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7/15-7/19 my second, wifes first

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Bosco, Jul 20, 2002.

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  1. Bosco

    Bosco VIP Whale

    Apr 4, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    What a great time! Just got back late last night.

    A quick refresher from the pre-report.

    This was my wife’s(Cindy)first trip and my second. I was there in March with a group of friends. This was our first trip away from the kids in 12 years (aka....forever). Stayed four nights at the Flamingo. Met another couple there, two very good friends from Ft. Wayne, Mike and Shannon. They were with the group in March. Cindy was a little apprehensive about going on the trip. She wasn’t sure Vegas would be her kind of thing, and I sort of talked her into going. She couldn’t understand why I was so excited about going back...I mean...”it can’t be that great”.

    OK...hope I can remember the details! Some are a bit fuzzy.

    Got to the airport in Louisville about 5:15 in the morning for our 7:30 flight. I really thought we might end up sitting around waiting to leave, but I wanted to be sure. The security line was LONG. Went fine, though. No wand this time. I remembered to put my quarter roll stash in my suitcase this time. Ended up with about ten minutes to spare before we took off. Connected in Dallas and arrived in LV about 10:30. As soon as I turned on my phone, it rang. Mike and Shannon had landed about 15 minute earlier and were waiting for us at the gate.

    Grabbed a cab to the Flamingo and checked our bags and head out to the strip. Cindy was blown away right from the start. The sights, the sounds, the people. Headed down to Harrah’s to get a sandwich at the cafe in the sports book. We all got the Italian Stallion, a GREAT sandwich, and sat at the bar for a little VP. As soon as we sat down, the guy sitting at the end of the bar hit a royal. Cindy said, “is it that easy?” HA. Wandered around the area after lunch just checking every thing out then went back to get our rooms. The folks at the desk were very nice. We ended up on the 24th floor, king bed, with a great view of the pool. Tickets for 4 free margaritas, half off any show at the Flamingo, 2 4 1 buffet, $10 off the Peking restaurant, $50 off a spa package and a few others. Mike and Shannon were on the 11th floor, same view. The room was fine. Very clean with ceiling to floor windows.

    That afternoon we headed to the south end. We had free tickets to see Storm at MB, so we figured we would do that end of the strip that night. On our trip in March we didn’t make it down there, so Mandalay Bay and Luxor were both new to me. The MB is a BEAUTIFUL place. Cindy had stars in her eyes. So far so good! We really enjoyed Storm. A friend of ours had just finished working with the show a few weeks earlier and he got us fourth row center seats. The dancers in the show were amazing. It’s a shame this show is closing next month. I think the marketing(or lack there of) of the show has hurt it. Very up beat, high energy fun show. Lots of cool effects. Great costumes and live music. If your going out before the end of August, check it out! It’s not “O” or “Mystere”, but it is a great production.
    After the show we were supposed to eat dinner at the Boarder Grill, but we were still full from lunch, so we headed next door to Luxor. Another cool place. Played a little black jack while Cindy watched. She was starting to get the bug, but was still too chicken to get in. All of us came out about even. Checked out MGM, NYNY, and then headed to the Alladin. When we were there in March, there was a great band playing in the bar above the casino, so we headed up there and the same band was playing. Lot’s of good 7o’s music. We danced to a couple of Earth Wind and Fire songs, then played abit downstairs. Walked up to Paris and played some Monopoly Party Train nickel machines. Cindy played Elvis. She liked having Elvis sing to her. Monopoly Train is a fun one, too. It was getting late and the cocktails were starting to take their toll on Cindy, so we headed up to the Barbary Coast for the breakfast special, which from this day forward will be known as Barbary Toast. Don’t know what it is, but they have the best damn toast in the world! It was about 3 a.m. so Cindy, Mike and Shannon headed up to bed. I decided to stay up and headed next door to O’sheas. Drank some(more) beer and took a beating at the black jack table. Walked down to the Imperial Palace and did a little better. Won a little, but not enough to make up for the O’shea womping. Walked back about 5:30 a.m. and got propositioned by a couple of hookers driving by. They asked me if I wanted some company and I told them they couldn’t afford me. They laughed and drove on. Went into the Flamingo and stuck a twenty in the Monopoly Train machine. Some guy sat at the machine next to me and started hittin pretty big on just about every spin. I, meanwhile, didn’t even make the bonus round. When I got up to head upstairs, he had about 3500 credits and was still going strong. I promised my self to check out that same machine the next day...That particular machine would prove to be the bane of my trip. I had a personal battle with it all week, thinking some how in my twisted mind that I, too could do that.

    Headed up to bed and the sun was up. Thank God for those thick curtains. As I was getting into bed, Cindy said the words....”I LOVE THIS PLACE!” Victory!!! It’s going to be a great week!

    More to come, gotta get some sleep....
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