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7/6 - 7/9 at The Palms

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by frani, Jul 9, 2003.

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  1. I'd like to start out by saying "thanks" to everyone's hints/tips/suggestions that helped to a wonderful trip for my husband's & my "15th wedding" anniversary trip.

    7/6 - left Pgh. on USair at 11:30 am (scheduled to leave at (9:45). Arrived in Vegas around 1:30 pm. Picked up the rental car at Thrifty - they were great!!! No line like Dollar or Alamo. No problems with Thrifty at all!!! Went to the store for water/beer/wine few snacks & arrived at the Palms at 2:30 pm. The room was not ready - we went to the pool because there was a pool party there. Well, let me tell you, the pool area was packed with young, beautiful people. SKIN is the name of the pool & thats about all you see is skin.

    Gambled a little, did a quick tour of the hotel & then got our room. Great room on the 18th floor - wonderful view of the strip. Oh, when we checked in I inquired about a refrigerator & the clerk told me that it would be $25 extra a day. Well when the bellman brought our luggage & I asked him about it & he said just call housekeeping. THey brought one right up - NO CHARGE!! Room was a decent size, bathroom was pretty big, bed was really comfy. Everything was great! Got our suits on & headed to the pool (it closed at 6:00 pm). Found a pool away from the beautiful people & sat on our chairs that are situated in the water with tables also in the water. Very neat pool layout. But the neat little pools that have the furniture in them are only opened on the weekends.

    Stay at the pool until closing - sat in the swinging chairs (these are really cool). You'd have to see them to understand what they are. Everything at the Palms is very futuristic, but nice. I felt like I was in the land of Xanadu - everything is purple, chartreuse & yellow. But tasteful. Ate at Guardano's for dinner - wonderful! Gambled & called it an early evening.

    Monday - 7/7 - got up early to go to the pool - it was empty - nothing like the day before. It must clear out after the weekend. There were people there but not like Sunday. I was the only woman in a 1 piece bathing suit. Thongs are popular there. I didn't care - paid my money just like anyone else - but my husband on the other hand was in "awe" for the entire trip. We could not stay at the pool for more than 2 hours - it was soooooooooo hotttttttttt. So we went & played a session of bingo at the Gold Coast. No luck. Came back to the room, showered & went to the Rio for their buffet. It was great!!!! After dinner, went to the Scintas show - great show. We had bought the coupon book from billhere & used the coupons for the show & Rio buffet.

    After the show - played VP - $20 & 10 minutes later - Yipeeeeee - hit a Royal progressive for $1025.00. First time that I ever got one of those - I was so excited especially since my husband & I are not big gamblers. It was a great night & I took my money & ended the evening. Went back to the Palms & played Let It Ride - kept winning & came out about $50 ahead.

    Tues - 7/8 - Slept in & then went down to the strip. Saw "big Elvis" at the Barbary Coast. He is really good. It's such a shame he is so heavy. I told my husband if he was built like Elvis, we would be paying to see this guy. Went back to the hotel, got ready for dinner. Ate at Little Buddha - it was absolutely wonderful. If anyone eats here, & likes lobster, get the lobster tail. It's only $24 & it's huge, meaty, tasty, probably the best I've ever eaten. After dinner, went to the Ghostbar (hotel guests get free entry between 8:00 & 9:00). Oh my gosh, this is the most unique place I've ever been. Its a bar & dancefloor outside on the 51st floor. It is very open & there's a rectangle of glass that you can walk on & see down to the pool area. What an experience!!!!! Didn't stay long, because even though it was windy, it was a hot wind & with the height & drinks, my husband started to feel queasy, so we left. At 9:30 pm my husband was in bed. I went to gamble, but spent $200 & couldn't win anything - so went to bed early too.

    Wedn. 7/9 - got up early - packed - went to the pool for an hour & checked out! Got to the airport around 12:00 noon (flight was at 2:15). Had a safe flight home. It was 75 degrees & very humid. But I'll take it - just thought Vegas was just a few degrees too hot for me.

    But had a great time!!! Any questions please let me know.b

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    Aug 4, 2001
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    Great to hear some details about the Palms. I play poker there and video poker but never stayed.
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