaigrette salad and had the grilled whole fish (Mediterranean bass, or something like that). It came with some roasted vegetables and cherry tomato essence (close to a hearty vinaigrette). Doug decided to let the waitress make his decision for him. She asked him if he had any allergies or didn’t care for anything. He said no on both counts and said that he trusted her decision. He had the tomato panzenella salad with tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, capers and croutons. He really liked it a lot. My salad was also very good. For his entrée he had the Mesquite grilled New Zealand king Salmon. We shared a side of dauphinoise potatoes. We also had a complimentary smoked Salmon/Trout mousse appetizer, which when we complimented them on it were immediately offered more. Bottled water and a “flask†of pinot gris for me. The flask of wine was served in a beaker like you would normally see in a chemistry class. It was different, but held more than enough wine to last through dinner. The waiter who delivered the entrée de-boned my fish, but with all whole fish dishes there’s always a few hidden bones.

    By this time it was almost 11PM, and we were both dead tired. I mentioned it was Doug’s birthday when our waitress asked about dessert. He didn’t want anything, but I was asking about the Crème Brule trifecta (vanilla, caramel, raspberry) that was on the menu. We eventually decided against dessert, but our waitress brought out the Crème Brule with a candle and a chocolate circle with happy birthday on it. She said that you should always have something to celebrate your birthday with and that since we were asking about the Crème Brule she brought it for us. Needless to say, my friend was happy and told his wife about it the next day. The bill came out to be close to $150 including a healthy tip (the birthday dessert was free). By the time we left, the bar had turned into a mini-disco complete with DJ. The music towards the end of our meal was loud, but not too bad. The restaurant itself had a very comfortable feel with excellent service. It also featured lighting in the main dining room that transformed from an Aegean green to Caribbean blue that reinforced the “Aqua†feel.

    After the meal I felt it was mandatory to at least gamble a little, but knew I didn’t have the fortitude to play craps or blackjack. So I stuck $20 in my pocket and parked myself in front of some nickel slot machines. I walked away an hour later, after bouncing around playing Billionaires, I Dream of Genie and Milk Money with a TITO slip worth $45. I was happy, but dead tired.

    Day Two – September 4, 2004

    I slept very well and was awaked by a few steams of sun coming through the window. I guess we hadn’t closed the curtains as well as we thought we did. It was a little after 7AM, and I thought Doug would be up once I started stirring. We generally get up early when we’re in Vegas since we’re both early risers anyway. I eventually got cleaned up and read my book by the light of the sun coming through the window. But after a while I got bored and grabbed my TITO slip and hit the slots again. We generally play blackjack together when we’re in Vegas and I didn’t want to ruin our tradition. I also checked out the craps tables and with the combination a cold table and $10 minimums decided that I would let the soothing voice of Barbara Eden prepare me for the day. But after losing $20 a little too quick for my comfort, I decided to go back to the room and see if Doug was up.

    Nope still asleep, but it was starting to get late. So after reading for a little while longer I decided to make some noise to see if I could get him going so we could get some breakfast. Eventually he took the hint and was surprised that he had slept so late. He could see that I was hungry so he quickly put on some clothes and we were off to America at NYNY for breakfast.

    There wasn’t a line, so we were seated right away. Service at America is kinda hit or miss, but we were lucky this morning. Our waitress was very friendly, although she did mess up my order. After breakfast we decided to see how the Michigan/Miami of Ohio game was going and headed over to the NYNY sportsbook. Michigan was up (of course) and we were both disappointed that we hadn’t placed bets on them the night before – they were 13 point favorites or -$550 straight line. We had remembered on our way to breakfast, but it was too late to place a bet by that time.

    We both didn’t have any plans, but Doug wanted to lay out by the pool and get some sun. I wanted to gamble and run around the strip so we both went our separate ways. I hit several casinos including Caesars (will the construction ever be finished on that place???), Bellagio – pretty cool conservatory exhibit, Paris, Luxor, MB, Orleans and the Palms. I didn’t gamble much, but ended up over $30 after all was said and done. I have too say that I’ve been to the Palms a couple of times in the past, but hadn’t noticed the hottie CW’s. It took her forever to get my Newcastle, but dressed like that it was hard to be too upset at her. I was also on a quest to find the Jeff Foxworthy penny slots. I had read about them on another board and wanted to play them. I found a set at the Orleans and actually did pretty well. I started with $10 (wow a 1000 credits!) and walked away with $30. I hit some combination of moonshine, grand pappy and bags of grits to win over 2000 credits on one spin.

    We eventually ended up back at the room and got ready for dinner. We had a 6:30 reservation at Delmonico and arrived there a little bit early. The last time we had dinner at Delmonico in March we both felt that the service was sub-par. I was hoping for a better experience this time and have to say I was not disappointed. We started with cocktails – me a Kettle One Martini, very dry, up with a twist. Doug had his usual non-alcoholic drink. We were served our welcome back appetizer and eventually ordered. I started with the spinach salad and had the Bone in Rib Steak with a baked potato for my side. My friend had the same with the addition of a lobster bisque. For dessert I had some coffee and the chocolate soufflé. We also had bottled water to drink, which we had to ask for. Before we came over, we were watching the OU/LSU game and were wondering what the final score was. We decided to ask our waitress a favor. We knew it was a stretch and wouldn’t feel bad if she couldn’t get an answer, but we asked her if she knew the game score. She didn’t but said she would find out if she could. She returned shortly and gave us the bad news – LSU had won in overtime. I was very impressed that she had gone out of her way to find out the score and some details about the game. The entire evening had great team service and with the lead waitress going out of her way. Delmonico had redeemed itself! As we left I made sure we told the hostess about our outstanding waitstaff and we noticed her adding it in the computer. Dinner ran $260 including about $40 in drinks and a healthy tip.

    We missed the 8:00 Siren’s shows and my friend headed back to the room. I went downstairs to hang out for a while longer and decided to see how many bonus rounds I could hit on various slot machines. Unfortunately I couldn’t hit any and after losing $50 I decided to head back to the room since tomorrow was going to be a long day.

    Sunday September 5

    We had decided that since today was race day, if we got up early enough we would try to get the buffet at Paris. We had been there before during our trip in the Spring and the food was very good. Once again it didn’t disappoint. The freshly prepared crepes and Belgium waffles were particularly good. I had a few problems with people cutting in front of me in line, but that was about it. We had gotten there early enough so that we only had a short wait to be seated.

    After breakfast we decided to try our luck at blackjack at the Barbary Coast. We had a great time playing there before and decided to see if we could capture some of that luck and good times again. We should have taken the following signs as a bad omen: LV Metro was outside the north strip entrance handcuffing two individuals; LV Fire Rescue pulling up (more on this shortly); a drunk was being bum rushed out the door by security all the time saying â€If I trip or hurt myself, I’m going to sue you and the casino†which morphed into “Why am I in trouble? It is just because I drank a little too much? How is that a crime?†and finally spotting the reason for the rescue squad’s presence – a female patron that was in the process of being arrested after being chased through the casino. She had a pretty nice gash on her thigh after hitting a slot machine. I guess she couldn’t make that last turn in her sprint for freedom.

    But we decided to sit down anyway. BIG MISTAKE! Up until that session, I’ve never lost 10 hands in a row. Let me tell you, it isn’t fun. I think Mikey made a R. Kelly comment in one of his earlier trip report, which described well what I was dealt i.e. lots of 14’s and 15’s. When I was finally dealt decent hands i.e. 18, 20 the dealer either drew to a 21 or turned over a blackjack. My friend only won one hand in 9 deals and he was out too. Let me just say it wasn’t fun and we left. While walking back to the car, we pondered the odds of what had just happened to us. While my friend isn’t a big gambler we both haven’t ever had our butts kicked that bad at the blackjack table. So this on top of my previous nights losses wasn’t boding well for my limited forays into gambling this trip.

    The following is more or less NASCAR race related, so if you’re not interested skip down to the next day.

    Since we had a little time before we had to get on the road we went our separate ways. Doug went back to the pool and I went back to entertaining myself at the slot machines. We decided to meet back at 11:15 so we could be on the road by 11:30. The race started at 3PM local time and it was slight more than 225 miles to the track from the casino. Luckily it was all I-15 and we had a great rental car.

    We had decided we were going to take this adventure soon after the first California race in the spring. We didn’t know where to stay, but wanted to go to this race. Although I’m sure that there are great places to stay, see and eat in the great L.A. metro area, we decided we were going to stay in Vegas and drive to Fontana. We figured people did it all the time, albeit in the reverse manner. It actually wasn’t that bad of a drive. The landscape reminded me a lot of southern N.M. Traffic wasn’t bad since we were making essentially a reverse commute and we were soon in Barstow looking for the pre-scouted In and Out. We gassed up the car and got our double doubles and were soon on our way to the track.

    Unfortunately when we got close to the track, traffic was a mess. It was backed up for miles and wasn’t going anywhere fast. So we decided to park the car and walk in. We figured that if it were this bad going it, it would be worse leaving. So we found a parking lot grabbed some water and started walking. During our walk, we’re glad we brought some water since we parked almost 3 miles away from the track. Hey it seemed like a good idea at the time…

    We had good seats near the exit to pit row. Our seats were in row 43 of a 45 row seating arrangement. We had a pretty clear view of most of the track, but due to the location of the sun we had a hard time seeing things coming out of turn 4. My friend wants to get seats in turn 4 instead of turn 1 next year, but that will add another ½ mile to our walk each way so I’m not so sure. California Speedway isn’t a bad facility. The pedestrian access ways under the track are pretty tight, but it wasn’t too bad to get around.

    Unfortunately, the race took forever to get through – almost 4 hours with a fifth of the race being run under caution. I thought it was a conspiracy since they wanted the race to finish under the lights. There were a couple of dubious cautions for debris on the track that took forever to clear up. They even pulled out the jet driers to take a few laps, which reminded me of a rain caution they had in Darlington at the last Labor Day race we went to. There wasn’t an accident that preceded the caution or a car blowing up and spraying oil so we couldn’t figure out why they needed jet dryers out there. My favorite driver (the 24 car) was running well up until the end when his car blew up. So basically we could have left at that point. But we stayed. Other eventful things that happened at the track – when we first went to our seats the seating official was telling people to turn around and go back down the stairs as they had a medical emergency to attend to. We looked at the “emergency†and said it was just some guy passed out; we can go around until medical personnel arrive. The other was that some idiot decided to run down the stairs. He started at the top and ran down the stairs at full speed until he lost his footing (which everybody expected) and ended up in a crumpled heap near the handicapped access near the bottom of the section. Our seating guy must have had EMS on speed dial that night… I can also say that I’m in a movie. Herbie the Love Bug was being filmed and they had a special car out fitted with cameras running around the track. So when the car came near our section of the track we were encouraged to yell and scream. So when the movie comes out I’m the small speck near the top of the track in turn one wearing the Jeff Gordon hat…LOL

    The track was fairly easy to get out of and back on our trek to the car. I was just hoping that it hadn’t been towed. Doug said that it was probably too far away for people to consider it a problem. Unfortunately traffic out of the track was flowing very well and we lamented our decision to park so far away. Eventually we made it back to the car and after a quick stop to get gas and drinks we escaped from the parking lot. The local police had pretty much blocked the area except for one convoluted way to get out. We found it and we’re soon on I-15 heading back to Vegas.

    The drive was pretty uneventful other than one small delay for an accident that had us going at a crawl for about 20 minutes. We noticed that there was a continuous stream of cars coming west on I-15. We also noticed that even though we were going 80, that we were passed like we were standing still. It’s pretty much an autobahn between Vegas and CA, which surprised us.

    I kept my friend up by telling him a myriad of stories from my youth and soon we were able to spot the tell tale light beam emanating from the Luxor. We checked the odometer and discovered later that it was around 40 miles from when we first saw the light beam. We had originally planned on catching a very late dinner at Ruth Chris, since the location on Flamingo stayed open very late or very early (3AM) depending on your point of view. That was pretty much nixed when we got on the road and we thought the TI’s 24 hour coffee shop might be a better choice. Needless to say when we got back we were dead tired. We got back to our room and after cleaning up a little we were both out cold. It was a long day, but as the title of my TR suggests, we’ll probably do it again next year.

    Monday September 6th

    We both woke up early the next morning because we were both starving. The last full meal we had been at the In and Out in Barstow the day before. Doug wanted to go back to the Paris Buffet, but once a trip was enough for me. We thought about going to the Peppermill, but decided to go back to our favorite – America. After a great breakfast we headed back to the TI. Doug had to be at the airport by 11AM for his flight back to Chicago. We took the tunnel route to get to the airport – which is really fast and soon we were on our separate ways.

    I decided that I had to check out GVR. Since I had a car and time on my hands it was a no brainer. Yeah, I’ll admit that if it wasn’t for the TV program I probably wouldn’t have made the trip, but what can you do? It didn’t take long to get there and soon I was wandering the casino in search of Shamu Shaud or Ninya (which since I didn’t go to hotel registration was pretty much a wash). The only person that I thought I saw was the assistant marketing guy – or as he is better known as JC2K Boy (what a goofy concept!). I donated some money via a monopoly slot and was soon headed back to the strip.

    I actually headed back to the Orleans since I was in a mood to redeem myself at blackjack. I found some tables of $5 pitch games, but they were all packed. I thought about playing craps, but really wanted to play blackjack. Not even the thought of playing the penny Jeff Foxworth slots again could keep me from a blackjack table. I hadn’t been to the Gold Coast, so I headed that way.

    I have to say I didn’t know what to expect at the Gold Coast, but was surprised at how small it seemed. I did find an open seat at a $5 pitch game – it was one little old lady and I. Soon others joined us and my luck was up and down. I got lucky on doubling down on an 11 against a dealers 5 (which he later turned over a face card) – I was given a 5 for a 16, but the dealer dealt himself a face card for a total of 25. Soon the cards started going against me, and not wanting to suffer another butt kicking like I did the day before I left down $12.50. I soon made that up at a nickel I Dream of Genie game – I can’t seem to get away from wanting to hear Barbara Eden’s voice going “Yes, Yes, Yes!†for a bonus round game. I started with $10 and walked with $30. I have to say I like the self-service TITO payout machines. They make everything so much easier.

    I decided to head over to the Bellagio and see if there was a $5 craps game up and running. Unfortunately there wasn’t. I also donated to the Mega-Bucks millions with some quick pulls. I found a Frank Sinatra slots and decided I was going to make ole Frankie sing for me. Technically he did sing, but I was hoping for more. Oh well down another $20.

    So after checking out the Conservatory’s little water show and the menu for the renamed Aqua – very pricey - I headed over to MC for lunch. Now, I’m not saying that I had a bad lunch there; it’s just that when I thought about it, I should have gone to Nine Fine Irishmen for lunch. I’ve wanted to go there (9FI) for quite a while, but just didn’t think about it until after I had finished lunch. Oh well, maybe next time.

    Next stop was the Luxor. This is our usual place to stay and I really like the feel of the place. I stopped by the camel racing game, but didn’t want to go find change to play. There were several people there and in the short time that I was there, the CW was there a couple of times to take drink orders.

    I found an empty position at a $5 craps table and settled in. I have a method for playing craps that really involves betting strategy and knowing when to walk. It’s pretty much a hit and run approach to craps and gambling. You’ll probably never see me at a table for more than an hour or so. But, this time I circumvented my own rules to leave since it was my turn to throw. Of course the guy next to me on my left decides to play the dark side and puts down $50 on the “Don’t Pass†line. Ha! These are my favorite people to play against. First toss – 7 winner! So Mr. Darkside makes a big effort to show me that he’s putting another $50 on the Don’t Pass again. This time I toss a five for my point and a couple of rolls later, hit the 5. Ha Ha! He loses again and more importantly I win. So now he sees the light and puts $5 on the pass line and I throw a 3 – craps. By this time he doesn’t know what to do. He decides to sit out and I establish a point of 6. I toss a $5 chip in the middle for a two way bet on the hard six. A couple of throws later, I seven out. I decide I should leave and walk away up slightly.

    I head over to Mandalay Bay to see if they had a $5 craps table open and sure enough they did. Once again I get lucky with an opening near a rotation. The guy next to me sets a point of 8 and soon 7 outs. I thought the dice were going to come to me next, but his wife appears out of nowhere and wants to throw. I didn’t care and I put my bet down. Now I should have taken this as a hint since the husband put out a $50 pass line bet. The wife grabs the dice and throws a 7 – winner. Of course the table is happy, and husband leaves their winnings down with the original bet. Wife throws and of course hits an 11. Wow two in a row. Here I am making $5 bets, and start noticing the table starting to up their pass line bets. Once again she throws and hits a 7! The table is happy and I notice that an Australian husband and wife are on my left hand side. He is trying to teach her the game and is trying to explain to her how 7 and 11 win. He gets caught up in his explanation and I have to remind him that he has his winnings along with his original bet out there. He thanks me (which I’m not so sure he was happy in a few moments) and takes his winnings. Other wife tosses and once again rolls a 7. It’s four in a row and soon the dealers are watching her closely. She tosses and it’s another 7. By this time the pit critter has come over and is also watching the lady like a hawk. Another roll and it’s an 11 this time. Unbelievable – 6 in a row. The Australian man taps me and asks how many “Seven’s†she had thrown. I shush him and remind him that we’re not supposed to say that word when people are throwing. He remembers and apologizes, but I tell him that it’s been 6 in a row. Once again the wife tosses and rolls a 7!!! Seven in a row. I’ve never seen this and I’m kicking myself for not doubling my bets earlier. But now, they husband and wife tossing team cut back their bets and she throws and establishes a point of 5. Needless to say in a few more rolls she seven outs. I clap for her and she thanks me, but is clearly disappointed. The pit critter gets on with other business and it’s my time to roll. I establish a point of 6, hit it and then establish a point of 10 and seven out. The Australian husband rolls a 3 – crap and then establishes a point of 5 and seven outs. By this time I decide I really want to stay and play some more craps, but I have to leave. I had made a small profit due to the steady stream of winners, but it wasn’t much. But walking away up is still good.

    I had received a text message from United that my flight was delayed so I wanted to stay some more. But I knew I had to check the car back in by 5 and it was already 5:15. I had a grace period of 59 minutes, but I checked the late fee and decided that I should just head to the airport. Quickly checking in the car and catching the shuttle to the airport I had time to kill.

    Check-in and security was quick and easy, which left me enough time for dinner. The flight home was uneventful and my long weekend was over. Although it didn’t seem like I did that much I was exhausted.

    Final Points

    Aqua Knox is good, but I’ll probably try another restaurant on the next trip. My fish was dry, but Doug really enjoyed his meal. He wants to take his wife there so she can enjoy it too. Bonus points for great service!

    Delmonico is consistently a great meal. Yes it’s pricey but I’d rather pay more for a great meal than lose it gambling. The service this time was outstanding.

    TI was a nice place to stay. Disappointed that we didn’t catch the Siren’s show especially since we would have had preferred viewing. Taking Desert Springs road to get to I-15 to get up and down locations on the strip made it very quick and easy

    Orleans definitely has one of the best looking cocktail waitresses with great outfits. I noticed that the CW’s at Aladdin have gotten rid of the harem girl look for something more conservative.

    Labor Day weekend was packed – close to 93% occupancy rate at hotels/casinos but it wasn’t that bad to get around.
  2. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice trip. I'd like to hear your craps strategy; perhaps you need one for blackjack too ;)

    p.s.: Ketel. [​IMG]
  3. Jer

    Jer “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica”

    Jan 20, 2002
    Southern California
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I'd like to hear the strategy as well...

    And... Dontcha love busting the wrong side bets?

    Also, why you didn't press your bets on the 7's? I don't because I don't want to have that out when the 2,3, or 12 comes out during the middle... That is rare for someone to roll that many in a row and then you are always thinking to yoursef that they may get that point and then 7 out if it is so easy for them to roll....

    Nice report!
  4. LV Terry

    LV Terry Captain Flop'N Fold

    Sep 30, 2001
    Santa Barbara, CA, USA
    PPPBBBBTTTTTTTT!!!!! awwwsonofa....

    anyone know how to get diet coke out of a keyboard?
  5. milehiman

    milehiman VIP Whale

    Sep 21, 2002
    Scottsdale, AZ
    I was having problems logging in but I'm now in and can answer your question.

    I take my craps betting strategy from John Gollenhon's books, mainly his "Conquering Casino Craps" book. It's actually a really great book for beginners like I was and gives a great overview of craps, betting etc...

    It focuses on taking advantage of the hot streaks craps tables go on and leaving once it goes cold. Generally I bounce around from casino to casino hitting different craps tables rather than staying at once place waiting for the table to "heat up" again while losing money.

    I don't want to get the T2V board in trouble by going into the details because I'm sure Mr. Gollenhon would rather you buy his book than read about it here.
  6. Milehi

    Great trip report. I love it when you can combine two great things into one vacation. Racing and Vegas. One of my best trips was a weekend in LA for the Long Beach GP and then a few nights in Vegas.

    I will give you huge props for making the drive from Vegas to Fontucky and back in one day. I bet the time spent in the car was longer than the race.

    I am one of those guys that believe in the NASCAR conspiracies. I often wonder why a yellow is thrown at certain times of a race for the mysterious "debris". I think it is done so certain drivers (the 8,24) can pit or get a lap back to help maintain the "entertainment" of the race.
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