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8-31 through 9-5 trip report

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Scott R, Sep 9, 2003.

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  1. Scott R

    Scott R Low-Roller

    May 13, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    This trip was with my brother inlaw. We have been to Las Vegas together 3 times now, we always have a great time and don't get on each others nerves.

    Day 1

    We flew America West out of Columbus Ohio at about 9:15 AM and had to lay over in Phoenix
    for about one hour before catching the flight on to Vegas. Took my own pint of rum with me in a water bottle and had a huge rum and coke during the layover. [​IMG] Arrived about 11:30 Vegas time. There were no problems with the flights.
    Picked up our luggage and went to ground zero to catch the CAT 108 to go to our first hotel the Riviera. We bought 30 day bus passes for this trip about a month ahead of time I was able to recycle the passes here on this board for half price, so it made our getting around vegas for 6 days cost about 15.00 each. Rode the 108 to riviera blvd. and then walked 1/2 mile to the hotel.
    Brother in law sweet talked the girl at the check in and got us a room in the monaco tower. no extra charge. no twenty dollar trick. Just asking nicely.
    Room was high up with a view of the pool, it could have used some new carpet but was plenty good enough for us. We don't spend much time in the room.
    Rode the CAT to wild wild west and had the 1.99 burger and fries pretty good deal.
    Went on to the orleans after eating and played a few slots.
    Went back to riviera showered and went down town.
    Walked around saw the light show had the 5.99 prime rib at the california, its good. Went to the el cortez played some 1.00 craps, joined their slot club and they gave me an ok fanny pack for joining, best gift I have ever got for just joining a slot club. Went back to the riviera played some BJ and left the table down about 30 bucks.

    Day 2

    Woke up with a freaking head cold, great sick in Las Vegas on vacation.
    I was up first showered and went to nickle nicks at westward ho for 5 cent coffee and a donut.
    Went back to room, brother in law wanted to go to harrahs box office to get tickets for skintight and showgirls. I had given him a coupon to get both shows for $40.00 that I had saved from my last trip in may when I saw these shows. We took the bus he got the tickets 3rd row isle seats both shows. I told him if he bought the tickets a couple days ahead of time and asked nice he would be pleased with the seats, he was. Ate at harrahs breakfest buffet with a coupon that made it about $5.00, buffet was alright for the price.
    Went back to riviera checked out and took the 301 to Stratosphere .
    I had what I thought was a good deal here, they had mailed me an offer for 2 nights at $49.95 total with 2 tower passes included.
    I smiled and asked the girl for a high up room in the newest tower. She said she could put us in the new tower on the 21st floor no charge or if we wanted a view of the strip it would be $10.00 more a night. I went with the no charge option as I can't look out the window and sleep at the same time, and if I am awake I'm not sitting in the room.
    Room was very nice, new, and clean, the only thing that I can say that is less than great about The STRAT is the location, its a long walk to any other casinos, but I had a bus pass so it really wasn't a problem for me.
    Went and saw 2:00 PM showing of viva las vegas at the strat for 5.95 with a coupon that includes a drink. I have seen this before and I think it is very good for the price.
    Played some slots, went to room got cleaned up got on the cat went to Terrible's for the 4.99 rotisserie chicken dinner. This is a huge meal. salad, 1/2 a chicken, corn on the cob, rice, beans, and some kind of papaya and hot peper combination. The food was really good and the price was great.
    Went to the riveria and saw crazy girls with a 2 for 1 coupon.
    If you want to see T&A the price is ok if you can get a 2 for 1 coupon.
    If you want to see a really good show skip this one, there isn't any talent involved just girls with no clothes, but thats OK with me (I know, some will say I'm a pig) [​IMG]
    My cold was really getting bad now so I had to get some cold pills, they did'nt help.
    Went back to the strat and started playing video poker at the bar, the bartender told me that drinks were comped at the bar if you are a player. I did not know that. (Does anyone know if this is the policy for all casino bars?) I was very pleased to have a bottomless crown and ginger in front of me for the next couple of hours, after six drinks. Hows that cold? WHAT COLD! :D

    Day 3

    Woke up dead, the cold is back at double strength.
    Ate some more pills, took a super hot shower, got some coffee and spent 20 minutes in an oxygen bar.
    Started to feel like I might live through the day.
    Went back to the room and rested for a couple of hours, man I hated that, laying in the bed on vacation without my wife is not my idea of fun.
    Got up took the bus to Mandalay Bay played some slots, walked the strip awhile, went back to the strat. Brother inlaw was in the room. Got cleaned up went to ellis island for the 4.95 steak special, it could have been a good steak if it would have been brought to the table medium like I ordered but it was well on one side and burnt to #$%@ on the other. Could not make the waiter understand that the steak was not how I ordered it because he did not speak english worth a *!#$. Decided to let it go I wasn't that hungry anyway.
    Went to mid strip, walked around looking at lights and watching people.
    Went back to strat, used the comped tower passes great view of the lights at the top of the tower at night, played some BJ lost $75.00 in about an hour, enough. Started playing $1.00 slots, hit a $100.00 jack pot right away and cashed out up for the day about $25.00.
    Called it a night.

    Day 4

    Wake up feeling pretty good.
    Showered, packed and headed for the casino, started palying craps with the brother inlaw.
    Luck is with me and I'm up about 50 bucks, look at my watch and discover we have to check out in 10 minutes. Leave the table a winner, get the bags check out, cash in our chips and catch the bus to Harrahs.
    I smile at the check in girl, ask for as new a room as they have with a view high up. She smiles back says she will put me on the 24th floor carnival tower with a strip/pool view, no extra charge. I tip her $2.00 and we are both happy!
    Room is very nice view is pretty good too, but I'm feeling good enough now that I won't be spending much time in the room. Finally beating the cold. [​IMG]
    Ate late at harrahs buffet again got breakfest & lunch items for $5.00 with the coupon.
    Went to Barbary Coast herd Big Elvis this guy can really sing I always try to catch his show.
    Played some slots at different south strip casinos
    had a few coors. Went back to wild wild west for another burger yes it was that good (and cheap) came back to mid strip played more slots and VP and had more beers. Brother inlaw has shows tonight and tommorrow night so I am on my own in the evenings. Got cleaned up went to paris and bellagio played slots listened to the lounge acts had more crown and ginger and watched the beautiful women.

    Day 5
    Woke up feeling good cold is almost gone.
    Brother in law had a great time at skintight. I won't say anymore.
    Showered, ate played mid strip slots.
    Went to Ronn Lucas show ate RIO with a coupon for 6.95 with drink included. Better than I expected I laughed so hard I thought I would....... well he is very good. Played slots and vp at rio for a while. Went back to harrahs ate the dinner buffet, its ok nothing to brag about though.
    Got cleaned up went to paris and bellagio again hit one 200.00 pot on 25 cent slot at paris and several 50.00 and smaller pots at both places. stayed out untill 5:00 am, on the walk back from paris to harrahs a hooker ran after me at the bridge between ballys and barbary coast she asked "how are you tonight" I told her "I'm not interested" and she turned around and said "OK you don't have to be" and left. I was afraid she might not leave or worse yet get mad and spit on me or something. Went to the room and crashed.

    Day 6

    Up at 9:00 pack, shower, eat at harrahs coffee shop, check out, check the bags with the bell desk. Play a little vp until time to leave decide to pay for a taxi so we can leave at the last minute.
    Get to the airport, check in get our seats reassigned so we are sitting together they had us at different ends of the plane.
    Direct flight to columbus in at about 10:15 PM Ohio time home by 12:00AM
    No problems with this flight.

    Ready to go agian!

    Maybe December, waiting on offers!

    Scott R
  2. chef

    chef Resident Buffetologist

    Apr 20, 2002
    Sounds like you got a lot of bang for your buck with lodging and food.
    I've been meaning to try the Terrible's chicken dinner and the Strat show. On your recomendation, I'm giving the a whirl next time.
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